Parosmia, Covid and That WEIRD Smell ALL THE TIME When you have Covid, you think once you test negative it's all done and dusted and life gets back to normal. Only **it really isn't like that for a LOT of people**, and I'm not talking about Long-Covid, which affects a small percentage of people. I'm talking about anosmia (absolutely NO smell, at all) and Parosmia (a distortion of the olfactory chemical process). ***The whole weird, broken nose thing.*** ![Nose1.jpg]( Photo by <a href="">Anne Nygård</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a> I tested positive here in Thailand on March 6th, after 2 days of a scratchy, hoarse throat and body-head aches. It wasn't till about the 3rd day after *relentless* sneezing that I one morning discovered anosmia. Everything I tried to smell or eat was, err, nothing. Most disturbing, really, to crave a coffee and then feel unsatiated cos you didn't SMELL it at all and it had basically the same vibe as drinking plain hot water. I was sick for about 12 days - 8 of those feeling MOST unwell at home with flu symptoms, sneezing, mild laryngitis and just the worst headache ever. I used only a bit of paracetamol when the headache was so bad I couldn't sleep, and other than that I used home-brewed probiotics, a Thai herb (andrographis paniculata) which even the Thai hospitals here recommend, and supplemental zinc. It wasn't till after I tested negative finally on Day 12 that I swapped the anosmia for parosmia - a distortion of my olfactory process. Suddenly, all I could smell, most of the day, was the smell of bakery in the oven that is just getting a little too brown. Now, a month later, I have that overwhelming smell about 30 hours/day. It's the FIRST THING I become aware of on waking. And yesterday, for the first time, I became aware of a second smell "stuck in my nose" for literally hours - the smell of meat being browned, Dutch style, in butter. It's been affecting my appetite and leaving me with the feeling that I've already eaten. It's also weird to eat spicy mushrooms and broccoli stir fried with brown rice and to SMELL and TASTE about-to-be-just-too-brown freshly baked cookies. #### Clinical studies show 65.7% of recovered covid patients present with some level of parosmia, and some 10% showing severe symptoms and altered quality of life. As many as 50% of patients present with a foul odor or metallic smell. Average duration is 3-6 months, and treatments for parosmia (from smell training to topical steroids) have not proven very effective. Over 73% of patients reporting parosmia are female. [Source]( How grateful and lucky am I that I'm smelling only about-to-get-too-dark bakery and browning meat. We talked about it at the office today and how weird it is, and one of my Thai staff commented very matter-of-factly that it's because I'm a good person. #### *"When your nose stops working, your brain smells your heart and what you eat a lot in your life. If your body is dirty inside, you smell yourself from the inside. You lucky that you detox and smell only nice things from when you were young."* I kinda really LOVE this explanation, but suspect that if I was smelling rotting fish 20 hours/day, I might have a different response. 🤣 And I LOVE the way Asian health folklore comes into being. #### So, have YOU ever had Covid and suffered with weird smells during your recovery? How long did it last? Did anything particularly help? Hit me up in the comments below? There's so little written about this and I'm really curious if others have theories about how and why this phenomena occurs, and how long it took to regain "normal" smell. I have read a few reports of people regaining a much more acute sense of smell after their full recovery, and am curious to know how widespread that is - cos heck, that could be GREAT in my Thai herbal products business and TERRIBLE at the Thai fresh market on a really hot day. 😆 <br> <img src=""> <br> <center>![HiveOnBoard1.gif](</center> ##### <center>**[Get Your FREE Hive Account](**</center> <br> ![Fair Trade, Sustainable, Cruelty Free. Shipping Worldwide..png]( <center>**Come check out my [Pure Thai Naturals]( online store**</center> <center>![TwitterTiny100x100.png]( **<center>Find me on Twitter: Pure Thai Naturals @BreugelMarike & @HiveLift</center>** covid @artemislives

