Using vanishing point, patch and mockup/ Usando punto de fuga, parche y haciendo maqueta ![portada.png]( ![img_0.007137818087577312.jpg]( ![img_0.813131407821037.jpg]( Hello Hivers! today I swallow a content almost similar to a tutorial but it is not, since I was only reviewing things that I have learned, soon I will return to the university so I have been reviewing everything I can, what until now I get something wrong is the vanishing point in Photoshop, I have a hard time mastering it but I wanted to share this with you'll anyway. ***I get all the images at*** At the end of the post I will leave the images links. - The first thing we do is open our image, this is to use the vanishing point to use our mockup, we create a copy of the image, we drag the image we want to integrate, we select it and copy it to use it later, we create a layer above the copy of our image, we go to "**Filter**" and we click on **vanishing points**. ![1.jpeg]( ![2.jpeg]( - Once we are there, we select the area where we want our image to fit, if you keep **CTRL** pressed you will be able to expand the mesh. ![3.jpeg]( - Now that we have our image flattened, what we need to do is change the layer mode to "**Multiply**". ![4.jpeg]( - And here is the first result of my studies: ![box.png]( - It wasn't perfect but I'm getting it. After practicing with the box, I wanted to try a photograph of a street, wondering if I could mix some typography with the road. - The first thing I did on this image was write what I wanted to put on the road, then I made it a smart object so I could copy it (although I don't think that was necessary) so I did the same steps as before. ![12.jpeg]( ![13.jpeg]( - I placed the vanishing points. ![14.jpeg]( - Then I right clicked on the layer where the vanishing points are and clicked "**Blending Options**" ![15.jpeg]( - I set everything to how I thought it would look more natural, if you hold **ALT** you won't move everything and thus give a nice effect or you might end up erasing the letters (Almost forgot to say you should go is where it says "**Blend if**"). And this is how it turned out in the end: ![compress_20220418_184032_2207.jpg]( The next thing to explain is how to use the patch tool, rather the way I used it since I was trying to understand it but I got the result. - As you can see in the image, I used the lasso tool to select the parts that I wanted to disappear first (since doing so would let me use the patch because it uses the same image as the patch) The tool I was using first was **spot healing brush tool**. ![16.jpeg]( - After I had already removed above, I could use the patch tool to remove the rest of the letters from the label and that way we would be left with a mockup made by ourselves. ![17.jpeg]( - Then I only made small details to explain, not to do something *aesthetic*, since what I did is not beautiful to exemplify, but it is only to show that it works perfectly as a mockup. ![wine.png]( And the last thing I was doing is how to place a design or a logo on a bottle, although the method works for any object. - First we throw our image into the bottle. ![6.jpeg]( - Then we right click and click on "**Warp**". ![7.jpeg]( - We go where it says "**Warp**" at the top and click on "**Custom**" and choose "**Arch**" and we move a little so that it has perspective. ![8.jpeg]( - Now we change the layer mode to "**Multiply**". ![9.jpeg]( - Now we right click on the layer and click on "**Blending Options**", we adjust just a little to give the touch that it is directly stamped on the bottle. ![11.jpeg]( And this is the result of the bottle: ![bottle.png]( And that was it! I think that in the midst of everything, I will arrive with a fresh memory at the beginning of classes, in any case it is also about being better every day, I hope that everything I have learned here with you will be useful both for you and for others who want to start in this beautiful career that is graphic design. Apart from learning, for wanting to distract myself I have been making photomontages, some to use them in the future and others that at the time I would like to upload here and explain my elaboration method, I have been polishing that but from time to time! I haven't finished things yet but I'm very happy that my friend left me the well-functioning laptop and I've been happy creating and creating things! **These are the images links:** * Street.* * Bottle.* * Box.* * Wine.* ***Thank you for everything and for being here!*** ![img_0.3419476741930077.jpg]( ![img_0.007137818087577312.jpg]( ![img_0.9717636888349208.jpg]( ¡Hola Hivers! hoy me trague un contenido casi parecido a un tutorial pero no lo es, ya que solo estuve repasando cosas que he aprendido, pronto regresaré a la universidad así que he estado repasando todo lo que puedo, lo que hasta ahora me sale algo mal es el punto de fuga en Photoshop, me cuesta dominarlo pero quería compartir esto con ustedes de todos modos. ***Consigo todas las imágenes en*** Al final del post dejaré los enlaces de las imágenes. No olviden que en la versión en español trato de traducir lo mejor que pueda los botones. - Lo primero que hacemos es abrir nuestra imagen, esto es usar el punto de fuga para usar nuestra maqueta, creamos una copia de la imagen, arrastramos la imagen que queremos integrar, la seleccionamos y la copiamos para usarla más adelante , creamos una capa encima de la copia de nuestra imagen, vamos a "**Filtro**" y hacemos clic en **puntos de fuga**. ![1.jpeg]( ![2.jpeg]( - Una vez que estemos allí, seleccionamos el área donde queremos que quepa nuestra imagen, si mantienes presionado **CTRL** podrás expandir la malla. ![3.jpeg]( - Ahora que tenemos nuestra imagen aplanada, lo que debemos hacer es cambiar el modo de capa a "**Multiplicar**". ![4.jpeg]( - Y aquí está el primer resultado de mis estudios: ![caja.png]( - No fue perfecto pero lo estoy consiguiendo. Después de practicar con la caja, quise probar con una fotografía de una calle, preguntándome si podría mezclar alguna tipografía con la carretera. - Lo primero que hice en esta imagen fue escribir lo que quería poner en el camino, luego lo convertí en un objeto inteligente para poder copiarlo (aunque no creo que fuera necesario) así que hice los mismos pasos que antes de. ![12.jpeg]( ![13.jpeg]( - Coloqué los puntos de fuga. ![14.jpeg]( - Luego hice clic derecho en la capa donde están los puntos de fuga y luego en "**Opciones de fusión**" ![15.jpeg]( - Configuré todo como pensé que se vería más natural, si mantienes presionado **ALT** no moverás todo y así darás un buen efecto o podrías terminar borrando las letras (Casi se me olvida decir que deberían ir es donde dice "**Fusionar si**"). Y así quedó al final: ![compress_20220418_184032_2207.jpg]( Lo siguiente a explicar es cómo usar la herramienta de parche, más bien la forma en que la usé ya que estaba tratando de entenderla pero obtuve el resultado. - Como pueden ver en la imagen, utilicé la herramienta lazo para seleccionar las partes que quería que desaparecieran primero (ya que hacerlo me dejaría usar el parche porque usa la misma imagen que el parche) La herramienta que estaba usando primero era **herramienta de pincel de curación puntual**. ![16.jpeg]( - Después de que ya había quitado lo anterior, podría usar la herramienta parche para quitar el resto de letras de la etiqueta y de esa manera nos quedaríamos con una maqueta hecha por nosotros mismos. ![17.jpeg]( - Entonces solo hice pequeños detalles para explicar, no para hacer algo *estético*, ya que lo que hice no es bonito, para ejemplificar, sino solo para demostrar que funciona perfectamente como maqueta. ![vino.png]( Y lo último que estaba haciendo es cómo colocar un diseño o un logo en una botella, aunque el método sirve para cualquier objeto. - Primero echamos nuestra imagen en la botella. ![6.jpeg]( - Luego hacemos clic derecho y hacemos clic en "**Deformar**". ![7.jpeg]( - Vamos donde dice "**Deformar**" en la parte superior y le damos a "**Personalizar**" y elegimos "**Arco**" y nos movemos un poco para que tenga perspectiva. ![8.jpeg]( - Ahora cambiamos el modo de capa a "**Multiplicar**". ![9.jpeg]( - Ahora le damos clic derecho sobre la capa y le damos a "**Opciones de fusión**", ajustamos solo un poco para dar el toque de que esta directamente estampado en la botella. ![11.jpeg]( Y este es el resultado de la botella: ![botella.png]( ¡Y eso fue todo! Creo que en medio de todo llegaré con la memoria fresca al inicio de clases, en todo caso también se trata de ser cada día mejor, espero que todo lo que he aprendido aquí con ustedes les sea de utilidad y para los demás también que quieran iniciarse en esta hermosa carrera que es el diseño gráfico. Aparte de aprender, por querer distraerme he estado haciendo fotomontajes, algunos para usarlos en un futuro y otros que en su momento me gustaría subir aquí y explicar mi método de elaboración, eso lo he ido puliendo pero de vez en cuando, todavía no he terminado las cosas, pero estoy muy feliz de que mi amigo me haya dejado la computadora portátil que funciona bien y ¡he sido feliz creando y creando cosas! **Estos son los enlaces de las imágenes:** * Calle.* * Botella.* * Caja.* * Vino.* ***¡Gracias por todo y por estar aquí!*** hive156509 @noctav

