Daily Screenshots [Renpy, Making a Test VN] #3 So, I was going to publish the visual novel prototype I've been making in the past few days, but my brother told me the ending is terribly underwhelming, and now I'm thinking about how to fix it instead... https://imgur.com/ASHpKhO.jpg #devlog #goforgoodenough #iguess dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Disgaea 5]: Dark Matter Seasoning *"Dark Matter" as seasoning?* Where have I heard that line before? https://imgur.com/4lXDeer.jpg https://imgur.com/FXxk7fQ.jpg So, is it confirmed that Seraphina is a lethal #cook? Or does she like extra spicy stuff? dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Trails in the Sky]: No Character is Inconsequential One of the reasons I wanted to play this game, so I already knew about it. *The attention to detail in the Legend of Heroes series is amazing... **All members of the Bandits are Named!*** A unique sprite isn't needed for attachment! *No character is inconsequential!* https://imgur.com/KTvNaiX.jpg https://imgur.com/7tIjJH5.jpg https://imgur.com/L5eRKct.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Trails in the Sky]: Fishing, Fishing Spent a lot of time fishing! A fishing mini-game isn't new in RPGs, but the way it's handled in Trails in the Sky's story & its integration into Estelle & Joshua's relationship is perfect! I relate to Joshua~ https://imgur.com/NSwrqwm.jpg https://imgur.com/Z87qJSy.jpg https://imgur.com/UNYRtUI.jpg https://imgur.com/dlflEXw.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Disgaea 5]: EXCAVATION! I love the skill "Excavation" in #Disgaea5! My favorite Sword-based tech so far.~ Can you tell me these monochrome shots don't look good? https://imgur.com/01RdQrg.jpg https://imgur.com/YzErqts.jpg https://imgur.com/EqNkaZv.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Disgaea 5]: Cluttered Battles Bought the "More enemies" and "Smaller Item World" cheats in #Disgaea5, the result was a hard-to-beat mess. I enjoyed it, but it took me so long to reach the next save point! https://imgur.com/GK9DaUT.jpg https://imgur.com/ImaeIpN.jpg https://imgur.com/umIu1O2.jpg https://imgur.com/kE9Nzx8.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [RANDOM] Taking a break from posting #dailyscreenshots for the rest of the month. Here are some games I'm playing right now: #### Digimon Story: Cybersleuth Hacker's Memory (Switch) https://imgur.com/5muTcMg.jpg #### Trails in the Sky (PC) https://imgur.com/c3CR8EC.jpg #### Shining Force (Genesis) https://imgur.com/hAoma8F.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky]: Just a Day for Bracers Looking at the screenshots I took of *Trails in The Sky,* I laughed at how this scene sounds out-of-context. *Anyway, Joshua and Estelle make a great team!* > "I'm sure the girls love it!" > > "Why are you looking at me?" https://imgur.com/NwOdi7f.jpg https://imgur.com/ltkOXPb.jpg https://imgur.com/y4NWFsH.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Shining Force]: A Hero Emerges! When a character reaches lv.10 in #ShiningForce, they can promote: Restarting from Lv.1 with upgraded class! As such, the Swordsman became the Hero! https://imgur.com/VFstodZ.jpg https://imgur.com/9bWYmNs.jpg https://imgur.com/UwGeqrZ.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Shining Force]: First Battle w/Anri & Arthur With my playstyle, every new character I get in Shining Force feels under-leveled, and it's hard to level them up when they don't survive the whole battle. I'm getting hang of it, but not fast enough... https://imgur.com/qzqOJH9.jpg https://imgur.com/7aePMyh.jpg https://imgur.com/9bfwcDa.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Digimon Hacker's Memory]: Hacker's Blackmailing? It's nice to see returning faces from #Digimon Cybersleuth in Hacker's Memory. Seems like the protagonists of this game are more involved in the main conflict than I thought! Though, Suedou & Rei seem to be taking *Team Hudie* in a malicious direction. https://imgur.com/ycOjRSW.jpg https://imgur.com/SqqbdeI.jpg https://imgur.com/aAI3773.