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Final Table hype #poker THIS VIDEO ON DBUZZ]( Final Table hype #poker [WATCH THIS VIDEO ON DBUZZ]( <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> poker @chaosmagic23

Playing some Battle Royal and Spin & Gold on GG Poker ♣️♥️♠️♦️ #poker ... Playing some Battle Royal and Spin & Gold on GG Poker ♣️♥️♠️♦️ #poker #GGPoker &nbsp; <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> poker @chaosmagic23

NI BUENO, NI MALO, MALDITO ![1642532991493.jpg]( poker @chkyln44

Hive Poker League at - New Games and New Features! <br> # Upcoming Changes It's been a few years since we've introduced any major upgrades to the Hive Poker League at **[](**, but that's all about to change over the next week. We're currently working on a huge update to the poker server that will bring with it new games and new features that we've wanted to get in for some time now and the wait is almost over! All of the games and features below are possible thanks to the kind **[Hive Community Supporters](** we lovingly call "Lucksacks" that have donated over the years and help us run the site on a daily basis. Without them none of this would be possible! I'd also like to give a special shout out to @bethalea and @guiltyparties who keep the server going on a monthly basis, as well as all of our hosts (@c0ff33a, @enginewitty, @snook and too many others to name here) who provide the funding for games ... thanks homies! <br> ![poker1.jpg]( <br> # New Games Within the next week we will be introducing the following new games on the poker server ... - 6+ Hold'em (aka Short-Deck Hold'em) - Omaha-6 - Omaha-6 Hi-Lo - Players Choice Mixed Games - Courchevel - Courchevel Hi-Lo <br> ![poker2.jpg]( <br> # New Features In this update we're bringing some long awaited features to the poker tables that we're sure you will enjoy. We've wanted to get these features in for years, but a complete rewrite was necessary and after testing they're finally ready for the tables! - **Run-it-twice option in ring games!** - **"Rabbit Hunting" cards** - **Chip Transaction database for players** - **Graphical replay hand summary option** - ICM chop option for tournament final tables - New table menu with icons - Live level timer on tournament tables - Ability to reveal specific hole cards in non-showdown situations - Instant rebuys in ring games - Swap chat box to show stats - Higher graphics resolution - Better resizable windows - Android users improved full screen mode - Ability to resign from tournament - Increased tournament starting chip max <br> # ALWAYS FREE! Unlike other Play-2-Earn games, **[](** is truly the only P2E game that doesn't cost you anything to play & win HIVE ... ever. We're the longest running game in this Community because we're run by the Community for the Community. No deposits, no NFT's to sell you, no hyped up bulllshit, no broken promises and no rug-pulls ... just win HIVE while having fun. Sign up today and join one of the best Communities you will ever find! <br><br> ### See you @ the tables! ### **[](** poker @lucksackscom

Snook'em 100 HIVE NLH FREEROLL - Sat 3/26 - 2 PM EST! <img src=""></img> # Snook'em 100 HIVE NLH FREEROLL! ##### Where : []( ##### When : Saturday, March 26th @ 2PM EST Join us this weekend at []( for the Snook'em 100 Hive NLH Tournament! @snook is the sponsor for this awesome tournament, and she is welcoming all donks to come and try to take her down! 😆 There is 100 Hive up for grabs, so don't miss your chance to win some Hive, and have some NLH Poker Fun! Registration is open now and the tournament is live at 2PM EST Saturday. There is a 15 minute late registration period which deducts 100 chips per minute late, so be ready to play at 2PM EST sharp! # How To Register New to []( Simply [register to create your account]( and be sure enter your correct Hive username. Then head over to the [login page]( Once you are logged in click on the **Tournaments** tab and select the 100 HIVE tournament then click the **REGISTER** button at the bottom. Now you're ready to play! # Tournament Details <img src=""></img> <br> You think you got the poker chops to be the last one standing, and claim the win? If so.. #### We Will See You At The Tables This Saturday! ### []( <hr> Original Image Link: <a href="">Pexels</a> poker @lucksackscom