Making sacred illustration on photo. #### Greetings artists, today I bring you a new art!! As an illustrator I find a lot of inspiration in art that has to do with the spiritual I like it a lot, I find a lot of inspiration, I did this art a few days ago and it went through all the social networks it was shared many times and I wanted to share it today here together in this great community along with its process. ![IMG_20220418_161902_428.png]( I love these colors especially each tone I like the contrast they make when drawing I am very attached to this color palette that I am currently using even though they are different colors they all keep the same tonality you have found the wonderful in all the pieces artistic that I am developing. **How was the artistic process Daniel?** For now I like to polish on my tablet Samsung s-pen there and he made each of my artistic pieces I work on all the orders that clients make me as well as I also develop arts for leisure or personal distraction and I have many of them saved he used for them the ibispaint x application an application that although it is not completely complete I got used to it and I move like a fish in the water in this illustration application. ![IMG_20220418_161905_187.jpg]( on the photos I start to give the lines to give the shape of the main character in this case the character is a very old scholar named Thomas Watson. ![IMG_20220418_161912_566.jpg]( Oh I really enjoyed doing this drawing of Well having all the outline I continued to illustrate to fill with the colors that she had predisposed for this art. ![IMG_20220418_173551_696.jpg]( After I made this illustration, I finished it. I finished all the details. I added the main phrase as well as all the other details that would harmonize with this art. My digital portfolio was uploaded, which can be found on my Instagram, and had a reach of more than 1,000 people. [You can see my portfolio here]( ### Thank you very much for your welcome in the community and for supporting my art. hive156509 @danicreativo