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Digimon Hacker's Memory]: Steam Dealers Digimon Hacker's Memory has just the right sense of humor! These account-dealers are role-playing as eco-terrorists. They're so bad at it! > "Aren't you making breathing sounds yourself?" https://imgur.com/GuOafzV.jpg https://imgur.com/GRm7PaN.jpg https://imgur.com/jn9AV2H.jpg https://imgur.com/dGZVDS7.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Shining Force]: Gong the Monk Gong was one of my top favorite characters when I played the GBA version of *Shining Force* when I was younger. Easy to recruit & powerful attacker! Playing the original Sega Genesis version now, he's getting higher on my fav list again! https://imgur.com/X3Qce39.png https://imgur.com/5rYydtj.png https://imgur.com/y2SMIbW.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [SAO Fatal Bullet]: Your Obligatory Android Maid With Unique Powers With *Fatal Bullet,* the developers of gameverse-SAO has managed to make the least otaku-ish VRMMO in the setting even weirder than the #anime! The amount of unnecessary weeb-ness is tough to handle! Gameplay not bad though.~ #BasedOnDemo https://imgur.com/tyytO3F.jpg https://imgur.com/rCCNz8s.png https://imgur.com/rcdJL03.png #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Screenshots [Digimon Hacker's Memory]: A Door in Nakano There's a special kind of suspense that you can only do in a side story. A seemingly insignificant door just becomes #interesting because the players know it led to their home in the main story. https://imgur.com/zmCyb8S.png I haven't been here in ages too, Daisuke! https://imgur.com/iERBB4q.png #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Gaming Screenshot: Luminous Avenger iX - Fun Boss Dialogues It always amazed me how #Gunvolt series crams up so much personality/lore in just a few lines. Before Stella's boss fight, I understand her motivation, personality & bond with her servant, all in 2 mins of pre-boss battle dialogue! https://imgur.com/xQR5AXz.jpg https://imgur.com/Jw7ri64.jpg https://imgur.com/9ClDzs7.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Gaming Screenshot: Disgaea 5's Team Attacks #2 Finally got to test the Team Attacks for #Disgaea3 characters in #Disgaea5 ...The DLC story for Almaz/Sapphire might be stupid but at least their combo attacks with Mao/Beryl are amazing! https://imgur.com/9CAp3on.jpg https://imgur.com/snxaRoQ.jpg https://imgur.com/iTCLHit.jpg https://imgur.com/9y8fFP6.jpg #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Gaming Screenshot: Captain Toad Is A Relaxing Puzzler Tried *Captain Toad* when it was offered for 7-day-free-trial by #Nintendo, I liked the atmosphere in it. There's something captivating about the child-like wonder of Nintendo games! https://imgur.com/N4P9jgA.jpg https://imgur.com/4QOhDoJ.jpg https://imgur.com/5f7XE96.jpg #gaming #dailyscreenshots dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Gaming Screenshot: My Favorite Moment Between Nokia & Her Partner Omnimon This Omnimon/Nokia scene is *TOP 10 Moments* material! The #Digimon Cybersleuth gang's offline strategy meeting goes smoothly. *No one* comments on Omnimon being there. When all others left, Nokia shows compassion & tells Omnimon *"We'll try a bigger place next time."* https://imgur.com/GAcvGuJ.jpg https://imgur.com/mmREYGw.jpg https://imgur.com/rIWl98k.jpg dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap

Daily Gaming Screenshot: Sega's Collection (Shining Force #3) *SEGA Genesis Classics* has you playing as a person playing games in his/her retro-room. You can easily get out of the *"full screen"* mode and look at the screen, though this #VR section doesn't look very good on Switch Lite. https://imgur.com/savXRpC.jpg https://imgur.com/ReP817t.jpg https://imgur.com/7jUiADm.jpg #dailyscreenshots #gaming dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap