Monomad Challenge-Preserving Traditions and Preserving Traditional Weaving ![20190317_134128-01.jpeg]( Hello hiver Hello everyone, how are you I'm back with a black and white photo of me that you might like and this is my entry #monomad ![20190317_134132-01.jpeg]( Weaving is one of the routines of the people in Sukarara Village, located in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. One of them is the weaving tradition in Sukarara Village.Weaving is a process clothing manufacture.Woven fabric silk or thread.Weaving has become their daily routine to meet family needs. ![20190317_134120-01.jpeg]( Weaving has become their daily routine to meet family needs.Apart from being a tradition,Weaving is also one of theopportunities used for get extra economy community in Sukarara Village and is a songket producing area famous in Lombok. ![20190317_134502-01.jpeg]( Although modernization has shifted the value content of woven fabrics, the weaving tradition is not popular. However,in Sukarara Village,the people still adhere to traditions and maintain traditional weaving and culture to this day. ![20190317_134518-01.jpeg]( ![20190317_134520-01.jpeg]( ![20190317_134530-01.jpeg]( ![20190317_134512-01.jpeg]( ##### <center>THANKS FOR VISIT MY BLOG</center> ##### <center>[Instagram](,[Facebook](,[Twitter](, [My Youtube Channel](</center> ##### <center>BEST REGARDS</center> hive142159 @azwaripank

El reloj / The watch [SPA-ENG] Hola a tod@s!!! Hoy voy a compartir con ustedes dos imágenes que son mi entrada al desafío #monomad creado por @monochromes e impulsado por la comunidad de Blanco y Negro. Antes de comezar quiero decir algo, las fotos de hoy no tienen nada que ver con las que normalmente publico... Me refiero a que en esta ocasión no he utilizado mis cámaras y tampoco un ordenador... Este trabajo está hecho solo con mi smartphone, tanto las tomas como la edición y también publicación... Dicho esto, espero que les guste... > Hello everyone!!! Today I'm going to share with you two images that are my entry to the #monomad challenge created by @monochromes and powered by the Black and White community. Before I start I want to say something, today's pictures have nothing to do with the ones I usually publish.... I mean that this time I haven't used my cameras and I haven't used a computer... This work is made only with my smartphone, both the shots and the editing and also publishing.... That said, I hope you like it... ![img_0.37988305114232773.jpg]( La verdad es que me encanta este reloj... Solo es una baratija que obtuve a través de Internet para mis prácticas fotográficas, pero tiene algo que me hace sentir cierta nostalgia... > The truth is that I love this watch... It's just a trinket that I got through the Internet for my photographic practices, but it has something that makes me feel a certain nostalgia... ![img_0.6301019696848752.jpg]( Para la edición he utilizado una app llamada Snapseed, para mi gusto es una de las mejores que he visto en el mundo de la edición fotográfica con Android... También se permite revelar archivos RAW... Esto es todo amig@s, nos vemos en el próximo post!!! > For editing I used an app called Snapseed, for my taste is one of the best I've seen in the world of photo editing with Android .... It also allows you to develop RAW files... That's all friends, see you in the next post!!! hive142159 @nightportraits

Monomad : Macro Photography of "Praxelis Clematidea" ![1.jpg]( Hello friends.. Good afternoon.. This afternoon is my third entry into the Black and White community. I took this opportunity to join the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes. This afternoon I will share some black and white pictures of weeds that grow wildly in the garden near the house. This plant thrives. From matching images and names through the Google Lens application, I can conclude that the name of this plant is "Praxelis clematidea". This plant has a dark green color and specifically the white flowers. But there are some strands that are purple. I took this photo using a smartphone camera by adding a Sony brand macro lens with a size of 25mm. If we take a photo with a smartphone lens without the addition of a lens, we will not get this detailed image. In this post I translate Indonesian to English via google translate. If there is an error in writing, please friends understand it. ![3-1.jpg]( ![2-1.jpg]( ![4-1.jpg]( ![7.jpg]( ![6.jpg]( ![5-1.jpg]( All of these "praxelis clematidea" photos I took using a xiaomi mi 8 mobile phone camera with the help of a sony 25mm additional lens. ### <center>Information</center> Camera Model | Xiaomi Mi 8 ------------ | ------------- Lens | Sony 25mm lens Category | Black and white Processed | Photoshop Location | Indonesia Original Image | @dusk.hunter ### Regards, @dusk.hunter ### Thanks very much hive142159 @duskhunter

