<p><a href="">#Bitcoin</a> is an agreement between people on a fixed set of rules<br> <br> Moreover, that's all it will ever need to be</p> bitcoin @knutsvanholm

<p>One of the oldest problem mankind has had is <br> "How do I secure my property against theft"<br> <br> <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> fixes this. Custody your own coins!</p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @1markmoss

<p>The great <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> reset</p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @coincornerdanny

<p><a href="">#Bitcoin</a> monetary policy remains unchanged.<br> <br> Tick tock, next block.</p> bitcoin @coincornerdanny

<p>If you held $1 million USD in the bank since 2015, here's how much you would have today depending on the currency saved in:<br> <br> USD: $700,000<br> Turkish Lira: $140,000<br> Lebanese Lira: $40,000<br> Argentinean Peso: $30,000<br> Venezuelan Bolivar: $2<br> <a href="">#Bitcoin</a>: $61,000,000+<br> <br> Speaks volumes.</p> bitcoin @foundationdvcs

<p>Chaos- with the meme factory, as expected.<br> <br> But also, valuable <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> signal- also as expected.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> bitcoin @surferjimw

<p><a href="" title="Laura MillanLombraña">@LauraMillanL</a><br> You should be ashamed of yourself.<br> <br> Putting out blatant lies and misinformation for a paycheck?<br> <br> You have no right to call yourself a journalist.<br> <br> How about doing some actual research. Every bit of this article that is negative about <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> is provably false.🤢🤮</p> bitcoin @surferjimw

<p>I don't care how you try to guilt me.<br> <br> I'm the only one who gets to decide who I trust + where &amp; how I store/spend the fruits of my labor.<br> <br> End of fucking discussion.<br> <a href="">#bitcoin</a></p> bitcoin @denverbitcoin

<p><a href="">#Bitcoin</a> miners with S19Pro’s (or comprable &lt;30w/Th asic) and power &lt;$0.07/kW still sitting with a comfy 57% margin producing bitcoin for a cost of less than $11k USD.</p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @denverbitcoin

RT @Ashcryptoreal: Waiting for the few winners to reply. Will distribute the $500 #Bitcoin by tomorrow. Thank you everyone Posted via @setu_deso bitcoin @rezabian

<p>think, what the fiat money has become. And <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> allows us to claim this sacred property of DNA, basically, and that the DNA has metaphysical dimensions as well that modern scientists don’t even understand. I mean, science hasn’t really understood what life is about. The</p> bitcoin @chowcollection

<p>You can tell when someone has done an appropriate amount of due diligence because they call themselves <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> maximalists.</p> bitcoin @chowcollection

<p>to alter our own DNA to destroy the sacred property—that’s I think where we are going. So <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> really makes human nature immutable—no one can change it. And then it allows us to consciously engage with our DNA so that we can maybe transcend the limitations, we could actually</p> bitcoin @chowcollection

<p>How each generation gained wealth:<br> <br> Our grandparents: Property<br> Our parents: Internet<br> Us: <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> and crypto</p> bitcoin @altcoindailyio

<p>You can bet your bottom satoshi that <a href="">#bitcoin</a> has lit a fire under the asses of central bankers and their fellow chrony fiat maximalists. They are rushing to get FedNow out the door and CBDCs. They are terrified of competition.</p> bitcoin @sgbarbour

<p>Learn how to use <a href="" title="Bisq">@bisq_network</a> Part 1<br> ✅What is Bisq ?<br> ✅ Downloading Bisq<br> ✅ Installing Bisq<br> ✅ Starting Bisq for the first time<br> ✅ Overview<br> ✅ Setup<br> ✅Restoring Bisq Wallet<br> <br> Say goodbye to KYC <a href="">#bitcoin</a>.<br> <br> <a href="">…</a></p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @kisbitcoin

<p>Learn How To Use <a href="" title="COLDCARD">@COLDCARDwallet</a>.<br> <br> ✅Unboxing<br> ✅Setup<br> ✅Firmware Upgrade<br> ✅New Wallet<br> ✅Passphrase<br> ✅Fingerprints<br> ✅Airgapped <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> transaction with <a href="" title="Electrum">@ElectrumWallet</a> 🥶<br> <br> 💰Use Promo code KIS for discount💰<br> <br> <a href="">…</a></p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @kisbitcoin

<p>With <a href="">#Bitcoin</a> crashing back down to $19K just today, how do you predict it is going to be in October? 👀</p> bitcoin @coinmarketcap

<p>🚨🚨🚨Democrats don’t hide it. They want to regulate crypto into oblivion and destroy it.<br> <br> This is why it’s important to elect people who support crypto. <a href="">#Bitcoin</a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> bitcoin @tedcruz

<p>Win Win , Sats and new shoes <a href="">#Bitcoin</a></p> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> <img src="" style="max-width:250px;" /> bitcoin @fartface2000