Troubling numbers of physicians believe vaccines are unsafe or uneffective. ![image.png]( This is a rather disturbing study on vaccine confidence among primary care physicians. In this survey, 10.1% of physicians did not agree that vaccines are safe. 9.3% did not agree that they were effective. And 8.4% did not agree that they were important. For the US public at large, those numbers were 26.8%, 14.7%, and 13.6% respectively. Among physicians, conservative political views are significantly and negatively associated with thinking vaccines are safe or effective. Likewise, wealthier PCPs are more likely to think vaccines are safe. And if a PCP has had COVID they are significantly less likely to think vaccines are safe, effective, or important. Considering how important physicians are for encouraging vaccination and addressing vaccine concerns, it is pretty troubling that so many have these views. ![image.png]( covid @zafrada

Is Covid Snake Venom? <center><a href="!/v/cahlen/is-covid-snake-venom"><img src=""></a></center> --- There's been a lot of buzz lately about Covid and the vaccine being related to snake poison in some way. Here are my initial thoughts on the topics. --- SUPPORT: CONTACT: SUBSCRIBE: GEAR LIST: NOTICE: covid @cahlen

1987 AD with Covid Masks, papers, a rabbi and a nose test 1987 ad and what the actual fuck! ![image.png]( LOL ![image.png]( ![image.png]( covid @ackza

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Is zero Covid strategy really possible now that Omicron is loose in China? ![image.png]( Things are going to get interesting in China. It looks like they've lost containment on COVID, as did Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea and others facing Omicron. Cases are rising rapidly, but are still tiny compared to our past waves. Their vaccine is comparable to our mRNA vaccines in preventing severe disease or death, so they're likely in for a massive and sharp wave, but hopefully not too severe in terms of death toll. While the vaccines are very good at preventing severe disease and death, they're only fair at reducing infections. Combine that with Omicron's insane contagion and speed, and it becomes too much even for the world's most effective suppression strategies. They'll end up with the majority of their population infected, but hopefully only 1/10 of 1% dead. Delay the infections until everyone is vaccinated and effective treatments are available. You end up with a similar number of infections but radically lower hospital and death counts. ![image.png]( covid @zafrada

All COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted in Croatia after midnight. ![image.png]( Yep. Slowly but surely its all coming to an end. The whole hysteria that lasted for the last 2 years is going away with a whimper. At midnight today Croatia is lifting almost all COVID restrictions. The only restriction that will remain is having a mask on when in hospitals or other health institutions. Something that seems common sense and should have probably been enforced regardless of COVID. **My feelings are mixed.** On one hand Im happy the hysteria is coming to an end and on the other hand I fear that people will become extremely irresponsible. Too many freedoms have been taken away from people during these last 2 years. What happened in many countries was utterly insane. #Canada #Australia. The censorship was running rampant online, there have been so mauch finger pointing, so much hypocrisy, so many lies from anti-vaxers and Big Farma, from the leftists and the right wingers. Seeing that come to an end is a relief. On the other hand my fear is that people will forget that COVID has not gone away just because the media grifters have stopped talking about it and moved on to other more bombastic news (No pun intended). COVID is here to stay and we still need to remain responsible towards our elders and towards those whose weak immune systems put at risk. I made a choice for myself during this pandemic and I havent taken the vaccination. I weighed the pros and cons and observed my situation and my environment. I believe I made a right choice. My wife, decided to take the vax. My mother and father I encouraged to take it. My point is. Try and asses individual situations with an open mind. Just because Big Pharma and media lies about COVID and the vaccine, tries to manipulate you, doesnt mean that George Soros and Bill Gates are using the vaccine to alter your DNA and are microchipping you or that Hunter Biden is using his laptop to create COVID-XX in Ukrainian Biolabs.. Dont allow yourself to believe stupid shit. Be better. covid @lordbutterfly

Important info for understanding COVID symptom timing and negative rapid tests. ![image.png]( Before vaccines, your immune system was slow to respond. Viral loads could get very high before your symptoms (side effect of immune response) appeared, leading to lots of pre-symptomatic contagion. Rapid tests would often show positive at or just before symptom onset. After vaccines or previous infection, your immune system ramps up much sooner, often causing symptoms to appear before the viral load makes you very contagious. This is similar to other infections for which we have prior immune experience. It is now very normal to have symptoms, rapid-test negative, and not yet be contagious. I see a lot of people concluding that with symptoms and a negative test, it's probably not COVID. That would have been a reasonable conclusion a year ago, but not today. covid @zafrada