Start over again This is my entry for the #monomad challenge. After a long winter, the first thing that appears on my window is willow branches. It's not even flowers and leaves yet, just buds. <center></center> I look at this laconic drawing of stems, the delicate outlines of fluffy buds... no matter what happens, there is always something promising in our life. Soon these buds will turn into flowers and later the leaves will unfold. This is the program of life. "Start all over again" - I am inspired by this strategy of nature, its endless movement forward. Perhaps this is the sacred meaning of life. hive142159 @rutarudens

Monomad: night atmosphere with fireworks <center>***I'm going to put this (night atmosphere with fireworks) into a daily #monomad contest organized and curated by @monochromes***</center> This evening was already beautiful, with a little entertainment with my son setting off fireworks. I did a little entertainment with my son, this afternoon my son asked me to buy fireworks, then I bought him a fireworks city with 6 fireworks, my son really likes playing with fireworks, but I have to watch him, I'm afraid my child will burn , then I took a match and a candle, and burned it, after that I started playing with my son, my son was quite happy with this little game. I thought it's beautiful for me to take some photos with my cellphone, I took a few moments I burned candles to burn fireworks. Then I edited it into a black and white image. And Here are some photos of n and fireworks. ![1650307999526.jpg]( ![1650307999514.jpg]( ![1650307999539.jpg]( ![1650307999550.jpg]( ![1650307999501.jpg]( ![1650307999489.jpg]( ![1650307999478.jpg]( ***Thank you friends for visiting my account I hope you like it, greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏*** Location | lhokseumawe -Indonesia -| - Camera Maker | Xiaomi Camera Model |Redmi Note 8 pro Flash Mode | No Flash hive142159 @asklanbudi

Monomad | Black And White | The beauty of the building from the inside in the open ![ddder.jpg]( ## In Building ---- > ##### This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes. ----- # Hi B&W photography lover friends Look at the picture I shared today which is the building from the inside and this picture I took a few days ago when I went to the city of lhokseumawe which is in my area in Aceh and when I entered the building at night so I got the idea to take some pictures of the building and I made it black and white because I think it will be beautiful to look at if the image is made into a black and white effect. As for taking pictures, I took pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S20 android phone camera and as you can see I took some pictures with a slightly different angle, I hope you like it. ***Instead of being curious about the beauty of the building I mean, let's check together some of the pictures that I have prepared below*** --- ![20220331_193144.jpg]( ![20220331_193200.jpg]( ![20220331_193219.jpg]( ![20220331_193231.jpg]( ![20220331_193238.jpg]( ![20220331_193259.jpg]( ![20220331_193310.jpg]( ![20220331_193335.jpg]( hive142159 @idayrus

Monomad: Indonesian Police Car Hi, this is my first entry for today's #monomad challenge. So, today I was out of town. Precisely, in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. I came to this city because of an assignment from my job. So I have to be in this city for a few days. I just arrived in this city, I wanted to know the streets that are here, so the first thing I saw was, some vehicles that were going fast. ![img_20220418_143417.jpg]( I took this photo in the downtown area of Medan. This pickup truck with a load of several items drove at high speed. There are items brought by this pickup car. It seems that the residents here are used to driving vehicles at high speeds. Then, I continued my journey to take a walk while enjoying the atmosphere in this city. My next destination is Merdeka Square park. Next to the sidewalk of the Merdeka Square Park area, parked a large car that was quite dashing. The car was a Brimob vehicle. The size is very large. ![img_20220418_150102.jpg]( When entering the Merdeka Square park, several police cars of different types were also parked inside. I only saw their car but did not see a policeman in the Merdeka Square park. ![img_20220418_142424.jpg]( ![img_20220418_142603.jpg]( ![img_20220418_142703.jpg]( | Camera | Category | Location | | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | | Redmi8 | Black & White Photography | Medan | hive142159 @heartofdarkness

Monomad: The spider oxyopes salticus To take part in the #monomad contest, I would like to share some pictures of the spider [Oxyopes salticus]( incubating its eggs. We find this type of spider a lot in the bush. The bentina has a docile attitude but can attack at any time. These spiders even though they look soft, they are classified as one of the deadly predators for other small insects. I feel lucky to have found them and captured some of these images for my entry in black and white visuals. Hopefully what I share today can make you feel entertained and like it, thank you for visiting. ![IMG20220328164342.jpg]( ![IMG20220328164543-01.jpg]( ![IMG20220328164528.jpg]( ![IMG20220328164900-01 (1).jpg]( ![IMG20220328164804-01 (1).jpg]( ![IMG20220328164613.jpg]( ![IMG20220328164252.jpg]( Camera | Realme 8 Pro + macro lens -|-| Category | Photography Insect Light processing | Lightroom mobile Photographer | @gamessteam hive142159 @gamessteam

