Biology and historical data of Citrus sinensis <p></p> <div class="text-justify"> Today I will take a walk through the biology and historical data of Citrus sinensis, the historical origin of citrus is about twenty million years ago, in the Tertiary era, but those varieties, little resemble the current sweet oranges.</div> <p></p> <center><img src=""/></center> <center><sup> ▶ Credits: <a href="" rel="noopener" title="This link will take you away from"> books </a> – [Image of Public Domain]</sup></center></div> <p></p> <center><img src=""/></center> <p></p> <div class="pull-left"><img src=""/> <center><sup> ▶ Credits: <a href="" rel="noopener" title="This link will take you away from"> researchgate </a> – [Image of Public Domain]</sup></center></div> <p> <div class="text-justify">▶ Citrus fruits have been cultivated for more than 4000 years. Their fruits apparently attracted the attention of primitive settlers, who took care of cultivating them long before the appearance of European countries where they were brought by the first travelers thanks to the captivating appearance of their fruits and flowers.</p> <p> <div class="text-justify"> Sweet oranges, originally from southeast China, were probably brought to Europe by the Romans, but there is evidence of orange cultivation before the destruction of Pompeii, as seen in a mosaic among the ruins of the city. It is known that Europeans knew it and its references are found in manuscripts and ancient documents.</div> <p></p> <div class="text-justify"> Citrus fruits arrived in America from the Caribbean and Brazil, which was the first place they reached. But their arrival was only the beginning of a constant improvement in the product. In our continent, citrus research and improvement began with the theories of Mendel and Darwin.</div> <p></p> <center><img src=""/><center><sup> ▶ Credits: <a href="" rel="noopener" title="This link will take you away from"> freshozity </a> – [Image of Public Domain] </sup></center></div> <p></p> <div class="text-justify"> The USA has been a leader in the development of citrus production technology. First California and then Florida became the main centers of research and production worldwide. This led to the appearance of new varieties created by men, such as tangalos, citranges and limequat.</div> <p></p> <div class="text-justify"><strong>NOTE:</strong> Reference material.</div> <p></p> <div class="text-justify"><a href="" rel="noopener" title="This link will take you away from"> Citrus Sinensis.</a></div> <p></p> <center>≕ <strong> I invite you to stay tuned and read my next contribution </strong> ≔</center> amazingnature @agrovision

[Eng - Spa] 🌱🌸🌼My beautiful vibrant green Garden - Mi hermoso vibrante verde Jardín 🌱🌸🌼 <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.59 PM.jpeg"> <center>📸 <sub>Source : Photo of my authorship taken with my Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 </sub></center> *** <p><div class="text-justify">Hello my dear Hive friends! Today I wish you an excellent start of the week, full of many blessings, I am happy to share with you the beautiful garden of my home in Venezuela, where my mother and I planted beautiful flowers to give a cozy touch to our home.</div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="flor.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">Hola mis queridos amigos de Hive! Hoy les deseo un excelente inicio de semana , cargado de muchísimas bendiciones, estoy feliz de poder compartir con ustedes el hermoso jardín de mi hogar en Venezuela, donde mi madre y yo sembramos hermosas flores para darle un toque acogedor a nuestro hogar. </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.52 PM.jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">The first thing that we are going to find when we enter is this beautiful palm tree that has approximately 10 years planted, the care that we provide is quite simple, this is a plant that likes to take sun and also a little shade, loves water and is fascinated that we wet their leaves. </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="lavanda.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">Lo primero que nos vamos a encontrar al entrar es esta hermosa palmera que tiene aproximadamente 10 años sembrada, el cuidado que le proporcionamos es bastante sencillo, esta es un planta que le gusta llevar sol y también un poco de sombra , le encanta el agua y le fascina que le mojemos sus hojas.</div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.56 PM.jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">The first table we found next to the palm tree, has a variety of plants that from time to time share beautiful flowers and captivate us with their scent. Here we find : Dama de Noche, Palo del dinero, succulents in two types and cactus ♥. </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="arbol.