Reclaim Your Face Last week, the Singapore government lifted the outdoor mask mandate. It still 'encourages' people to wear masks when outside. Nonetheless, as Mothership reports, most Singaporeans [still ]( masks outdoors. This matches with my own experience. Out on the street, less than one in a hundred people do not wear masks—myself among them. For those of you who still wish to wear a mask for whatever reason, carry on. This post is not for you. For everyone else, I have this to say: reclaim your face. It is a simple exercise. Everywhere the mask mandate does not apply, go unmasked. In the parks, in the open, on the streets; when you are exercising, strolling, running an errand; wherever and whenever you are out and about, go unmasked. That is all you have to do. Go about your life as before. Treat everyone else around you the same way as you did before. Simply go outdoors unmasked. Obviously this exercise does not apply to any place where the mandate is still in force. But otherwise, go unmasked. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the wind on your face. Remember what life was like before Covid. Do not think yourself superior to others. Do not allow others to pressure you into putting the mask back on. Do not laugh at others for continuing to wear the mask. Do not allow mockery, fear or anger to sway you into putting it back on. Do not impose this on others, nor allow others to do the same to you. Exercise your wisdom and your judgment based on your risk tolerance and on the data. ![ "Free Person Holding Blue Face Mask Stock Photo"]( ## Overcoming Kiasi Perhaps you still have fears about your safety. There is no need to be afraid. The world has known for almost a year that the risk of outdoor transmission of Covid is [less than 1%](, and may even be 0.1%. Ireland's experience [agrees]( with this data. The Omicron variant behaves [no differently]( from previous variants in an outdoor setting. There is no evidence of casual transmission of Covid. Simply walking past an infected person will not be enough to catch the virus. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight kills the virus. Fresh air disperses the virus. And you most certainly can't catch the virus if you're the only person around you. Outdoor transmissions occur during prolonged close contact with an infected person, such as a conversation or while dining together. Therefore, simply by keeping your distance from others, you can reduce your risk of catching the virus to a minimal level while your are outdoors—even if you are unmasked. No matter how much information you read, how many white papers you study, perhaps you are still afraid. For the past two years, case numbers, deaths, and Covid complications have dominated the headlines. Fear is a powerful emotion, and for most people, emotion trumps logic. When you're outside, you may feel anxious when you're not wearing a mask, and it goes away only when you put it on. Avoiding fear is instinctive. But the more you are afraid of something, the more you must do it. The seed of fear lies deep in your heart. Putting on a mask does not address it. It merely covers it up. It takes away the trigger—an exposed face—but not the cause—fear of catching the virus and experiencing symptoms. To be free of fear, you must uproot the seed. A cornerstone of Singapore culture is kiasi-ism: fear of death. This manifests as an extreme obsession with safety, with doing things 'the right way' with 'following the rules', to avoid death, disease, and punishment. While caution is a virtue, taking it to the extreme keeps you paralyzed. Do you want to be afraid of the unmasked people around you? Do you want to feel anxious every time you feel the sun on your face or the wind in your hair? Do you want to keep spending time, energy and money on masks in places where they are not required? Do you want to live in fear forever? The answer to fear is faith. It is trust, confidence, reliance. In this context, it means trust in the physical laws governing the transmission of the virus. Wherever the virus cannot spread, wherever there is no one around you, you are not at risk. No matter how you or others feel about it, this will always remain true. Take off your mask and step out in faith, exercising good judgment based on sound data. That is all you have to do. Other people may just be anxious. They exist in a state of constant low-level anxiety, bubbling away beneath the surface, but when they experience a trigger, they explode into outright derangement. Anxiety is comforting. It is a constant reminder that the world is dangerous and unpredictable. By sticking to The Rules, the world feels predictable, and therefore it feels safer—regardless of whether those feelings correspond with reality. The Rules, whether laid down by the law or mere superstition, become an anchor in a crazy world. Anxiety is an ego defense mechanism to keep the person clinging ever more tightly to the Rules, to chase that illusion of safety. The greater the deviation from the anchor, the more powerful the emotions, inciting the person to return to the anchor. Even when the situation changes, people mired in anxiety will find it extremely difficult to let go. The response to anxiety is decisiveness. It is boldness, confidence, assertiveness. It is the conscious decision to stop all thoughts of potentially disastrous futures by choosing the steps to create a better future. If you are still anxious about people not wearing masks outdoors, this is not a better future. You are still trapped in anxiety. A better future here means being able to live in emotional freedom, in peace and happiness, without endlessly worrying about whether you will catch the virus. To overcome anxiety, you must make a choice. When you are at home, take off your mask. Put on a table. Leave it there. Make a choice to walk outside in the open without your mask. Then walk outside without your mask. You don't have to stay outdoors for long. Just head outside and feel the open air. Keep repeating this exercise, day after day after day. Find what you are comfortable with, then steadily push back against those limits. You may only be comfortable being alone without a mask. Start with