The World Series of Poker 2022: All You Need to Know ![wsop20221.jpg]( Like many sports fanatics, poker players and enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to the biggest and most coveted poker tournament in the world. For months, people from all over travel to the events to either take part or to watch the excitement. The [World Serries of Poker 2022](, which is the 53rd annual event, recently announced the long-awaited event schedule. This included everything you need to know about the event that will be held in a new, old location in Las Vegas. To discover all you need to know about this phenomenal event, you will need to understand what this tournament is and the details surrounding this year’s schedule. Keep reading to learn more about the 2022 World Series of Poker. ![wsop20222.jpg]( ## When Is the 2022 World Series of Poker? As poker players and fans everywhere get jazzed up for the 53rd annual World Series of Poker tournament, the administration of the event finally weighed in about the event details. Since the tournament is typically held amid the summer months, this year is no different. The official word is that the [WSOP 2022]( will be held starting May 31st and will run through July 20th as is the normal timeframe. Events are scheduled throughout these months giving fans and players alike the opportunity to see some real poker action. It is worth noting that the WSOP has also stated that Vince Vaughn will be this year's Master of Ceremonies. It is reported that he is a huge fan of poker and is excited to be a part of this historic event. ## Where Is the 2022 World Series of Poker Being Held? Although for the last 17 years the tournament had been held at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino, this year the association will be making a change. The reason for the move is somewhat two-fold in that the new location was where the original tournament was held in 1970, and the location has quite a bit more space for players and spectators. The World Series of Poker 2022 will be making its way back to the Las Vegas Strip to the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Not only will patrons be able to take in everything these locations have to offer, but they will also have access to the rest of the Strip along the way. ## How Should You Get to the 2022 World Series of Poker? Getting to the 2022 World Series Poker tournament will depend heavily on whether you are planning to go as a spectator [or as a player]( Since each of these holds its advantages and disadvantages, it is important to know which applies to you. If you are planning to go to the tournament to watch your favorite players, you will first and foremost need to ensure that you are at least 21 years of age. This is the minimum age required by the United States government for an individual to be present at an event like the WSOP. Unless you are planning to stay the enitre summer, you will want to [look at the schedule]( before you start your travels. Some events span multiple days, and some days have multiple events, making it more ideal to go some days rather than others. Most people, depending on where they live will either fly or drive to Las Vegas. This again depends on what your preferences are. If you stay near to one of the properties, it is best to just walk to the event. If you stay somewhere off-strip or further down on the strip, taking an uber or taxi to the event is advised. Although Las Vegas does have a public bus system, it is not very efficient or safe when carrying the amounts of money needed to play the WSOP. ![wsop20223.jpg]( ## How Should You Prepare for the 2022 World Series of Poker? Preparing for the 2022 World Series of Poker is especially important if you are planning to enter one or more of the various events. This typically means that you should spend some time before the event studying the rules of poker and [practicing your playing strategy]( Most poker players who do this professionally, [treat it like a job]( and take the time throughout the year to play as much as they can. If you want a chance to win anything, you should take the same advice and play as much as you can before you arrive. Additionally, it is advised to spend some time watching videos of other poker players to hone your skills. Perhaps spend some time checking out videos of previous WSOP events, or [watching a poker pro explain some of his/her tactics]( on [Youtube]( You can also spend some time checking out books about becoming a poker pro. ## When Is the Main Event for the World Series of Poker 2022? While many people are curious about the entire schedule of events throughout the World Series of Poker 2022, others are more interested in the main event schedule. This is because it is the time in the tournament when the more qualified players, and the big money, is on the table. The [main event schedule]( for the 2022 WSOP is scheduled to begin on July 3rd with the finals completing the tournament on July 15th and 16th. Most poker enthusiasts plan their trips around this time so they can try their hand at winning, as well as see who is crowned the best poker player of the year for themselves. ## What COVID-19 Guidelines Will Be Place at the WSOP 2022? With this tournament coming on the heels of the recent pandemic, many people are left wondering what precautions will be taken to assure the health and safety of all. This is definitely on the minds of players, spectators, the casinos, and the [WSOP association]( When the information of the tournament was released, the WSOP also stated that they will adhere to federal, state, and local guidelines that are in place at the time of the World Series of Poker. This means that they will leave it up to the government officials to make the call on the logistics and regulations. The [WSOP]( also stated that for the entrants, there will [not be a vaccination requirement]( to enter the tournament. Players, however, will be responsible for following any [CDC requirements]( throughout the tournament. Additionally, since the [state of Nevada]( does not currently have a mask mandate in place, the players nor the spectators will be required to wear them. As with anything else, individuals should be aware of any restrictions and requirements before coming to the tournament. Overall, the [World Series of Poker 2022]( is shaping up to be one of the biggest of these events in history. With the venue change to a larger location, this may indicate that the WSOP association is expecting a lot more people than in years past. It is important to keep in mind that if you plan to play in the tournament, you should do so at your own risk. This article was brought to you by BitRocket - a [Bitcoin Game of Skill]( exclusively on MintDice. Originally posted to the [MintDice Blog]( poker @mintdice poker @uther