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">La primera mesa que encontramos al lado de la palmera, tiene una variedad de plantas que cada cierto tiempo comparten hermosas flores y nos cautivan con su olor. Aqui encontramos : Dama de Noche, Palo del dinero, suculentas em dos tipos y cactus ♥. </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.53 PM.jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">My mother loved the succulents in fact they are of which we have more and besides the one that better are given to us, and that they are a type of quite complicated plants they are excellent in storing water in their leaves, this type of plant is ideal to water them with a spray or something like that since if we overflowed them of water they die. </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="flor.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">A mi madre le encantaban las suculentas de hecho son de las que mas tenemos y aparte la que mejor se nos dan , y eso que son un tipo de plantas bastante complicadas ellas son excelentes en almacenar agua en sus hojas, este tipo de planta es ideal regarlas con un spray o algo por el estilo ya que si las desbordamos de agua se mueren. </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.55 PM (1).jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">This silver has a very long time and a few days ago that I arrived and gave him a little love is giving me these beautiful flowers, is called Caña Agria is an ornamental plant thanks to the showiness of its flowers, loves the sun and likes water regularly. </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="lavanda.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">Esta plata tiene muchísimo tiempo y hace unos días que llegue y le di un poco de cariño me esta regalando estas hermosas flores , se llama Caña Agria es una planta ornamental gracias a la vistosidad de sus flores , le encanta el sol y le gusta el agua regularmente. </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.58 PM.jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">We also get in this beautiful garden the beautiful butterfly plant, purple clover, love plant, false clover or lucky clover is an herb similar to clover but with purple leaves ideal for covering unprotected soils its leaves usually close at night, when the light alone prevents them from photosynthesis. </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="arbol.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">También conseguimos en este bello jardín la hermosa planta mariposa, trébol morado, planta del amor, falso trébol o trébol de la suerte es una hierba parecida al trébol pero con hojas moradas ideal para cubrir suelos desprotegidos sus hojas suelen cerrarse por la noche, cuando la luz sola les impide la fotosíntesis. </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 12.28.55 PM.jpeg"> <p><div class="text-justify">So much for this little tour through my garden sharing with you another of my passions such as plants, this love for nature was planted in me by my mother since she was a super plant lover. Nowadays I am the one in charge of pruning and taking care of them since this was the beautiful inheritance my mother left me, a garden full of memories and unforgettable moments that nowadays is my favorite place in the world. I hope Hivers that you enjoyed this post as much as I did, I send you a tsunami of hugs and virtual kisses wishing you a great start of the week! </div></p> <center> <img src="" alt="arbol.png"> </center> > <p><div class="text-justify">Hasta aquí llega este pequeño tour por mi jardín compartiendo con ustedes otra de mis pasiones como lo son las plantas, este amor por la naturaleza lo sembró mi madre en mi ya que ella era una mujer super amante de las plantas. Actualmente soy la que se encarga del podar y cuidar de ellas ya que esta fue la hermosa herencia que dejo mi madre, un jardín lleno de recuerdos y momentos inolvidables que hoy en día es mi lugar preferido en el mundo. Espero Hivers que hayan disfrutado este post tanto como yo les envió un tsunami de abrazos y besos virtuales deseándoles nuevamente un excelente inicio de semana! </div></p> <img src="" alt="WhatsApp Image 2022-04-18 at 1.19.40 PM.jpeg"> <center>📸 <sub>Source : Photo of my authorship taken with my Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 </sub></center> *** <center><sub>Translated with (free version) ✔️ <center><sub>Icons with (free version) ✔️ </sub></center> <center> <img src="" alt="Tú Vales Evento de Facebook Portada.gif"> </center> amazingnature @lorenart

A Bowl of Vinegar vs. a Sky full of Chemtrails/Geoengineering - I Win ;) Essig gegen Chemtrails/Geoengineering - Es funktioniert! # Hello Hive Bees!🐝🌍 i could not believe it when i heard that a bowl of vinegar could clear up the sky from most of the Geoengineering/Chemtrail dirt. But i tried it and it works, it definitely has an positive and visible effect. Props to Karina & Tanja!🙌 Fighting for Mother Earth against Geoengineering/Chemtrails since 2017/2018, i am pretty tired of trying to put the most crucial topic of this planet into peoples brain & heart. I thought i could only "shoot back" with the tools from ... But now i know everybody worldwide can help cleaning up the sky! Please try it & share your pics in the comments...that would be awesome! Already 2-3 years ago reported about more than 150.000 tons! of barium,aluminum,strontium & micro/nano plastics that have been sprayed worldwide, and destroyed already more 60% of all plant based food on the planet. Be part of the solution! Thank You🙏💪 # *Hallo Hive Freunde* *Ich konnte es nicht glauben, als ich hörte, dass eine Schüssel Essig(essenz) gegen den Geoengineering/Chemtrail Dreck im Himmel helfen soll. Aber probieren geht über studieren, und siehe da, es hat tatsächlich eine deutlichen Effekt, und säubert den Himmel über der Schüssel. Respekt an Karina & Tanja für die Info!*🙌 *Schon seit 2017/2018 "kämpfe" ich für Mutter Erde gegen diese(s) Gesprühe/Vergiftung unser Welt und dachte ich brauche erst eine Sphärenharmonieanlage von bevor ich helfen kann.* *Jetzt weiß ich, dass Alle helfen können, unseren Himmel zu reinigen. Versuch es und berichte gerne in den Comments über Deinen Versuch. Schon vor 2-3 Jahren hatte von über mehr als 150.000 Tonnen versprühtem Barium, Aluminium, Strontium und Mikro/Nano Plastik-Partikel berichtet. Diese haben schon mehr als 60% unserer Ernten zerstört. Sei Teil der Lösung & mach' mit! Dankeschön*🙏 💪 ---------------------------------- ![IMG_4703.JPG]( ![IMG_4718.JPG]( ![IMG_4707.JPG]( ![IMG_4706.JPG]( ![IMG_4705.JPG]( ![IMG_4702.JPG]( --------------------------------------------------- # My weapon of choice (also yours;) > A Bowl of Vinegar (min.20%-25% acidic): # Eine Schale Essigessenz (min.20%-25% säuregehalt) "gewinnt" gegen einen Himmel voll mit Chemtrails/Geoengineering: ![IMG_4710.JPG]( ------------------------------------------------- # The Sky is clearing!😀 # Der Himmel wird frei &!😀 ![IMG_4724.JPG]( ![IMG_4722.JPG]( ![IMG_4719.JPG]( ![IMG_4717.JPG]( ![IMG_4716.JPG]( ------------------------------------------ # Yes, the wack Geoengineering planes are coming back to spray more, but it's like the vinegar vapor is creating some kind of shield above me: # *Ja, die Sprüher kamen zurück und bemerkten das Loch in Ihrem Chemtrail-Teppich, aber der Essigdampf kreiert eine Art Schild über mir:* ![IMG_4715.JPG]( ![IMG_4714.JPG]( ------------------------------------------------ # The Sky right above the bowl with vinegar essence 😉 ✌️: # *Der Himmel direkt über der Schüssel mit Essigessenz* 😉✌️: ![IMG_4713.JPG]( ![IMG_4712.JPG]( ![IMG_4711.JPG]( ![IMG_4709.JPG]( ![IMG_4708.JPG]( ![IMG_4704.JPG]( ![IMG_4723.JPG]( ![IMG_4721.JPG]( --------------------------------- # Other people who tried this "technique" already: # Vinegar vs. a Sky full of Chemtrails/Geoengineering # *Noch mehr Beweise/Videos zum Thema:* # *Essig gegen Geoengineering & für einen sauberen Himmel:* ------------------------------- # The Dimming: -------------------------------- # "Stop Spraying Chemtrails" HipHop Track: Promo1: Promo2: Promo3: # # ![Stop Spraying Chemtrails_Distribution_Square 3000x3000_Free DL.jpg]( --------------------------------------- # Geoengineering Crime Report: February 2019: March/April 2019: August 2019: May 2020: September 2020: ----------------------------------------------- # Thank You For Your Attention 🙏 # Danke Für Deine Aufmerksamkeit ❤️ ![Luca1777 Banner Kidsisters.png]( amazingnature @luca1777

(ESP-ENG) Beautiful summer flowers in my garden��🌼🌺 <div class="text-justify"> # Saludos, amigos de esta inspiradora y hermosa comunidad🌸🌷🌻 <div class=pull-right> </div> Me siento orgullosa de mostrar las flores de mi jardín que he cultivado desde hace varios años. Y en esta época del año, llamado periodo seco en Venezuela, hay una gran variedad de especies de plantas que comienzan a florecer, anunciando la pronta llegada del periodo lluvioso. <blockquote> Hi, friends of this inspiring and beautiful community I am proud to show the flowers of my garden that I have cultivated for several years. And at this time of the year, called the dry period in Venezuela, there is a great variety of plant species that begin to bloom, announcing the early arrival of the rainy season. </blockquote> Siento que mi jardín se coloca un hermoso traje ¡Qué hermosura! En primer lugar, engalanado todo el lugar están las trinitarias que posee una flor que crece en pequeños buques y mientras más seco el clima se percibe más intenso, hermoso y radiante es el color. <blockquote> I feel that my garden is wearing a beautiful costume, what a beauty! First of all, adorning the whole place are the trinitarias which has a flower that grows in small vessels and the drier the weather is perceived the more intense, beautiful and radiant is the color. </blockquote> ![image.png]( Luego están los lirios de montañas, con un extraordinario color anaranjado intenso, que florece con las primeras cabañuelas y suelen crecer en parejas y en grupo de cuatro hermosas flores. <blockquote> Then there are the mountain lilies, with an extraordinary intense orange color, which bloom with the first rains and usually grow in pairs and in groups of four beautiful flowers. </blockquote> ![image.png]( No podemos dejar de contemplar