Monomad: Bow Tower Downtown Calgary The Bow tower in downtown Calgary is one of the tallest buildings in western Canada. It is a very modern design, out front there is a sculpture of a large head made out of wire mesh. ![DSC_7666.jpg]( Nikon D750 1/400 sec. f/18 ISO-320 at 16mm The lines and unique windows make this building stand out from any vantage point. ![DSC_7711.jpg]( Nikon D750 1/500 sec. f/16 ISO-320 at 14mm hive142159 @mmckinneyphoto13

Himalayan clementis _monomad For todays entry in#monomad challenge I chose beautiful mountain clematis.. Most beautiful flower that is between me and my neighbours fence.. ![img_0.9360451182922707.jpg]( ![img_0.5576319278425341.jpg]( ![img_0.21293383776172212.jpg]( It has amazing vanilla sense.. And its spreaded Like a vine ![img_0.4173991279804277.jpg]( ![img_0.06422474383986862.jpg]( ![img_0.21567092581280875.jpg]( It is one of the amazing subjects to turn into black and white pictures... What do you think about these ones.. Do you have beautiful himalayas clementis, did you ever seen them.. I hope you enjoyed in those edits.. Is there something that you would like to change. Let me know down in the comments hive142159 @anitahorvatirl

My Entry Monomad Challenge #181 - Father and son on the canoe <center> #### ***Hello Hiver in Black And White Community Lover*** #### ***My entry this time is some pictures of The Father and son on the canoe black and white Photos*** </center> ![my451r-25.jpg]( <div class="text-justify"> Today I return to a black and white photography challenge held in a dedicated community that features black and white visuals from some of the great photographers who have joined here. Well, this time I want to show you some pictures about traditional fishermen in your hometown. Indeed, I have often shared pictures like this. But for me, fishing activities are always interesting for me to capture. Because their ways and styles are always different, this is what's interesting. Previously, I had also posted these images on my Hive blog. But with a colored version. In this community, I present a black and white version. Alright, here are some pictures. Oh, this post is also my 181st entry of all my posts in this wonderful community. ![my451r-30.jpg]( ![my451r-31.jpg]( ![my451r-24.jpg]( ![my451r-28.jpg]( ![my451r-29.jpg]( ![my451r-27.jpg]( > This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes. Alright, that's my post this time. I hope you like the photos that I share through my hive blog. </div> ***** ---- ![logo hive loen.png]( ##### <center>THANKS FOR VISIT MY BLOG</center> ##### <center>All Picture Taken With Sony A7 Mark ii Camera</center> ##### <center>[Instagram](,[Facebook](, [Gurushot](, [Twitter](, [my channel youtube](</center> ##### <center>BEST REGARDS</center> ##### <center>@my451r</center> ![image.png]( hive142159 @my451r

Man/Woman and other extreme low-keyed photos --- Monomad --- Eng/Esp I like the low key technique in black and white better than the simple monochrome image. It's like refining the minimal and the dramatic in the same shot. The first three images constitute a triptych I made for [52 frames]( in the [Woman]( and [Man ]( challenges. It occurred to me to take photos of my friend [Talia del Amo]( and my friend Riberto under the same conditions so that they could face each other, with zero expression, in pure darkness. The last two photos are of my daughter applying the same technique, gaining experience and skills for future occasions. >Me gusta más la clave baja en el blanco y negro que la simple imagen monocromática. Es como la refinación de lo mínimo y lo dramático en una misma toma. Las tres primeras imágenes constituyen un tríptico que hice para [52 frames]( en los retos de [Woman]( y [Man]( Se me ocurrió hacerles fotos en las mismas condiciones a mi amiga [Talia del Amo]( y a mi amigo Riberto para que quedasen frente a frente, con una expresión nula, en un entorno de pura obscuridad. Las dos últimas fotos son de mi hija aplicando la misma técnica, obteniendo experiencia y habilidades para ocasiones futuras. ![abel_cancino_21_w36.jpg]( ![abel_cancino_21_w36.jpg]( ![abel_cancino_21_w37.jpg]( ![abel_cancino_21_w42.jpg]( ![_d753905bn.jpg]( Thanks for the opportunity! ALL my images are available for purchase on High-Res format, from 20mpx. Paid in HBD, HIVE, BTC, ETH. Editorial & Commercial licenses. Contact me on my social media listed below. >TODAS mis fotos están disponibles en Alta Resolución, a partir de 20mpx. Pagables en HBD, HIVE, BTC, ETH. Licencias editoriales o comerciales. Pueden contactarme por mis redes sociales listadas a continuación. Follow me: [Instagram](, [Twitter](, [Facebook pages](, [LinkedIn]( hive142159 @abelfotografia

Monomad challenge - City walk This is my entry for the #monomad challenge. Title: **City walk** I started the walk not as thirsty as a crow who had to make an unusual pose to drink some water from the sidewalk. ![bw_04_17_img_8372_2_.jpg]( A strong wind that was constantly blowing would soon dry those few drops. But it is not strong enough to blow the snail off the wall. ![bw_04_17_img_8377_2_.jpg]( Walking through the narrow side streets, avoiding the heavy traffic, I reach the plateau where the first frowning face was waiting for me. Luckily he frowns not only at me but at all passersby. ![bw_04_17_img_8381_2_.jpg]( I move in the direction of his gaze and come across a place he may be looking at. The passage that is leading to the confluence of the rivers. ![bw_04_17_img_8411_2_.jpg]( And on the river, an older couple is riding a boat in windy weather. It doesn't seem like a pleasant ride. ![bw_04_17_img_8423_2_.jpg]( On the other side, there are several huts along the river bank. It is a very common sight along rivers near big cities. ![bw_04_17_img_8443_2_.jpg]( I continue my walk along the promenade along the coast. ![bw_04_17_img_8454_2_.jpg]( --- <code>Thank you for stopping by and supporting my content!</code> hive142159 @oks2crypto

This is my entry for the #monomad challenge - Time Flies How much can a year change with time? I've been feeling that times flies very fast these days. The few changes that I happen to notice happen in my city for the past 3 years after I watch back my photo library past few years back. This one particular sets of photo catch my attention because of the two places that I happen to document that time already change. This particular photo from library are the time I purchase my new lens, the sony G 18-105mm f4 which I immediately went to used on street photography. These first photo here is the famous public spot in Kota Kinabalu City to watch the sunsets and the night view of the city. This is a place where people went to hangout in the late afternoon also in the evening as there's also a restaurant that operate until 10.00pm at night. ![_gys2544.jpg]( Here's my recent visit to this place during my location recce for a video shoot I make August last year. The restaurant here been demolished but the observatory place is still the same. I just hope that this place will not be demolished completely but a sign of upgrade for the public convenience. Seeing back this photo makes me want to plan a visit to this place soon to see what development has been happening there. ![img20210809122353.jpg]( ![img20210809122418.jpg]( ![img20210809122426.jpg]( ![img20210809122432.jpg]( ![img20210809122605.jpg]( The night live in Gaya Street is quite lively before the pandemic. Here's a few photo that I've taken at the time. ![_gys2551.jpg]( ![_gys2558.jpg]( ![_gys2559.jpg]( ![_gys2560.jpg]( ![_gys2561.jpg]( ![_gys2563.jpg]( ![_gys2570.jpg]( This one particular place where people used to chill down while watching the live band. The last time I went to visit this place, I'm quite surprise that this whole place is demolished. ![_gys2579.jpg]( ![_gys2584.jpg]( ![_gys2586.jpg]( This is the current view of this place, totally different. Maybe the city council have a different plan for this place as it's been close during the pandemic. Gaya Street is very famous with its night market and also the sunday market. Maybe with this place demolished will make room for more the night and sunday market in the future. ![img20211015185556.jpg]( ![img20211015185605.jpg]( ![img20211015185612.jpg]( Photo has a very powerful reminder for the future as we tend to forget certain event. This comes to my realization that photo really will become valuable in the future to preserve the memories of the past. Have a great week everyone. ![_gys2574.jpg]( hive142159 @gideongys