Idk who needs to heat this but I’ve been playing #poker 18 years & I still have to remind myself that it’s normal to play a hand correctly and lose. No matter how much I play, I still find I’m second guessing my play when I lose (or at least being harsher than when I win). poker @alectorelli

Hive Poker for Free! <center> <hr></center> <hr><div class="text-justify"> A long, long time ago, @GuiltyParties talked me into signing up to play poker at Hive's very own free poker site called @Lucksacks. I explained to Guilty that I had no idea how to play poker. I explained to him also that I did not care to learn how to play. GuiltyParties then sweet-talked me into signing up for the first Veterans poker tournament on Lucksacks. Using the excuse that I wasn't a Veterans didn't help. I set my alarm and wrote the date on my calendar. That day started some of the best times I have had over the last few years. <hr> <hr><center> ![image.png]( <hr></center> <hr> The group of regulars that play at Lucksacks was very friendly to a new person just learning the game of poker. People tried to help me learn how to play. The problem with this was I just wanted to have fun. I didn't care if I won or not. It was more fun interacting with the great group of people at Lucksacks. To this day, on my primary monitor, I have the **'what beats what'** table someone sent me when I first started. When playing poker, I always have that photo open to remember that a **full house** beats a **flush**. I have lost games many times, not remembering that. Really! I am also extremely lucky. <hr> <hr><center> <hr></center> <hr> On February 16, 2022, at 2 PM EST, Lucksacks hosted a 100 Hive No-Limit Holdem Freeroll. @Opidia was the one to bring it to my attention. I signed up a few days early and set my phone alarm. My world has been very stressful, so I wasn't sure I would remember or be around to play. Wednesday the sixteenth came. I had a horrible morning. My pregame alarm went off, and I opened my browser not to forget when the game started. I figured it would be a great distraction not to think about life. I needed that distraction badly. People's names filled the login window to the Lucksacks poker site for the first time in ages. It made me smile. <hr> <hr><center> ![image.png]( <hr></center> <hr> The game started, and those at my table were playing very conservatively. I was okay with this because I needed the distraction. I saw the names of people I didn't know, which was nice. I also saw the names of old friends. All in all, I was ready for a good game of poker. Halfway through the game, I popped over to the other full table to say hello to everyone there. I did notice that the other table was playing very cutthroat poker. The people there had stacks of chips in the 10K to 25K range. I looked at my 6K in chips, which was suitable for my table, and realized that would not get me very far when the tables merged. With all this in mind, a hand came along where there was a chance I could win. The person I was playing against kept raising. I thought, well, it's now or never to get ahead on my chip count. The cards fell my way to my surprise! Now I just had to hold out for the final table and not do anything Snookish. <hr> <hr><center> ![image.png]( <hr></center> <hr> The last three players were @Tadas, @Yazp, and me. Tadas and Yazp have taken more of my chips over the years than I care to admit. They are great poker players. Long story a bit shorter, I won! Let's say the cards were in my favor that day!!! <hr> <hr><center> <hr></center> <hr> I want to thank @Bethalea, @Tucktheman, and @GuiltyParties for a GREAT afternoon!! If you ever are looking to play poker for **free** and earn some **Hive** by playing poker, check out the post [100 HIVE NLH COMMUNITY CELEBRATION FREEROLL]( The post will give you information on how to sign up to []( It is a wonderful place to meet cool people and play or learn how to play poker. Plus, it is free! # It doesn't get any better than **free**. <hr></div> <hr><center> ## Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you. <hr> # Snook <hr></center> <hr><center> All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. <hr /></center> <hr /><center> ![Gif made by @Snook]( <hr></center> <hr><center> poker @snook