this. Then commit yourself to going to public areas without a mask. Then interacting with others. And so on and so forth, steadily stepping outside your comfort zone with every iteration. This may cause powerful emotions to well up. After two years of living a masked life, it is natural for your psyche to cling to what you were used to. Let these emotions go. Breathe. Slow, deep, calm. Use the [four-count breath]( and bring your heart rate down, then carry on. Fear and anxiety stems from within. You cannot reasonably expect the whole world to cater to your fear and anxiety. It imposes limitations on everyone—while keeping yourself limited as well. Far better to free yourself from the stranglehold of kiasi-ism, and return to the person you once were. ## Saying No You will likely encounter people who will demand that you continue to wear masks wherever they are not required. Some people live in a constant state of anxiety. Others live in perpetual fear of catching a virus with a mortality rate of 0.1%. Too many people are petty tyrants who savor the power that comes from demanding others to obey their whims. The response to all of them is the same: No. That is all you have to say. The word 'no' is a complete sentence. Anyone who does not respect your no is someone who does not respect you, and so is not worthy of further expenditure of time and energy. Here is an actual conversation I had: "Put on your mask." "We are outside. There is no requirement to." "Just wear your mask." "No." "Wear your mask. It protects you!" "No." "Why are you holding it in your hand? Wear your mask." "No." "Everyone is doing it. Just wear your mask!" "No." No matter how much they fume and shriek and threaten, hold firm and say no. No matter how afraid you may feel, hold firm and say no. Do not explain yourself to those whose minds are already made up, especially if they have already decided that you are unworthy of their respect. They are not looking for information that could change their minds, only ammunition to change _yours_. Do not get swept up in the heat of the moment. Do not try to prove you are right to someone who already thinks they are right. Do not say anything else. Simply say 'no' and move on. People who confront others for not wearing masks outdoors have their issues. They are as human as you are, but it is not your job to treat them, to condemn them, to dominate them. Just leave them where they are and live your life. Saying no can be extremely difficult for those who have not learned how to be assertive. This is a major stumbling in a Confucian society like society, which prizes conformity in the name of social harmony. There is always the psychological pressure to fit in, to conform to just go along and get along. Pressure is not truth. Over the past two years, nothing significant has changed. The virus has not changed to become more transmissible outdoors. Masks have not changed to become less effective outdoors. The sun and the air have not changed. The laws governing viral transmission have not changed. We have known all this since 2021, and since then none of these critical factors have changed. The only thing that has changed is that the government has finally signaled that it has caught up with the data. It doesn't matter what others say. All the pressure and all the disapproval and all the ostracism in the world will not change anything about reality. To be free from fear, you must live by faith, and to live by faith you must be grounded in truth. And the truth is simple: Outdoor transmission risk is minimal. You are not obliged to please others. You are not required to deny the truth to please someone else, be he a stranger or a family member. Gaining the approval of others—or, more precisely, the _non-_disapproval of others—is temporary. Every denial of what you know is true is a self-inflicted wound, and that cuts deeper and longer than anything anyone can say about you or do to you. Most people who live in a communal society are programmed to fear societal disapproval, and only secondarily to seek societal acceptance—if at all. They are also programmed to condemn those who stray from the norms, and only secondarily to uplift those who uphold them—if at all. Look around you. Do you see people celebrating each other for wearing a mask? For respecting social distancing? For staying at home when they feel unwell? No. This is the reward you get for compliance: someone does not disapprove of you. That's all. There isn't even a dopamine hit to reinforce it. All you get is avoiding the emotional pain of condemnation—for now. When you do see official approval of something, it is because the authorities are trying to instill a new norm. Once it has become a norm, the approvals and the celebrations end. Do you still see children celebrated as superheroes when their parents take them to get the jab? Condemnation, on the other hand, lasts longer and hits harder. Cancel culture is the new culture. It hits individuals, organisations and now nation-states alike. It flows from people, institutions and governments. It is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, the one they are most used to employing. And it will not work on those who [stop caring]( about the non-disapproval of the mob. What is acceptable and what is not keeps changing. You will never be able to keep up with ever-changing norms while keeping your sanity. You were never meant to. Live by truth. You will be far more grounded, peaceful and sane that way. ## The Old Normal, The New You The new normal is a normal of fear and anxiety. It is a normal where smiles are hidden, where the sun is shunned, where the wind is unknown. It is a normal where kiasi is the norm. Do you wish to live here? Such an atmosphere cannot possibly lead to long-term psychological health. We must find a way to the pre-pandemic normal, where people were not afraid to go out, live under the sun, and exercise their own judgment. It begins with you. Return to how things used to be. Reprogram your heart and mind. Renormalize seeing the faces of others. Reclaim your face. ![]( Dare you dream of a better world? Click [here]( to receive a free ebook in my upcoming cultivation series! covid @cheah