Carrie 🥀 My Character Drawing *Remember this old 1976 bloody film based on Stephen King's novel?* ![4jbrjyxk7ng.jpg]( *My Character Drawing* >It was he who prompted me to fantasize a little about the main character. I am insanely attracted to the image of tragedy at the school ball and the cordon, the rage of the main character. I just decided to draw this super girl and make her a little modern) ![_.jpg]( *More details* **P.S. It seems that drawing blood is a separate pleasure, lol** # Work process: ![oiibfkvftz8.jpg]( *Step 1* ![bwolr8oeici.jpg]( *Step 2* ![xcvjekigyea.jpg]( *Step 3* ![4jbrjyxk7ng.jpg]( *Done!)* ### Thank you for your attention! ❤️ hive156509 @extractumlunae

Pines and flowers (watercolor art) Hi friends! Today I've another watercolor spring landscape ![_.jpg]( I use [my own photo]( as a reference. I liked these two pine trees, illuminated by the sun. I decided to change the plot a bit, add dynamics and more details that characterize spring. Art materials Today I also used white gouache in my work to show a new drawing technique. ![_.jpg]( I start work from the background, this is the sky and the earth somewhere near the horizon. For the sky I mix cobalt blue and ultramarine, and for the earth I add ocher. I leave the lower right corner partially unpainted, there will be remains of snow ![_1.jpg]( With the same paints, with a thicker composition, I draw trees in the background. Somewhere I add more blue, somewhere more ocher. Closer to the ground on the trunks I add natural sienna. I deepen the shadows in the ravine where the snow lies For the image of a hill where pines grow, I take cadmium yellow, ocher red cadmium orange and the same ultramarine (for the shadow side) ![_2.jpg]( So... To create clouds in the sky, I use this method - I apply drops of pure water to the sky area so that the paint is slightly washed out. Then I create the shape of the clouds with a clean dry brush. ![_3.jpg]( I make shadows on the clouds with the same mix of cobalt and ultramarine When the paper dries, quite realistic clouds are obtained. ![_4.jpg]( Now the pines. They will be slightly tilted, as if from the wind. It looks very nice and dynamic. For the image of trunks, I take yellow ocher, red ocher and natural umber. And for crowns I mix grass green, yellow-green, ocher and cadmium yellow. Secret: to keep the green from being too saturated, I add a drop of cadmium red to it to achieve a natural green color. ![_5.jpg]( To make the hill beautiful and blooming like spring, I add different tones to its different areas - somewhere pure cadmium, somewhere cadmium with orange, somewhere more red, somewhere brown. This is a completely intuitive process. For green areas, I mix cadmium yellow and grass green colors. **Secret:** *to keep the green from being too saturated, I add a drop of cadmium red to it to achieve a natural green color.* I also add ultramarine to the shady sides of pines and drop shadows from them. I also add shadows under the trees near the distant forest and near the snow in the ravine ![_6.jpg]( And finally, the most fascinating drawing technique is spraying. I dip the end of a flat brush in white gouache and lightly tap it against the other brush so that the splatter falls onto the paper. **Important:** *so that the splashes fall on the area that I need, I cover other parts of the work with pieces of paper.* In the same way, I spray a green watercolor mix on the pine crown area to increase the dynamics of the drawing. And I add more a flowers another colors on the hill by individual strokes of a round brush ![_.jpg]( Here is such a windy and bright spring landscape I got today! Have a creative spring day to all! Regards hive156509 @daringcelt

Painting sketches On Ecency and struggling seeing images on phone… lol TEST post… Sorry if these are not in right order. Painting on the run. Excuse miss sevens drawing in background. [Text here]( ![e9a01870_e7de_456b_ac4c_8a4ba5db5071.jpg]( ![dd1f15fb_9050_4609_b5fa_acffdeb18959.jpg]( ![4b0c4189_cdbb_4ae4_90a8_b97e2d40b874.jpg]( hive156509 @creativepixie

[ENG-ESP] Drawing Mario Moreno Cantinflas // Dibujando A Mario Moreno Cantinflas ... <center> <"div class="text-justify"> ![8h.jpg]( >Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes (Mexico City, August 12, 1911-Ibidem, April 20, 1993), known internationally for his character Cantinflas, was a Mexican mime, actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian of the Golden Age.This is my drawing this week a few days after my birthday, I hope you like my drawing... Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes (Ciudad de México, 12 de agosto de 1911-Ibidem, 20 de abril de 1993), conocido internacionalmente por su personaje Cantinflas, fue un mimo, actor, productor, guionista y comediante mexicano de la Época de Oro.Este es mi dibujo de esta semana a pocos dias de cumplir años de muerto espero les guste mi dibujo... ![DibujoGrafit.png]( ![image.png]( [image.png]( ![DibujoGrafit.png]( ![1a.jpg]( ![2b.jpg]( ![3c.jpg]( ![4d.jpg]( ![5e.jpg]( ![6f.jpg]( ![7g.jpg]( ![8h.jpg]( ![DibujoGrafit.png]( Los materiales usados en este trabajo son: Lápiz HB Lápiz 6b Lápiz 2B Borrador Una hoja blanca tipo carta Un pincel de cerdas gruesas Saca puntas > The materials used in this work are: > HB pencil > 6b pencil > 2B pencil > Eraser >A white letter type sheet > A thick bristle brush > Sharpener ![cine.png]( Espero que hayan disfrutado del dibujo doy gracias a todos por sus comentarios y tomarse el tiempo de visitar mi blog, nos vemos en un próximo proyecto. ![DSC08966.JPG]( >I hope you have enjoyed making this drawing. I thank you all for your comments and take the time to visit my blog, see you in a next project. Las imágenes fueron tomadas con una cámara Sony CyberShot, utilicé Power Point p ara editar algunas imagenes. >The images were taken with a Sony CyberShot camera, I used Power Point to edit some images. Si te gustó mi trabajo, por favor hazmelo saber apoyandome con tu voto. ><center>If you liked my work, please let me know by supporting me with your vote. </center> </div > ![DibujoGrafit.png]( hive156509 @dibujografit

Hand me the Eth 3 NFT ART GIF ![hand_me_the_eth_3.gif]( Hello dear hivers bilppers welcome Art needs no words I find inspiration from all around >I created this for the love of ETH i imagine touching ETH would be something like this a special experience a magical experience an experience like no other an experience you could never forget what more can I say I love creating art digital art and sharing it with the world You can buy it now [Buy ]( ) [Nft discord channel]( Nft giveaways you can share your nfts in our new discord channel > I love creating art digital art and sharing it with the world any suggestions of what you would like to see me create next would be fantastic I hope you enjoy my art hive156509 @bilpcoinbpc

[ENP/ENG] Diseñando un logotipo moderno en Ilustrartor / Designing a Modern Logo in Illustrator <center> <div class=text-justify> ▷ Hola de nuevo amiguitos míos, después de 4 días de inactividad vuelvo para mostrarles el proceso de diseñado de un logotipo moderno en **Ilustrartor**, en este caso será un logo para un emprendimiento de suplementos naturales, sin más que agregar. **Diseñemos**. >▷ Hello again my friends, after 4 days of inactivity I come back to show you the process of designing a modern logo in **Ilustrartor**, in this case it will be a logo for a natural supplements business, without further ado. **Let's design**. <center>![portada.png]( 🔘 El cliente me dijo que quería algo sencillo pero a la vez único y llamativo, y una vez hablamos y le mencioné mis ideas empecé a diseñar para mostrarle la idea que tenia. >🔘 The client told me that he wanted something simple but at the same time unique and striking, and once we talked and I mentioned my ideas, I started designing to show him the idea I had. <center>![screenshot_3_2_.png]( 🔘 Lo primero que hice fue trazar unas líneas ya que quiero formar algo así como una media luna, tal como te muestro en las siguientes imágenes. >🔘 The first thing I did was draw some lines since I want to form something like a half moon, as I show you in the following images. <center>![screenshot_2.png]( ![screenshot_3.png]( ![screenshot_4.png]( 🔘 Una vez hecho eso quise agregar unos detalles como “emulando” hojas lo cual pese a que es algo fácil no quedaba como yo quería, así que hay duré algo de tiempo. >🔘 Once that was done, I wanted to add some details such as “simulating” leaves, which, despite being something easy, did not turn out the way I wanted, so it lasted a while. <center>![screenshot_5.png]( ![screenshot_6.png]( ![screenshot_7.png]( 🔘 Luego usando la herramienta **Creador de formas** la usaré para crear una sola figura, tal como te muestro en las siguientes imágenes. >🔘 Then using the **Shape Creator** tool I will use it to create a single shape, as I show you in the following images. <center>![screenshot_8.png]( 🔘 Teniendo uso pondré el nombre que es **soul nature** para ello estaré usando la tipografía **poppins**. >🔘 Having use I will put the name that is **soul nature** for this I will be using the font **poppins**. <center>![sin_fondo.png]( 🔘 Para finalizar con eso hay que agregar un poco de color, estaba pensando en colores verdes ya que ese color representa la naturaleza y a este diseño le quedará muy bien. >🔘 To finish with that you have to add a little color, I was thinking of green colors since that color represents nature and this design will look great on it. <center>![screenshot_9.png]( 🔘 Ahora agregaré pequeños detalles de degradados porque siento que contrastan muy bien con el logotipo. >🔘 Now I'm going to add small gradient details because I feel they contrast very well with the logo. <center>![screenshot_10.png]( ![screenshot_11.png]( ![screenshot_12.png]( # 🔘 Diseño final: ># 🔘 Final design: <center>![final.png]( ▷ Y así va quedando el diseño amiguitos míos, tengo que mandárselo a mi cliente para saber su opinión, pero ustedes, ¿cómo lo ven? A mí la verdad me gustan mucho, pero la opinión que más importa es la del cliente ya que será para él, si te gustó este post por favor déjamelo saber, y si fue así por favor compártelo me ayudarías mucho, nos vemos en unos días con un post nuevo, **hasta luego.** >▷ And this is how the design turns out my friends, I have to send it to my client to know his opinion, but how do you see it? I really like them a lot, but the opinion that matters most is that of the client since it will be for him, if you liked this post please let me know, and if so, please share it, you would help me a lot, see you in a few days with a new post, **see you later.** _Todas las imágenes mostradas son de mi propiedad, son capturas al momento de realizar ese post._ >_all the images shown are my property, they are captured at the time of making that post._ </div> hive156509 @migueldiaz98

Woman portrait sketch ![img_20220416_190510_201.jpg]( Wokring on some new character designs these days. Here is one I like though it is still just a sketch. hive156509 @dunsky

Freedom It's important to take a moment for yourself every now and then to remove those creative restraints, we can become slaves in our own minds. ![freedom00_sq.jpg]( hive156509 @salcor

Between Reason And Emotion / 理性と感情の間 (ENG/JPN) <center>![img_1904.jpg]( </center> (ENG) This is my original artwork. **"Between Reason And Emotion"** Mixed Media,31.8x41cm,2022 I used to often blow my reason and move according to my emotions. However, I have come to believe that this was because I had always bound myself with reason and suppressed my emotions. Now I try to value both reason and emotion, and I am careful to control my behavior between reason and emotion. This painting depicts me in such a controlled manner. --------------------------------------------- Akiko Yada Solo Exhibition "Next Phase 2" Friday, May 13 - Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 10 - 18 p.m. Gallery Q (1-8-8-8 Chuo, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, JAPAN) ---------------------------------------------- (JPN) これは私が創った作品です。 **「理性と感情の間」** ミクストメディア、31.8x41cm、2022 私は昔は理性が吹っ飛んで感情のままに動くことがよくありました。しかしそれは理性で自分を縛り付けて感情を抑え込んでばかりいたからではないかと思うようになりました。 今は理性も感情も両方大切にすることを心がけて、理性と感情の間で自分をコントロールして行動するように気をつけています。この絵はそうしてコントロールした姿を描いています。 ------------------------------------------- 矢田明子個展"Next Phase 2" 2022年5月13日(金)~18日(水)10~18時 ギャラリーQ(滋賀県大津市中央1丁目8-8) ------------------------------------------- hive156509 @yadamaniart

A sunny and calm day | Un día soleado y tranquilo [Eng/Esp] (Draw/Dibujo) <center>![5_sol.png](</center> <center>![intro.png](</center> <div class="text-justify"><div class="pull-left"><center><h3>English</h3></center>Hello everyone, I hope you are well, today I bring you this new drawing, which I really liked the result, it is this pretty girl sunbathing quietly, these days I have been wanting to do all kinds of new poses, the truth always scares me to try new things, and not only when drawing but in general, the first thing I think is that everything will go wrong, but this time it was not so, so I wanted to keep trying. I hope you like it. </div> <div class="text-justify"><div class="pull-left"><center><h3>Español</h3></center>Hola a todos, espero se encuentren bien, hoy les traigo este nuevo dibujo, del cual me gustó mucho el resultado, se trata de esta linda chica tomando el sol tranquilamente, estos días me han estado dando ganas de hacer todo tipo de nuevas poses, la verdad siempre me da miedo intentar cosas nuevas, y no solo al dibujar si no en general, lo primero que pienso es que todo saldrá mal, pero en esta ocasión no fue así, por lo que me dieron ganas de seguir intentando. Espero les guste.</div> <center>![separador.png](</center> <center>![webp.net_gifmaker_1_.gif](</center> This drawing was made in the application [Paint Tool Sai]( in a resolution of 1980x2350. >Este dibujo fue hecho en la aplicación [Paint Tool Sai]( en una resolución de 1980x2350. --- <center>![6_lineart.png](</center> <center>![1_lineart.png](</center> --- <center>![7_base_color.png](</center> <center>![2_base.png](</center> --- <center>![8_shadows.png](</center> <center>![3_sombras.png](</center> --- <center>![9_lights.png](</center> <center>![4_luz.png](</center> --- <center>![10_final_score.png](</center> <center>![5_sol.png](</center> Are you afraid to try new things? >¿Te da miedo intentar cosas nuevas? <center>![s_gueno_final.png](</center> <center>![bye_bye_2.png](</center> <center>Translated by [DeepL]( | Traducido por [DeepL](</center> hive156509 @rawecz