Monomad Challenge- Cycling Culture In Society ![20191222_080215-01.jpeg]( Hello hiver Hello everyone, how are you I'm back with a black and white photo of me that you might like and this is my entry #monomad ![20191222_080734-01.jpeg]( Cycling to be. favorite sport During the Covid-19 pandemic, the people of Jakarta are increasingly enjoying cycling. increasingly popular among the public. Cycling is an alternative sport that is done by many people On the way, I took the time to cycle around the city of Jakarta, While hunting for photos, my cycling route is only in the downtown area which can be used as a route by the cyclist community in Jakarta. ![20191222_075657-01.jpeg]( Various communities are there, ranging from BMX bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, to road bikes. I also met several cyclist communities who were walking hand in hand, as well as individuals, all of whom became one with a passion for cycling. In addition, there are moments that happen very quickly and should not be missed. the moment. I have to take the right position to be able to get a good photo. ![20220410_094630-01.jpeg]( One of them is like the activity of cyclists. on the road that is passed so I have to move from the photo spot.Photographing cyclists also has its own challenges. ![20191222_074716-01.jpeg]( ![20191222_074721-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_094747-02.jpeg]( ![20220410_080915-02.jpeg]( ![20220410_100908-02.jpeg]( ![20220410_100452-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_095908-02.jpeg]( ![20220410_100804-02.jpeg]( ![20220410_100824-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_094734-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_100245-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_094629-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_094628-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_094531-01.jpeg]( ![20220410_100716-01.jpeg]( ![20191222_080640-01.jpeg]( ![20191222_232306-01.jpeg]( ![20191222_075940-01.jpeg]( ![20190724_152250-01.jpeg]( ##### <center>THANKS FOR VISIT MY BLOG</center> ##### <center>[Instagram](,[Facebook](,[Twitter](, [My Youtube Channel](</center> ##### <center>BEST REGARDS</center> hive142159 @azwaripank

Deep I really like doing long exposure photography because I like the different, the surreal and also the dark, in the mysterious and profound sense, related to the subconscious and the out of the ordinary. Something silly pretty is not enough for me. I like to make art from my unique and unrepeatable place and if you dive into those deep spaces you find a lot of darkness and a lot of light too. This photography technique is very interesting and extensive to externalize these issues. This is my entry for #monomad by @monochromes ![img_0.2650347316661255.jpg]( ![img_0.11001258510565032.jpg]( ![img_0.4975474846608016.jpg]( ![img_0.11802880709891318.jpg]( Long exposure Self-portraits Digital photography Cheers! Bárbara Bezina ♥ <a href="" rel="nofollow">canva</a> / <a href="" rel="nofollow">twitter</a> / <a href="" rel="nofollow">blog</a> / <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow">makersplace</a> / <a href="" rel="nofollow">nftshowroom</a> hive142159 @barbarabezina

(ESP-ENG). New artist on hive “poem painting”-Nuevo artista en hive “pintura poema” <p><center> <strong> <strike> Inspirational painting poem. </strike> </strong> </center></p> <br> </br> <em> <p><center> "many truths without lies... </center></p> <p><center> lie without truth, a lot... </center></p> <p><center> without lies, many truths... </center></p> <p><center> truths without many lies... </center></p> <p><center> lies without much truth... </center></p> <p><center> without much lies... </center></p> <p><center> truths without many... </center></p> <p><center> lie, truth without... </center></p> <p><center> lie... </center></p> <p><center> without..." </center></p> </em> <br> </br> <p><center> <strong> <strike> Poema inspirador de la pintura </strike> </strong> </center></p> <br> </br> <p><center> “muchas verdades sin mentira... </center></p> <p><center> mentira sin verda, mucha... </center></p> <p><center> sin mentira, mucha verdades... </center></p> <p><center> verdades sin muchas mentira... </center></p> <p><center> mentira sin mucha verdades... </center></p> <p><center> sin mucha mentira... </center></p> <p><center> verdades sin muchas... </center></p> <p><center> mentira, verdad sin... </center></p> <p><center> mentira... </center></p> <p><center> sin...” </center></p> <br> </br> <center> </center> <br> </br> <div class="text-justify"> <strong> As the words in the poem were fragmented, the same was done in the painting, making it a shekel in two (2) paintings. Now you will see the images in detail and how they look together <br> </br> Como se fragmento las palabras en el poema se hizo igual en la pintura haciendo de ella un siclo en dos (2) pintura. Ahora verán las imágenes a detalles y como se ven juntas </strong> <div> <br> </br> <center> </center> <br> </br> <div class= "pull-left"> <strong> <p><center> Title: truth without… </center></p> <p><center> Material: cardboard and acrylic </center></p> <p><center> Measurements: 40x23 </center></p> </strong> </div> <div class= "pull-right"> <strong> <p><center> Título: verdad sin… </center></p> <p><center> Material: cartón y acrílico </center></p> <p><center> Medidas: 40x23 </center></p> </strong> </div> <br> </br> <center> </center> <br> </br> <div class= "pull-left"> <strong> <p><center> Title: lie without... </center></p> <p><center> Material: cardboard and acrylic </center></p> <p><center> Measurements: 40x23 </center></p> </strong> </div> <div class= "pull-right"> <strong> <p><center> Título: mentira sin… </center></p> <p><center> Material: cartón y acrílico </center></p> <p><center> Medidas: 40x23 </center></p> </strong> </div> <br> </br> <center> </center> <br> </br> <div class= "pull-left"> <strong> <p><center> joint paintings. </center></p> </strong> </div> <div class= "pull-right"> <strong> <p><center> pinturas unidas. </center></p> </strong> </div> <br> <br> <br> </br> <div class="text-justify"> <strong> Thanks for the support. I will be posting part of this painting series on Wednesday and Sunday... <br> </br> Gracias por el apoyo. estaré publicando parte de esta serie de pintura los miércoles y domingo... </strong> </div> hive142159 @deicbertart

Black & White Flower Of Periwinkle **Hey Everyone!!** Here are some pictures of periwinkle in black and white color which i clicked from different different places. Like one-two pictures of periwinkle is from my garden, few from my aunt's garden and few from other place. These are such flowers that you can find them anywhere. The flowers of periwinkle are so soft having only four petals in one flower. ![IMG_20220417_220637.jpg]( ![IMG_20220417_220559.jpg]( ![IMG_20220417_220624.jpg]( ![IMG_20220417_220610.jpg]( ![IMG_20220417_220512.jpg]( ![IMG_20220417_220532.jpg]( ## For giving your precious time to my blogs... # Thankyou🤗 ## If you enjoyed it, then go for.... # Thumb's Up👍 ## Just go & write your views in.... # Comments✍ ## For upcoming posts, hit the option... # Follow 👉 hive142159 @karishmasingh711

Monomad || never get bored in looking for content material Good evening dear members, how are you all tonight, because I haven't been here for a few days because I'm a little busy. I hope all is well! ok friends tonight I want to bring some unique insects that are making love on the leaves. <hr> This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochrom <hr> this afternoon when I went somewhere, looking for a piece of content that I wanted to bring to this great black and white community. then i saw insects sharing love on the fern leaf i tried their portrait then they look so amazing with their style these are all my shots this afternoon using a cellphone and accompanied by a macro lens, let's watch it together by contemplating it using feelings, I hope you all like it ![20220417_175442-01.jpg]( ![20220417_175001-01 (1).jpg]( ![20220417_175233(0)-01 (1).jpg]( ![20220417_175508-01 (1).jpg]( ![20220417_175311-01-01 (1).jpg]( ![20220417_175105-01.jpg]( ![20220417_175233(0)-01.jpg]( ![20220417_175514-01.jpg]( ![20220417_175442-01-01.jpg]( ![20220411_164606-01.jpg]( ![20220417_175508-01.jpg]( **That's all I can convey to all of my friends, I hope you like it, and also thank you for visiting my blog** **thank you** <Hr> <hr> | photography | | samsung+macro | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | theme | | black and white | | location | | Indonesia | | photographer and equipped by | | @mrwilsha | hive142159 @mrwilsha

My Entry Monomad Challenge #180 - Vaccine For Kids <center> #### ***Hello Hiver in Black And White Community Lover*** #### ***My entry this time is some pictures of The Vaccine for kids black and white Photos*** </center> ![1.JPG]( <div class="text-justify"> Two years ago, almost all countries in the world were hit by a corona virus pandemic that spread very quickly and many victims occurred to humans, as well as the extraordinary things that occurred due to the corona virus. Various countries are looking for ways to contain the spread of the virus among their citizens. Including in Indonesia. The Indonesian government invites its citizens to carry out vaccinations that have been legalized by the government. From various circles, adults and children, the government is vaccinating for free to its citizens. Oh, this post is my 180th entry in the black and white community. And also as an entry to the challenge of black and white photography. Well, that's my post on this occasion. Hope you guys like it. ![2.JPG]( ![3.JPG]( ![4.JPG]( ![8.JPG]( > This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes. Alright, that's my post this time. I hope you like the photos that I share through my hive blog. </div> ***** ---- ![logo hive loen.png]( ##### <center>THANKS FOR VISIT MY BLOG</center> ##### <center>All Picture Taken With Sony A7 Mark ii Camera</center> ##### <center>[Instagram](,[Facebook](, [Gurushot](, [Twitter](, [my channel youtube](</center> ##### <center>BEST REGARDS</center> ##### <center>@my451r</center> ![image.png]( hive142159 @my451r