9 pages of side effects covid @libertygraphics

Some interesting COVID stats for US, Ukraine and Hong Kong. ![image.png]( Excess mortality this pandemic for the US and Ukraine. You can see Ukraine's devastating Delta wave. Ukraine's plot ends right before their Omicron wave unfortunately, so we can't see how bad the Omicron wave was for excess mortality. Of course also the Russian invasion began as Ukraine was still coming down from the peak of its Omicron wave. The war disrupted coronavirus testing in the country. Hopefully the virus isn't spreading too severely in the country and among the refugee populations. ![image.png]( Amazing people still think we could have let COVID rip this pandemic. A lot of rose-colored hindsight. Hong Kong amidst Omicron is a good test case of that counterfactual. A large susceptible population exposed to Omicron. A third of the US's total deaths on a per capita basis over the past 2 years in a month's time. They had virtually no cases this pandemic, so all the unvaccinated have virtually no immunity and now Omicron is spreading like wild fire as it is so transmissible. And Omicron is somewhere in the range of severity of the Alpha variant and wild type to those that have no immunity. covid @zafrada

[돌핀이] 퇴원 # 안녕하십니까 _돌핀이 @asd5710_ 입니다 '코로나로 인해서 입원을 했습니다 10일만에 퇴원했습니다 '코로나로 인해서 폐렴이 와서 폐렴 치료하고 왔습니다 다들 코로나 조심하세요 전 면역억제제 먹는 사람으로 면연력이 떨어진 사람이라 폐렴가지 왔는데 아직까지 잔기침이랑 가래가 나오네요 에고 힘들어라 covid @asd5710

Throwback to a Pathetic 'Study' Promoting Masking Infants As the world has lost its collective sanity due to non-stop fear propaganda about an invisible particle, it is important to remind ourselves of the depths of this insanity. This is exemplified in the push against the freedom to breathe air without a muzzle. While the forced masking of the world is an insult to humanity on its own, the following "study" promoting the masking of infants is a level of depraved delusion I did not expect to *ever* come across... >**Title:** Assessment of Respiratory Function in Infants and Young Children Wearing Face Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic >**Authors:** Riccardo Lubrano, Silvia Bloise, Alessia Testa et al. >**Date:** 2 March 2021 >**URL:** []( >**Archive:** []( ![image.png]( The "study" by these "doctors" involved masking 47 children, aged 4 months to 144 months (12 years) for 30 minutes. Breathing was monitored and compared with 30 minutes unmasked. The children older than 24 months or 2 years were monitored while walking for 12 minutes. As expected from such a limited sample size, dealing with healthy kids, a short duration of masking, and very little physical activity, it (supposedly) didn't make that big of a difference. This "study" concludes that kids around the world should be masked up, including infants as young as 4 MONTHS old. And this masking up of the world essentially means: - Hours per day of masking. - Social interactions while masking. - Physical exercise while masking. - Unhealthy kids are affected more than already healthy kids. - Social and psychological impermeant. - Long term lung and breathing problems. - Fear of breathing air unhindered. - A warped view of reality. While such papers getting published in any medium, let alone a "scientific" journal, is bad enough, but the mainstream media outlets then promote the bogus conclusions to the public. One example, is the Canadian propaganda outlet CTV News, which did a public release of the "study" on the same day it was published. >[]( >Archive: []( ![image.png]( Note the headline and imagery used. A mask child is evil enough, but that is not what a 4 MONTH old looks like. The image below is more like it. ![image.png]( How anyone can think that an infant should be masked up *for any reason*, is beyond me... covid @mes

Schrödinger's Vax ![quantum-vax.png]( Covid and the vaccine are like Schrodinger's cat. Half the world believes the virus is dangerous and half believe it is *not* dangerous. Likewise half think the vaccine is safe and effective while the other half think it's dangerous and ineffective. At this point, nothing will change the minds of either group about these facts. They are too invested in their positions. Covid is not like a normal politically divisive issue—take Donald Trump for instance. Those who were vocal anti-Trumpers leading up to the 2016 election had to double-down during his presidency and reaffirm how terrible he was no matter what he did, even if it meant creating a fake Russian collusion conspiracy hoax to impeach him. And those who supported Trump had to double-down to continue supporting him, even if he failed to deliver on his promises of building a wall, draining the swamp, and ending the wars. When people choose sides on a political issue, especially when they do so publicly, it is almost impossible to get them to admit a mistake and change their minds. Covid and the vaccines are essentially like the Trump issue but on steroids. In the case of covid, it is not just political opinions or your public reputation that is on the line—your personal health is on the line. It is literally a potential matter of life or death. In most political issues, the average voter has very little say over what any politician does. Sure, you can vote for or against a politician, but once they are in office, voters have very little control over public policy. Even Trump couldn’t do everything Trump wanted to do. But covid was different in that the individual *did* have control. Everyone had the choice of whether or not to get the vaccine (putting aside government mandates or corporate coercion that effectively forced many people to get the vax against their will). Generally speaking, most people had a choice whether to get the vaccine or not. That choice was heavily dependent upon their previous views on the severity of covid-19. So the choice of vaccination did not take much deliberation for most people because they were already either extremely concerned over the virus or they were not very concerned at all. It was a rare minority of people who actually did deep-dive research on covid-19 and the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and its potential side effects. Most people in the former group simply saw the doctor-in-chief on TV say the virus was deadly and the vax was safe and effective, so they believed him and that was good enough. For people in the latter group, the mere fact that Fauci and the Democratic Party so desperately wanted everyone to get vaccinated was enough reason for them *not* to do so. Then there were those who did the research on how dangerous covid might be to their particular age group and health level, plus the risk factors of the vaccine side effects, and they decided on a personal case-by-case basis whether the vax was or was not worth getting. Most people did not do this individual research, and as a result many on the left who were young and healthy got the vax when they didn’t need to, and many on the right who were old and obese didn’t get the vax when they should have. At this point, a year after the vaccines, people are firmly set in their groups. Those who got the vaccine have to be all-in on believing that covid-19 was dangerous and the vaccines were necessary, safe, and effective. Whereas those who did not get the vaccine are very unlikely to now realize they were wrong and decide to get it. I'm sure there are many who elected not to get the vaccine, contracted covid and died, so they would wish they had gotten the vaccine. But there are also those who did get the vaccine and died from complications related to side effects and would regret having gotten vaxxed. But for those still alive, there are very little regrets on either side. It's not just that people want to believe they were right—they *need* to believe so. To think you made a mistake for your personal health—or worse, your children’s—that could impact your/their future in a negative way is a frightening prospect. People could not live with the torment of being pro-vax then suffering severe side effects—or their children doing so. They have to believe—no matter what happens—that it would have been worse without the vaccine. But at the same time, those who didn't get the vaccine cannot admit it was a mistake—that the vaccine might have helped them and made their case of covid-19 less severe. The side effects are real, but there are plenty of people who received zero side effects from the vax. If somebody who is vaxxed gets covid and has severe symptoms, they will say, "Good thing I got vaccinated because it would have been much worse if I hadn’t—maybe I would have died." But those who *aren't* vaccinated and get covid, no matter how severe it may be (short of death), they will dismiss the effects and say it wasn't *that* bad, "I didn't need the vaccine." Which may be true—but it might also be true that the vax could have prevented any illness at all. Then again, it might also be true that the vax could have caused side effects worse than covid itself. There remains tremendous uncertainty around both covid and the vaccine, but few on either side are willing to admit that. People are different, and both the virus and the vaccine affects each individual differently. However, at this point, neither side of the covid debate is really searching for truth, they're just doubling-down. They *need* to double-down for their own sanity and peace of mind, rather than constantly worrying: Did I make a potentially life-threatening mistake? I did not get the vaccine, but I did get covid (omicron) at a family Christmas party last December. Two of my cousins there who were unvaxxed also got it, and two other cousins who were vaxxed (and boosted) got it. My two siblings were vaxxed and did not get covid, nor did they suffer any side-effects from the vax (or booster). My siblings, cousins, and I are all around the same age, so we serve as a good case for comparison. I felt really sick for one day after the party, then felt fine within a couple days (aside from some lingering chest congestion, which finally went away about a month later). My one unvaxxed cousin was likewise fine within a couple days, though his unvaxxed wife had it slightly worse. My vaxxed cousin only had mild symptoms, but his vaxxed (and boosted) girlfriend had the worst case of all: a severe cough that lasted a month. So what is there to take away from all that? An anti-vaxxer would say, "See it didn't help the person who got vaxxed (and boosted), so the vaccines are ineffective." And my case of covid was not that bad, so there’s no reason to get the vaccine. But my siblings were at the party too, yet they didn't get any covid symptoms at all. So does that mean if I had gotten vaxxed, I could have avoided those couple days of sickness and lingering congestion? Then again, my other cousin (who was not at the party) suffered side-effects from his vaccine that resulted in bed-sickness worse than I got from covid itself. Could that have happened to me as well? The point is, I don't know what would have happened in a counterfactual past or what will happen in the future—nor does anybody else. Hence I am embracing the uncertainty of Schrodinger's Vax. I think my natural immunity will be at least as good if not better protective going forward, but it's possible I should have gotten the vaccine. I don't know. Though everybody else seems to. covid @thythinker

Moderna vaccine for children 6 months to 6 years reaches primary endpoint. ![image.png]( Moderna's two dose 25 microgram vaccine for children 6 months to 6 years has met its primary endpoint! This was an immunobridging trial, so the primary endpoint was non-inferior neutralizing antibody levels as compared to an 18-25 year old adult cohort that received the two dose 100 microgram adult vaccine. The Geometric Mean Ratio (GMR) was 1.3 (95% Cl: 1.1, 1.5) for the 6 months to 2 years old group and was 1.0 (95% Cl: 0.9, 1.2) for 2 years old to 6 years old. >1 indicates higher neutralizing antibody levels than the adult cohort. The vaccine had no safety issues with no myocarditis cases observed. About 6,700 children were in the trial. Moderna still doesn't have any vaccine with an EUA for those under 18. They'll be submitting for an EUA for this age group and for children 6-12 as well. They've already submitted for an EUA for 12-18 year olds. Hopefully we can get a vaccine approved for this age group at some point this spring. covid @zafrada

[돌핀이] 오늘부터 격리해제 근데 해제해도 되나??? # 안녕하십니까 _돌핀이 @asd5710_ 입니다 1주일간 코로나 격리를 하고 오늘부터 해제를 하게 됐습니다 1주일간 저의 증상들은 1~4일까지는 목 칼칼, 가래, 소화불량 이었습니다 그리고 5일 새벽부터 몸살, 오한, 구토 증상으로 이어졌습니다 구통증상은 없어졌으나 아직까지는 몸살 증상이 조금은 남아있습니다 감양취약장소나 사적인 모임을 자중하라고 문자가 오긴했는데 사적인 모임이야 내 몸이 안좋아서 못하지만 병원을 가봐야할것 같은데 병원에 가서 처방을 다시 받아야 할것 같은데 병원에 가도 되는지 모르겠습니다 지금 코로나 검사하면 분명 양성으로 다시 뜰것 같은데 격리해제해도 되나 모르겠습니다 5일째부터 지금까지 죽 반그릇도 제대로 못먹어서 그런가 기운도 없고 속이 비어서 배가 아프네요 몸살로 인해서 땀범벅 목이 계속 말라서 물만 마시고 있네요 에고 코로나 저한테 증상이 좀 크게 왔네요 에고 힘들어라 오늘부터 출근해야되는데 가야할지 말아야 할지 고민되네요 covid @asd5710