Is Playing Online Poker for HIVE at Illegal? ![poker.jpg]( <center><i><sup>Could this be you after playing a Freeroll Poker Tournament @ Lucksacks?</sup></i></center> <br> # Is Online Poker Illegal In The USA? I'm not your lawyer ... and I don't want to be your lawyer, so you should probably talk to a lawyer if you are concerned about playing poker online. But here's some information that might clear up some misconceptions. So you're talking to someone and they say, ***"Online poker is illegal in the United States!"***. You may even hear this concerning live poker played in your or someone else's home. But is this true? ##### **Ask them to show you a law that states "poker" is illegal. I'll wait.** <br> ![judge.jpg]( <center>*<sup>The honorable Judge Lucksack</sup>*</center> # Moving On Ok so now that we have that out of the way, what exactly is illegal about playing poker online? ### Well, **<u>nothing</u>**. But again, I'm not your lawyer and this is not legal advice. <br> **So why do some people think playing online poker is illegal is some jurisdictions?** It basically comes down to a misconception of the law, but laws are different all over the world so again, talk to a lawyer if you are concerned ... btw, I'm not your lawyer. In the United States **<u>there are no laws for or against playing online/offline poker</u>**. In 2006 the [UIGEA legislation]( or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was written and it was the first federal legislation related to online poker. ##### And to be clear ... nowhere in the UIGEA is "poker" mentioned. Search for yourself and let that sink in for a minute before we move on. <br> ![thumbs.jpg]( <center>*<sup>Ok we all agree you're right!</sup>*</center> # We Good? Alright, so we've hopefully established that playing poker in and of itself online or offline is not illegal. ##### So back to our above question ... why do so many people think it is??? Probably because of sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars being investigated by the US Dept. of Justice many years ago. The issue however wasn't about **"poker"**, it was about **"money laundering"** and other charges, but not **"poker"** in and of itself. Some jurisdictions have laws against **"gambling"** as well, be it online or offline. **And this is where we refer back to the [UIGEA legislation](** > *"The Act prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law (termed “restricted transactions” in the Act)."* <br> # TL;DR ###### **It's not "poker" that is the issue, it's money laundering & gambling laws and a business, website or person accepting payments in connection with a wager between two or more people.** <br> ##### *"Ohhhhhh ok ... so what makes []( different?"* <br> - **<u> does not accept deposits!</u>** - **<u>Players cannot buy chips from</u>** - **<u>Playing is always FREE with no risks</u>** - **<u>You can win HIVE</u>** <br> # More Info - is an educational poker site - Hone your poker skills with zero risks - We host Freerolls funded by various projects, businesses or individuals - Freerolls are either for promotion or out of kindness - Everything on the site is available for FREE even the perks! - If you don't feel like earning perks you can donate for them - **Perks include :** Exclusive Freerolls, Table Chat, Custom Avatar, Animated Avatar, Custom Chat Color, Tourney Tickets, Game Boosts, Special Discord Role & Site Recognition <br> ![better.jpg]( <center>*<sup>Pretend this is me right now</sup>*</center> # Feel Better? I hope that clears up any misconceptions you or someone you know may have had regarding playing poker at []( or playing poker in general. If you doubt anything stated in this post, remember ... I'm not your lawyer and I don't want to be, so consider contacting one for any questions you may have in your jurisdiction. <br> ##### *[]( is an educational poker site run by the Hive Community!* <br> Members (affectionately called "Lucksacks") help guide the site by offering suggestions, writing blogs, hosting the server, supplying the software, coding the site, moderating chat, policing the tables and new users for cheating and duplicate accounts and many other helpful tasks. <br> ##### Please join us by [signing up]( today if you haven't already! <br> # *See You @ The Tables!* #### []( ![Donksmooth.png]( <center>*<sup>Logo by @kryptik</sup>*</center> poker @lucksackscom

100 HIVE NLH COMMUNITY CELEBRATION FREEROLL - FEB 16th 2PM EST <br> # 100 HIVE NLH FREEROLL! ##### Where : []( ##### When : Wednesday, February 16th @ 2PM EST <br> Join us tomorrow at []( to help celebrate the birth of the Hive Community! Everyone is welcome but seating is limited to the first 99 players to register. Registration is open now and the game fires off at 2PM EST tomorrow. There is a 15 minute late registration period which deducts 100 chips per minute late, so be ready to play at 2PM EST sharp! <br> # Game Details ![Screenshot 2022-02-15 101606.png]( <br> #### See You @ The Tables & Good Luck! ### []( ![pokerchips.gif]( poker @lucksackscom

You can just call friends on the phone and collude in a poker match and split the winnings. poker @uther

Online gambling is stupid. poker @uther

This video from @triton came out soo dope. So sick 🔥 #poker poker @antonio_abrego

Anyone who doesn’t believe having skin in the game (economic incentive) is important should simply play #poker for play money. poker @alectorelli

I'm ready to play poker at Hello everyone! I returned to the world of poker my friends. I am @nikoskol at ScorumPoker. You called me for a long time ( bethalea; homesteadlt; goldhunter1; Tuck Fheman) on @ but I didn't have an HIVE account, now my nickname is @dozka here, remember it and tremble when we meet at the poker table. I would like to to clarify, will there be any tournaments that are currently registered in the lobby, and in particular today a freeroll at 35 HIVE? I would also like to play some duels with the famous and most successful players @ in No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. poker @

Today Is Sunday Funday. Join Us For Some NLH Poker - 10 Hive Prize Pool!! <center><img src =""></img></center> <h1>10 HIVE NLH Freeroll - Sunday at 4PM EST</h1> Calling all poker addicts! Today Is Sunday Funday... and you are invited to my <b>10 HIVE Free Roll.</b> Be sure to get on over to Lucksacks today and join us for some NLH Action! <a href="">Click Here To Join</a> <b>Do you got what it takes to win?</b> <hr> <b><i>Tournament Information:</i></b> <b>Name</b>: 10 HIVE Sunday Funday Freeroll <b>Game</b>: NLH <b>Time</b>: Sunday at 4:00 p.m. EST <b>Buy In</b>: Free <b>Registration</b>: 120 minutes prior <b>Payout</b>: 10 HIVE <a href="">Lucksacks Poker</a> <h3>Come Take My Chips If You Think You Can!</h3> poker @inthenow

It's Sunday Funday! Join Us For Some NLH Action - 10 Hive Prize Payout! <center><img src =""></img></center> <h1>10 HIVE NLH Freeroll - Sunday at 4PM EST</h1> Today Is Sunday Funday... and you are invited to my <b>10 HIVE Free Roll!</b> If you got some free time, get up init! Login/Signup to Lucksacks today, and join us for some NLH Action! <b>Take a chance, and have some fun!</b> You think you got what it takes to win? <b>All Donks Are Welcome!</b> <hr> <b><i>Tournament Information:</i></b> <b>Name</b>: 10 HIVE Sunday Funday Freeroll <b>Game</b>: NLH <b>Time</b>: Sunday at 4:00 p.m. EST <b>Buy In</b>: Free <b>Registration</b>: 120 minutes prior <b>Payout</b>: 10 HIVE <a href="">Lucksacks Poker</a> <h3>See You At The Tables!</h3> poker @inthenow

100 HIVE NLH Freeroll TODAY! ![pokercardsfly.gif]( # REMINDER This is just a quick reminder that today is the day for the 100 HIVE NLH Freeroll. I'll repost the details from the last post below. # 100 HIVE FREEROLL To celebrate Upvember is holding a 100 HIVE No-Limit Holdem' Rebuy + Addon Freeroll on Saturday, November 20th @ 12PM ET. Minimum players required is only 6 and BONUS Tickets are active. There will be optional 3 Rebuys + 1 Addon for a 1.5 CHIPs donation. 1 CHIP will go to the prize pool and 0.50 CHIPs will go to the Lucksacks DAO. # []( - Saturday, November 20th at 12:00 PM ET - T3 Ticket required to enter. Free tickets available in Sit-N-Gos. - BONUS Tickets are active. - Optional : 3 Rebuys + 1 Addon (1 CHIP to Prize Pool + 0.50 CHIP to DAO each) - 6 Minimum Players to start - Registration is open See [this post]( for more details. # Good Luck! poker @lucksackscom