Pintando una marina digital art photoshop@ramaco54 <div class="text-justify">Buen día a los amantes del arte digital en Hive es su amigo Ramaco que les trae una nueva publicación en donde tuve la paciencia de limpiar para obtener un boceto limpio y poderlo pintar digitalmente según mis conocimientos que espero disfruten.</div> <center><h1>Título de la obra: "Mi marina digital".</h1></center> ![diapositiva5.jpg]( <center>PROCESO DE DIGITALIZACIÓN PASO A PASO.</center> **<div class="text-justify">1.- La lamina de lado izquierdo superior se realizó en carboncillo sobre lienzo, en la lamina siguiente(superior derecha), fui limpiando de manera digital para obtener un boceto limpio como se observa en la imagen inferior lateral izquierda de esta manera comencé a darle color como se observa en la lámina inferior del lateral derecho con colores, pincel, aerografo digitalizado u otras aplicaciones del programa digital Photoshop.</div>** ![diapositiva1.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">2.-Empesando a dar los efectos del agua, las rocas, y el cielo.</div>** ![diapositiva2.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">Ahora los detalles con la variedad de pinceles y tramas que tiene el programa, se le coloco la espuma del aguas y sus gotas de impacto de las olas del mar.</div>** ![diapositiva3.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">Aquí se puede observar el efecto que se logra con las espátulas y el impacto del golpe de la ola en la piedra, le coloqué un color de fondo negro para que resaltara mejor el impacto de la ola y el movimiento del agua.</div>** ![diapositiva4.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">La pintura de la embravecida mar con todo y sus efectos de las olas cuando cambié los colores del cielo para que se observe un tiempo de lluvia con sus colores impresionista del desplazamiento del agua de la mar picada.</div>** ![diapositiva5.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">Bien mis amigos espero les haya gustado mi trabajo digital que elaboré con un boceto sacado de una obra plástica mía que realicé hace mucho tiempo en carboncillo y la cual quise aprovechar al máximo para presentárselas hoy a ustedes.</div>** <center><h2>Espero apoyen mi esfuerzo y le den un voto al arte digital que les presento.</h2></center> <center><h1>Muchas gracias.</h1></center> ![jpeg_ramaco54.jpg]( _____________________________________________________________ ><div class="text-justify">Good morning to digital art lovers on Hive, it's your friend Ramaco who brings you a new publication where I had the patience to clean up to obtain a clean sketch and be able to paint it digitally according to my knowledge. I hope you enjoy.</div></u> ><center><h1>Title of the work: "My digital marina".</h1></center></u> ![slide5.jpg]( ><center>STEP BY STEP DIGITALIZATION PROCESS.</center></u> >**<div class="text-justify">1.- The upper left side sheet was made in charcoal on canvas, on the next sheet (upper right), I cleaned digitally to obtain a clean sketch as seen In the lower left lateral image in this way I began to color it as can be seen in the lower sheet of the right lateral with colors, brush, digitized airbrush or other applications of the Photoshop digital program.</div>**</u> ![slide1.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">2.-Starting to give the effects of water, rocks, and the sky.</div>**</u> ![slide2.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">Now the details with the variety of brushes and patterns that the program has, I put the foam of the water and its impact drops from the waves of the sea.</div>**</u> ![slide3.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">Here you can see the effect achieved with the spatulas and the impact of the wave hitting the stone, I placed a black background color to better highlight the impact of the wave and the movement of the water.</div>**</u> ![slide4.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">The painting of the raging sea with everything and its effects of the waves when I changed the colors of the sky so that a rainy time is observed with its impressionistic colors of the displacement of the water of the choppy sea.</div>**</u> ![slide5.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">Well my friends, I hope you liked my digital work that I made with a sketch taken from a plastic work of mine that I made a long time ago in charcoal and which I wanted to make the most of to present it to you today to you.</div>**</u> ><center><h2>I hope you support my effort and give a vote to the digital art that I present to you.</h2></center></u> ><center><h1>Thank you very much!.</h1></center></u> ![jpeg_ramaco54.jpg]( hive156509 @ramaco54