You tell a lie long enough they start to believe it. An interesting realization I had the other while walking around and eves dropping on the conversations of passerby's is that when the lie has been told for so long, the actions are deemed as normal. For example, at the start of the vaccination rollout, people could be hesitant on the shots and it was deemed normal (to some not, but others could understand), and after the numerous persuasive techniques such mandatory coercion, or rewards, or the safety and efficacy or the FDA approval, people became more accustomed to the idea. Fast forward two years and they are talking about a fourth shot for some and even a fifth shot in some countries. Now the hesitation is no more for the initial shot but for the fourth shot, and so as I walk around without even one, people are more surprised I don't have one then they are with the fact that they are about to have four(five) shots within a year! The question is "You don't have any?" as the lie continues, the actions are normalized. covid @cyborgbot31

希望疫情赶快过去,几个数字告诉大家实体经济经受的冲击 没想到这么一波疫情又反弹回来了,omicron防不胜防 对实体经济有一点点了解,分析一下疫情导致的封锁对实体经济的冲击,希望大家都能明白很多人是在负重前行,为了大多数人的健康和自由,一部分人承受多大的代价。 一般来说线下的餐饮业净利润率能有10%,就已经是很不错的数字 那么餐饮业的毛利有多少呢?70%左右,30%以上的材料成本,基本上就需要依靠大量的额外流量去摊薄剩余的支出 这个70%到10%之间的差距,也就是营业额50-60%左右的钱,就是实体店就算保持关店,但也一定要付出的费用: 包括店铺的租金(如果不是品牌很响的店铺,一般都会跟物业签一个固定租金或者是营业抽水孰高的交租方式) 水电费(但其实在线下餐饮来看这一块占的比例不高) 员工租金(可以裁撤一些灵活用工的工人,但是还有很多固定的员工费用不能省出) 哪怕这60%左右的钱,能省一半,也要3个月的净利润才能弥补一个月的关停营业。 关门一个月,小半年白干,关门俩月,大半年白干 这就是实体经济承受的冲击 请大家务必出行的时候戴好口罩,做好防疫从自己做起 ​ covid @vcvaluecreator

Lethality of COVID is now finally on par with influenza. ![image.png]( Thanks to the hard work of tens of thousands of scientists, researchers, and health care workers, COVID is finally "just the flu", though it is still a very infectious flu that got a large fraction of the country sick in a very short time. Note that this graph is log scale, so the infection fatality rate for COVID used to be 20+ times higher than the flu and came down very dramatically. Caseload in the Bay Area has been minimal for the past couple of weeks, and I've really been enjoying all the indoor events! It's been wonderful to see you all! We will probably get another bump from BA2, but recent studies show it's no more deadly than Omicron, just more infectious. Given how many people have caught Omicron already, I'd guess that the BA.2 wave if we have one in the US will be nowhere near as big as the Omicron wave. Here is a nice breakdown by age: ![image.png]( covid @zafrada

Here we go again? Just as the masks are coming off and people are feeling a little more free, we are still told Oma Cron (misspelling intentional) is a threat. That’s not what the African nation reported about it, who first noticed it, but that is indeed what we are told. This past Christmas, Oma Cron also gave the “95% effective“ LOL, vaccines a run for their efficacy. Also, BA1 to 3 etc.(misspelling intentional), another threat - as well there are plenty of untapped letters remaining in the Greek alphabet to dress up as a viral bogeyman and scare us via the mainstream news. So here’s the question: do you think covid issues will completely simmer down by the end of the year or will autumn 2022 be the start of another wave of oppressive globalist, WHO-based, militaristic lockdown? A. covid @alanccc