Landscape watercolor painting ![IMG_20220416_195650_240.jpg]( Today I painted this scene of bank of a stream it had a misty .. rainy atmosphere. I took a screenshot from one of random videos from Instagram. I find this method better than picking from Pinterest. Pinterest eats a lot of time and then, the image you see might have been painted already by hundreds of others. ![IMG_20220416_102346.jpg]( What I liked about this is the still water reflection .. especially of those small plants Started without sketch, and chose to use a light grey for the atmosphere.. and Prussian blue and violet mix for the far hills... This colour is not exactly what is on the reference, but these videos often shot on mobile phone doesn't capture the right tones in nature. ![IMG_20220416_195650_477.jpg]( Painted the highlights greens of the bushes and then those of the stones ![IMG_20220416_195650_437.jpg]( Added more details later to the plants and rocks. Not really happy with the way I painted rocks here . They look too flat and have lost its depth. May be little less dark would have helped. Also I felt should have used thinned borders for the stones. Finally finished off with the water and reflections ![IMG_20220416_195650_323.jpg]( **Final** ![IMG_20220416_195650_240.jpg]( Total time: 1hr 11x15 in 440gsm handmade cotton paper 41/2022 hive156509 @mohanraj

koala ![9c8cd5f4_fad3_41d8_abe9_3f688a84a650.jpeg]( Hello Friends. I hope you are all doing great today. Here is my drawing of a koala. This drawing took me more than 6 hours. Koalas are so cute just like pandas. I’ve also drawn a panda if you haven’t seen already. I’m planning to have a collection of all animals. There are thousands of bear dolls we receive since when we are little as birthday or later as Valentine's gifts. I was wondering why these bear dolls are so common but not koala dolls or pandas (aren’t they cute too?) By the way, did you know that koalas are not bears? But why do we call them bears!? reference ![82384efa_2a49_4983_a3b3_991e67c3d2ac.jpeg]( Steps of drawing ![1327293a_4bfb_481d_b013_7f52bbb30e3c.jpeg]( ![142c2e69_9db3_4f93_b545_7d82241f12a8.jpeg]( I’d be glad to receive your feedback on the drawing. Thank you. hive156509 @artbymila

"Starry Night"- Vincent Van Gogh, my drawing Favorite painter and favorite painting ... Vincent Van Gogh and his "Starry Night". For years now, he has been my role model in drawing and this is his favorite drawing for me. When I found out the background of this painting, the conditions under which it was created, his health condition at that time, I somehow connected with that drawing. Since then, this is my favorite drawing and he is my favorite painter. Today I decided to draw it and brighten my day. :) ![IMG_20220415_161525_339-01.jpeg]( ![20220415_140544-01.jpeg]( ![20220415_122840-01.jpeg]( ![20220415_121803-01.jpeg]( ![20220415_115752-01.jpeg]( ![20220415_113755-01.jpeg]( hive156509 @nesni996

Bird And Seahorse Coloring Page ![img_5523.jpg]( A Bird and A seahorse coloring page. Both without backgrounds. What Makes it easier to convert them to shirt designs and other products. I have fun mixing it up and turning one project into multiple things. The bird is realistic, and the seahorse is more cartoony. I can't remember the exact bird type I was going for, though. ![img_5524.jpg]( 💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜 Follow Me On Other Social Media as well! Want To Support My Art? Check Out My Amazon Store! 💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜🧡💚💙💜 hive156509 @kaylinart

El pescador mostrando la pesca del día. Por @ramaco54. <div class="text-justify">Buenos días amigos de Hive es su amigo Ramaco que les trae una publicación que cumple con mostrar la producción de la faena de un pescador que es atrapar un buen pescado y tomarse una foto con el, la cual representé en una obra artística que espero sea de su agrado.</div> <center><h1>El pescador mostrando la pesca del día.</h1></center> ![diapositiva15.jpg]( <center>MIS MATERIALES:</center> **<div class="text-justify">Como ven en la próxima imagen mis amigos les presento los materiales con que hice la pintura que presento en mi publicación, es decir: la acuarela, la paleta que utilicé para las pintura, mi block, mis pinceles (00 - 01 - 2 - 3 y 4 de celdas suaves), obviamente utilicé agua y una lampara para la iluminación porque hice la pintura de noche.</div>** ![diapositiva1.jpg]( <center><h2>PROCEDIMIENTO PASO A PASO.</h2></center> **<div class="text-justify">Amigos amantes de la pintura en Hive te recomiendo observes muy bien cada una de las imágenes que les publico a continuación para que veas como realice la pintura imaginaria con cada uno de los detalles que le fui haciendo ya que la hice con esmero para que puedan conocer mi trabajo artístico.</div>** ![diapositiva2.jpg]( ![diapositiva3.jpg]( ![diapositiva4.jpg]( ![diapositiva5.jpg]( ![diapositiva7.jpg]( ![diapositiva8.jpg]( ![diapositiva9.jpg]( ![diapositiva10.jpg]( ![diapositiva11.jpg]( ![diapositiva12.jpg]( ![diapositiva13.jpg]( ![diapositiva14.jpg]( ![diapositiva15.jpg]( ![diapositiva16.jpg]( **<div class="text-justify">Bien mis amigos amantes de Hive les comento que hice la pintura recordando todas las veces en que he tenido la oportunidad de pescar, la paz que se siente en el proceso y la enorme satisfacción que uno siente al atrapar un buen pez y ponerlo en libertad porque todo ser vivo merece la oportunidad de vivir.</div>** <center><h1>¡Muchas gracias!.</h1></center> ![jpeg_ramaco54.jpg]( _____________________________________________________________ ><div class="text-justify">Good morning, friends of Hive, it's your friend Ramaco who brings you a publication that complies with showing the production of a fisherman's task, which is to catch a good fish and take a picture with it, the which I represented in an artistic work that I hope will be to your liking.</div></u> ><center><h1>The fisherman showing the catch of the day.</h1></center></u> ![slide15.jpg]( ><center>MY MATERIALS:</center></u> >**<div class="text-justify">As ​​you can see in the next image, my friends, I present to you the materials with which I made the painting that I present in my publication, that is to say: the watercolor, the palette that I used for the painting, my block, my brushes (00 - 01 - 2 - 3 and 4 soft cells), obviously I used water and a lamp for lighting because I did the painting at night.</div>**</u> ![slide1.jpg]( ><center><h2>STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURE.</h2></center></u> >**<div class="text-justify">Friends who love painting in Hive, I recommend you take a good look at each of the images that I publish below so you can see how I make the imaginary painting with each of the details that I was doing it because I did it carefully so that you can get to know my artistic work.</div>**</u> ![diapositiva2.jpg]( ![diapositiva3.jpg]( ![diapositiva4.jpg]( ![diapositiva5.jpg]( ![diapositiva7.jpg]( ![diapositiva8.jpg]( ![diapositiva9.jpg]( ![diapositiva10.jpg]( ![diapositiva11.jpg]( ![diapositiva12.jpg]( ![diapositiva13.jpg]( ![diapositiva14.jpg]( ![diapositiva15.jpg]( ![diapositiva16.jpg]( >**<div class="text-justify">Well, my friends who love Hive, I tell you that I made the painting remembering all the times I have had the opportunity to fish, the peace that I feel in the process and the enormous satisfaction that it feels like catching a good fish and setting it free because every living thing deserves a chance to live.</div>**</u> ><center><h1>Thank you very much!.</h1></center></u> ![jpeg_ramaco54.jpg]( hive156509 @ramaco54

Morning light Watercolor painting ![IMG_20220415_144502_237.jpg]( My yesterday's painting got 750+ upvotes and was one of the most upvoted post on Hive yesterday! I sincerely thank everyone who voted and support my art. It's very strange how these algorithms work, that was not my best painting my any means .. but not everyday you get to the pole position😁 Today I painted this morning scene with beautiful light coming through the trees. It's a calm city scape, may be a park with people out walking and cycling. **Sketch** ![IMG_20220415_144502_462.jpg]( I just made some lines indicating the pavement and horizon for the sketch. The key art here is the cycle and I thought will draw it after the background is done so it won't fade off. There is a chance that the pure white on the shoulder would be lost here but I can do with that and use some Chinese white to fill it in. **Process** Started painting the sky and trees and the light coming through it. It took 30 minutes to finish this part. ![IMG_20220415_144502_429.jpg]( Painted the road next with yellow and brown towards the near side and it fading towards far as blue. Added the shadows of trees later with purple and ultramarine blue. Missed to take a pictur at this stage. At this stage I made outline of the cycle and then painted it. And added few more figures at the far region. ![IMG_20220415_144502_311.jpg]( **Final** ![IMG_20220415_144502_237.jpg]( Total time: 70 minutes 15x11 in handmade cotton paper 440gsm 40/2022 hive156509 @mohanraj

Dishwasher Tablets Package Design ![damir_illustration_2000px_eng_notext1.jpg]( My recent work for a good friend who started to produce dishwasher tablets. He said he always dreamed of working with me but there was no suitable case for that and finally such a case appeared! ![damir_illustration_sketch2.jpg]( These days I feel a lot of negative emotions, sad for my friends and other people who are suffering directly from that terrible war and feeling guilty and shame for being happy and safe sometimes. The only thing which helps me to get back on track is breathing techniques, Sudarshan Kriya, meditations, some asanas and daily jogging. Practiced for a few hours and then got the power to work and create something which I hope spreads the love and happiness. My friend was so happy with this sketch. He told me how excited he was not less than 5 times! This inspired me even more to work on colors. Later I've created a hand drawn version of their brand logo and handwritten texts for the package. ![damir_illustration_eng.jpg]( I really enjoyed the process and would be glad if you like my work as well. Stay safe and blessed! Praying for the world peace! Thank you! hive156509 @dunsky