la hermosura dentro de la sutileza de las azucenas, una linda flor blanca que crece en el implacable sol del periodo seco. <blockquote> We cannot help but contemplate the beauty within the subtlety of the lilies, a pretty white flower that grows in the relentless sun of the dry season. </blockquote> ![image.png]( Quién toma mayor protagonismo en estas tierras por donde vivo son las flores exóticas, siendo las primeras invitadas a las celebraciones de 15 años, matrimonios y a los funerales, en cierto modo esa es parte de la magia de las flores. La flor de riqui-riqui preciosa, crece en forma de canoas invertidas y sirven para que los astutos colibríes tomen agua de ellas, imagínense ese espectáculo en mi pequeño jardín. <blockquote> In these lands where I live, exotic flowers are the main protagonist, being the first ones invited to the celebrations of 15 years, marriages and funerals, in a way that is part of the magic of flowers. The precious riqui-riqui flower grows in the form of inverted canoes and is used for the astute hummingbirds to drink water from them, imagine that spectacle in my small garden. </blockquote> ![image.png]( Tengo una especie que es la pendular, parecida a anterior, pero crece hacia abajo, en modo colgante, es naranja, es bella dentro de su rareza, cualidad de las flores más hermosas. Está también en mi jardín de flores exóticas, la micrófono, espléndida flor roja con una textura en sus pétalos un poco gruesa y tiene una singular hermosura. El arbusto de flor de yuca o izote me regala un hermoso buque blanco de flores, que en México es usada como un manjar en la cocina y yo disfruto más de su interesante crecimiento dentro de tantas hojas que terminan en una puntiaguda forma de espina. <blockquote> I have a species that is the pendulous, similar to the previous one, but it grows downwards, in hanging mode, it is orange, it is beautiful in its rarity, quality of the most beautiful flowers. It is also in my garden of exotic flowers, the microphone, splendid red flower with a texture in its petals a little thick and has a unique beauty. The yucca or izote flower bush gives me a beautiful white vessel of flowers, which in Mexico is used as a delicacy in the kitchen and I enjoy its interesting growth inside so many leaves that end in a pointed thorn shape. </blockquote> ![image.png]( Y mi jardín se vistió de fiesta con mi primera orquídea venezolana, con su majestuosidad, con su hermoso color morado característico, aunque existe variedades, esta es significativa porque representa nuestro orgullo nacional, como símbolo natural de nuestra patria. <blockquote> And my garden was dressed in celebration with my first Venezuelan orchid, with its majesty, with its beautiful purple color characteristic, although there are varieties, this one is significant because it represents our national pride, as a natural symbol of our homeland. </blockquote> <div class=pull-left> ![image.png]( </div> Con este hermoso paseo por las especies que tengo en mi jardín, que me hacen contemplar las bondades del campo y de los regalos que nos da nuestra Pachá Mama, les invito a proteger la naturaleza, pero sobre a disfrutar con una contemplación máxima su esplendor. Quizás muchas de las plantas / flores de las que les hablo, ustedes la conocen con otro nombre, sería grato para mí el poder saber si tienen otro y el lugar de donde ustedes proceden, para conocer la diversidad de nombres que puede tener una misma especie de plata, siendo todos de un mismo planeta�🌼 pero diferentes culturas. Espero seguir compartiendo la diversidad de las flores y plantas de mi jardín con ustedes, que paso a paso va creciendo que nuevas adquisiciones, para embellecer más mi hogar con sus hermosos colores🌺� <blockquote> With this beautiful walk through the species that I have in my garden, which make me contemplate the goodness of the countryside and the gifts that our Pacha Mama gives us, I invite you to protect nature, but above all to enjoy with a maximum contemplation of its splendor. Perhaps many of the plants / flowers of which I speak to you, you know with another name, it would be nice for me to know if you have another and the place where you come from, to know the diversity of names that can have the same species of silver, being all from the same planet�🌼 but different cultures. I hope to continue sharing the diversity of the flowers and plants of my garden with you, which step by step is growing that new acquisitions, to beautify more my home with its beautiful colors </blockquote> ![IMG_20220406_093655.png]( [Translated]( (free version)) Fotografías y texto propiedad de la autora. Edición de fotografía EPIK Banner y separadores por CC Express. ![CC_Express_20220105_2303060.7821681197559194.png]( amazingnature @

Find the squirrel The other day I threw up some bread crumbs for birds. Suddenly I saw a squirrel who came and took one piece of bread. I remembered I had some walnut cookies I made and threw some pieces of them. The little fellow came and it seams he liked those cookies. He came again, and again and ... again. ![20220416_094858.jpg]( Some loud noice scared it away and it hide on a tree. Can you find it? ![20220416_093737.jpg]( When the sound was off and he finished the piece of a cookie, he came for a new lot. ![20220416_094608.jpg]( Now, he got used to get his share of cookies so he comes regulary for his share. ![20220415100658_IMG_4720.JPG]( So, when we finish with this lot of cookies, I suppose I should bake another one for my little friend? ♥️ Pictures taken by me with Canon EOS 2000D amazingnature @sandmaya

Amazing Nature geography Curation report april 2022 #03 <div class = "text-justify"> Hello "lovers" of nature and "passionate" followers of our <a href=""> <strong> ¨Amazing NatureCommunity ¨: &nbsp; </strong> </a>. The ¨geography¨ ¨ curation¨ team thanks all the ¨authors¨ who present their creative materials to newspapers, allowing us to enjoy various geographical articles from different parts of the world </div> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <div class = "text-justify"> We are "passionate" about nature, our "job" is to "enjoy" and "have fun" doing what we "love"; "Read", "comment" and "promote" articles on "geography". The ¨geography¨ ¨ curation¨ team is very happy to present the ¨authors¨ and ¨ featured articles¨ </div> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> <a href=""> <strong> ¨Walking In Amazing Landscapes Of Nature¨; </strong> </a> </center> <center> </center> <center> By @jane1289</center> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> <a href=""> <strong> ¨Chasing the Moon¨; </strong> </a> </center> <center> </center> <center> By @thenortherner </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> <a href=""> <strong> ¨Amazing nature of Lake Ohrid¨; </strong> </a> </center> <center> </center> <center> By @jelenaa </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> <a href=""> <strong> ¨Easter vacation - I got blisters after skiing too much¨; </strong> </a> </center> <center> </center> <center> By @emuse </center> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> <div class = "text-justify"> This was the "weekly" selection made by the "geography" curation team. We invite all ¨authors¨ ¨passionate¨ about nature to share in our <a href=""> <strong> ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨: &nbsp; </strong> </a>. His incredible experience with nature </div> <p> <br> </p> ## A special thanks to #OCD for curating and supporting the Amazing Nature Community. <p> <br> </p> <div class = "text-justify"> The ¨geography¨ and ¨ANC¨ ¨ curation¨ team encourages authors to be ¨creative¨ to submit articles of their own ¨authorship¨, ¨genuine¨ people who feel satisfaction in things well done </div> <p> <br> </p> <div class = "text-justify"> If you want your article to be promoted by the geography “curation” team, and featured in this report. You should post to <a href=""> <strong> ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨: &nbsp; </strong> </a>. Write an article related to "geography" or "landscapes", accompany with creative and beautiful photographs; It goes without saying that everything must be his own. </div> <p> <br> </p> <center> </center> <p> <br> </p> # Amazing Nature Special Features <p> <br> </p> • Regular competitions organized by Amazing Nature (ANC) community leader @adalger • Amazing Nature Geography curation articles written by @jlufer @redheadpei, @nelinoeva, @oscurity and @bucipuci community moderators. • News on nature from moderators @juanbg for weekly kopetansi. • THEMATIC CHALLENGE from @bucipuci <p><br></p> <center> </center> <p><br></p> ### <div class = "text-justify"> The Amazing Nature Community team is pleased with your interest in nature and welcomes all ORIGINAL articles and photos. At the same time, however, he points out that there is no place for PLAGIATES in the community.</div> <p><br></p> <center></center> <p><br></p> ## <center>DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation </center> <p><br></p> <center></center> <p><br></p> <div class = "text-justify"> DNA is an organization to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION which aims to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Hiveans and subsequently cataloged.</div> <p><br></p> <div class = "text-justify"> Therefore DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts they offer a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. Just add the #dna TAG if you think that any of your posts is what they are looking for. </div> <p><br></p> At the moment DNA is the home of #amazingnature for all your post about the amazing nature all around us, the #aquaticsentinels for all your posts about marine topics, the #featheredfriends for all you great posts about our feathered friends, the #fungifriday for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms and the #insectsoftheworld for all posts about the world of insects ^^ But we hope that more nature related communities will join, or maybe some Hiveans start their own little project there ;) .. Maybe even you? <p><br></p> <center>[![]( ](</center> <p><br></p> <center></center> <center>The banner @barbara-orenya </center> amazingnature @hive127788

The Nazarene Flower (Jacaranda caucana) <html> <div class="text-justify"> <center> <img src="" alt="1.jpg"> </center> <p>Only once a year is it possible to witness the spectacle offered by this tree, which goes unnoticed in our daily life.</p> <p>It is a medium-sized tree, about 25 meters high. It is ornamental, although some sources say it has medicinal properties in its bark.</p> <p>For years while traveling the trunk road 5, you can find them on the sides of the road that, at this time of year, are very close or during Holy Week. They are dressed in intense purple color. Very beautiful.</p> <center> <img src="" alt="2.jpg"> </center> <p>I did not know their name, nor species. In the city, I have seen several trees of great beauty, which bloom only once a year. However, I did not know this one.</p> <p>My son, Fabian, had gone out with my wife and me, and he insisted that we take him to the park: "La Federación".</p> <p>To satisfy his desire to visit the park, on the way home, we stopped in front of the park to enter and enjoy a few brief minutes there.</p> <p>It was to my surprise that, a few meters from the entrance, I saw a carpet of purple flowers, and I knew immediately that it was that tree unknown to me and that I had only looked at in passing, from the car.</p> <center> ![3.jpg]( </center> <p>Finally, I found this wonderful tree, which once a year gives us a very unique spectacle.</p> <p>They call it the Nazarene, because of the purple color of its flowers.</p> <p>This specimen was not very big, about 15 years old, the park ranger told us. He gave me the popular name and scientific name.</p> <p>We took several pictures, next to the tree, and Fabian played in the park.</p> <center> <img src="" alt="photo_2022-04-16_15-09-22 (7).jpg"> </center> <p>We all won, because it was very pleasant to meet this tree, and share the experience with @yerf2712 and my son.</p> <p>Being able to have up-close, these dark purple bell-shaped flowers, produced when the tree is leafless at the end of the dry season, was a very special gift.</p> <img src="" alt="5.jpg"> <p>Thanks for reading!</p> <center> <img src="" alt="4.jpg"> </center> <p>The photos were taken with my POCO X3 smartphone.</p> <a href="">Reference source, Wikipedia: </a> <p>Translated with (free version)</p> </div> </html> amazingnature @pedroerami

Amazing Nature Contest #1/4/22 #AmazingNature competition organized by @bucipuci 💮 🌼 FREE TOPIC You can find more about this competition here: Open competition for friends of nature :-) 💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮☀️💮 Deliblato Sands (Banat, Serbia) always calms me down, I find inspiration in nature and everything falls into place .... ![IMG_20220416_181516.jpg]( I didn't walk this trail for long, the weekend was either rainy or I went for another walk. ![IMG_20220416_181457.jpg]( I was surprised at how many wild pears and apples bloomed ... Along the way, there was always a blossoming tree ... ![IMG_20220416_181522.jpg]( In a walk like this, when I slip imperceptibly into the twilight ... then I see everything differently, sometimes my thoughts wander to a childhood that was happy and carefree ... ![IMG_20220416_181441.jpg]( Then the days were long, rushing outside with friends, hanging out in nature with trees and rolling around grass in one of the fictional games ... This spring we chased bumblebees and collected Fireflies (Lampyridae). ![IMG_20220416_181405.jpg]( In this walk, I also thought about how much I love nature, with which we are closely connected .... And here is a quote I read when I came back from a walk and I liked what was said ... "This may be a story about childhood, but it is still written by someone who has not been small for some time, and it does not occur to him to ruin this beautiful sentence with the slogan that love always wins. Unfortunately, it almost never wins, but to fight , fights, and not only can it not be disputed, but with a little good will it can even pass as a very solid compliment. "No son, love doesn't win… She's just… Invincible… Well, sometimes they confuse that." Đorđe Balašević ![IMG_20220416_181605.jpg]( Peach blossom for me is a symbol of tenderness ... And a real surprise to come across pink flowers deep in the forest .... ![IMG_20220416_181739_BURST002.jpg]( Step by step along the path, I go deeper and deeper into the forest and again I am a child who rejoices and walks with my heart ... Filled with love for the world around me and curious to explore every path I see through the forest ... What is in the end of the road?! ![IMG_20220416_181102.jpg]( ![IMG_20220416_182334.jpg]( And then I become aware of the year ... And here is a quote for us when years are no longer counted .. 🤭 ![IMG_20220416_182214.jpg]( "When you're six, a forty-year-old is Something Almighty for you, when you're sixteen, a fifty-year-old is Something Impossible for you, and when you're sixty, you're usually left without that Landmark of Your Time, and no rhyme to go on?" But don't worry… I'm getting better with the Experience… " Đorđe Balašević ![IMG_20220416_185307.jpg]( ![IMG_20220416_185253.jpg]( The clouds receded and the blue sky appeared .. The setting sun was painted in a soft pink by some clouds that appeared .... ![IMG_20220416_185245.jpg]( The sun had set and we had to hurry while we could still see and get out of the forest ... The walk filled my soul and tired my body ... Satisfied, I say goodbye to the noise .... ![IMG_20220416_191141.jpg]( Thank you very much for visiting my blog ❤️ Have a nice evening ✨ and wonderfull Sunday ☀️ My source : amazingnature @suzana72

Small insects on my basil plant. // Insectos pequeños en mi planta de albahaca. [ENG-ESP] <center><h1> Small insects on my basil plant. // Insectos pequeños en mi planta de albahaca. [ENG-ESP] </h1></center> <br> <div class="text-justify"> Greetings to all. This incredible nature gives us daily topics to talk about and more when we are aware of any detail and if we enjoy doing it even more. This morning at home I thought I would take some macro photos because I have seen for some time that some small insects arrive to the basil plant...others live there. I took a little bench and sat very close to the plant, its smell immediately invaded me and even more when I started to observe it and touch its leaves to find the diversity of insects that visit it. I have always heard and read that these plants serve as a repellent to some insects but now I see that it also attracts a few hahaha. Now the plant is with its spikes full of seeds and before that it had its beautiful and fragrant flowers, I do not know if that has to do with the fact that it is very visited, but also as it is in the garden it is possible that insects traveling from flower to flower and from plant to plant get on their way the basil one. In this opportunity I was able to capture with my lens 5 types of insects, small but each one with a different shape and in different places and positions. Some of them were hiding from the lens, hahaha they perceived my presence and ran to hide. Here are some of the photos I was able to take, showing the small insects that this basil plant attracts. >> Saludos a todos. Esta increíble naturaleza nos da a diario temas de que hablar y más cuando estamos pendientes de cualquier detalle y si disfrutamos en hacerlo más aún. En esta mañana en casa pensé tomar unas fotos macro pues he visto desde hace algún tiempo que a la planta de albahaca llegan algunos insectos pequeños...otros viven allí. Tomé un banquito y me senté muy cerca de la planta, su olor de inmediato me invadió y más cuando empecé a observarla y al tocar sus hojas para encontrar la diversidad de insectos que la visitan. Siempre escuché y he leído que estas plantas sirven de repelente a algunos insectos pero ahora veo que también atrae a unos cuantos jajaja. Ahorita la planta está con sus espigas llenas de semillas y antes de eso tenía sus lindas y perfumadas flores, no sé si eso tenga que ver con el que esté muy visitada, pero también como está en el jardín es posible que los insectos que viajen de flor en flor y de planta en planta se consiguen en su camino la de albahaca. En esta oportunidad pude capturar con mi lente a 5 tipos de insectos, pequeños pero cada uno con forma distinta y en diferentes sitios y posiciones. Algunos se me escondían del lente, jajaja percibían mi presencia y corrían a esconderse. Aquí les presento parte de las fotos que pude tomar, mostrando a los pequeños insectos que atrae esta planta de albahaca. </div> ![1650139181910.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( The first insect I saw is this beautiful specimen that is similar to a butterfly and at the same time cricket type, he just walked from leaf to leaf and jumped when I approached but I did not see him fly, so I am with the doubt of what kind of insect it is. But it has a particular beauty because its body is very colorful, it attracts more my attention when I see the close up photos. Although its base color is green and serves as camouflage, however the colors it has as stripes make it splendid, because it combines various colors of green, yellow, purple and divided with black lines, which all together make it unique. As I said it only jumps when I get close and I could even see two of them together, one smaller than the other on the same leaf, it was not easy to take pictures of them but in the end after several attempts here is the result. >> El primer insecto que vi es este hermoso ejemplar que es parecido a una mariposa y a la vez tipo grillo, el solo caminaba de hoja en hoja y saltaba cuando me acerque pero no lo vi volar, por eso estoy con la duda de que clase de insectos es. Pero tiene una belleza particular pues su cuerpo es muy colorido, llama más mi atención al ver las fotos de cerca. Aunque su color de base es verde y le sirve como camuflaje si embargo los colores que tiene como rayas lo hacen espléndido, pues combina colores variados de verdes, amarillo, morado y dividido con líneas negras, que todos juntos lo hacen único. Cómo dije solo salta cuando me acerco y hasta pude ver a dos de ellos juntos, uno más pequeño que el otro en la misma hoja, no fue fácil tomarles fotos pero al final después de varios intentos aquí está el resultado. </div> ![1650139182120.jpg]( ![1650139182132.jpg]( ![1650139182168.jpg]( ![1650139182143.jpg]( ![1650139182155.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( The following insect I got it after fixing my sight well because it is not so colorful from far away, the difference is noticeable when I see his picture. It is very curious because at the beginning it only landed on the trunk of the plant and circled around hiding every time I approached the lens, hahaha, I laughed a lot because it was automatic that it reacted like that, it was hard to take pictures of it. Like the previous insect, I don't know if it is a butterfly in process or if it is just a type of insect that I still can't discover. What is impressive about this one is its delicately delineated body with very soft colors, and when you see its eyes they are also amazing because for the proportion of its body they look big and yellow. It has a soft gray base color with more intense gray lines and yellow, it looks more like a crustacean than an insect to me, hahaha, because even its head is strange. This little creature was the one that captivated me the most in its shape and color, different from the others and surely it is there with a different purpose, hunting other insects or finding something good in this plant. Here I show it in different positions that I managed to take pictures of it. >> El siguiente insecto lo conseguí después de fijar bien mi vista pues no es tan colorido desde lo lejos, la diferencia se nota cuando veo su foto. Es muy curioso pues al principio solo se posaba en el tronco de la planta y le daba vueltas escondiéndose cada vez que acercaba el lente, jajaja, me reí mucho pues era automático que reaccionaba así, si me costó sacarle las fotos. Al igual que el insecto anterior no sé si es una mariposa en proceso o es solo un tipo de insectos que aún no logro descubrir. Lo que impresiona de este es su cuerpo delineado tan delicadamente y con colores muy suaves, y cuando se le ven los ojos también asombran pues para la proporción de su cuerpo se ven grandes y amarillos. Es de color gris suave de base con líneas grises más intensas y amarillo, se me parece más a un crustáceo que insecto, jajajaja, por qué hasta su cabeza es extraña. Esta pequeña criatura fue la que más me cautivo en su forma y color, diferente de los demás y de seguro está allí con un propósito diferente, cazando a otros insectos o encontrando algo bueno en esta planta. Aquí se las muestro en diferentes posiciones que logré tomarle las fotos. </div> ![1650139182060.jpg]( ![1650139182072.jpg]( ![1650139182084.jpg]( ![1650139182096.jpg]( ![1650139182108.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( Then I saw on one of the leaves a web with a small fly wrapped in those webs, so I figured there was a spider nearby as that is its way of catching its food. Indeed, I found the small spider on the leaves in front of where its prey was entangled, I found it spinning more of its web and with the remains of another food near it. This spider is light yellow, it is "blonde" hahaha. Its legs have small hairs even lighter than its color and it has black rings as well as black eyes. This insect has its permanent home in this plant, because the others come and go, after a while I looked for them and they were no longer on the leaves. This spider must have been there for a long time because I noticed that it has webs in several places, unless there are several and I could not see them, they are very small. >> Luego vi en una de las hojas una telaraña con una pequeña mosca envuelta en esas redes, así que me imaginé que había una araña cerca pues esa es su manera de capturar su comida. Efectivamente encontré la pequeña araña en las hojas frente a dónde estaba está presa suya enredada, la encontré tejiendo más su red y con restos de otra comida cerca de ella. Esta araña es de color amarillo claro, es "rubia" jajaja. Sus patas tienen pequeños pelitos más claritos aún que su color y a su vez tiene aros de color negro al igual que sus ojos negros. Este insecto si tiene su casa permanente en esta planta, pues los otros llegan y se van pues al rato los busqué y no estaban ya en las hojas. Esta araña debe tener tiempo allí pues me fijé que tiene telarañas en varios sitios, a menos que sean varias y no logré verlas, son muy pequeñas. </div> ![1650139182048.jpg]( ![1650139182009.jpg]( ![1650139182021.jpg]( ![1650139182034.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( I also got this brown insect that looks very similar to a butterfly with its wings closed. It was very still during the search for the other insects, at first I thought it was a dry leaf because of its appearance and stillness. >>Tambièn conseguì este insecto de color marròn que es muy parecido a una mariposa con sus alas cerradas. Estaba muy quieto durante la bùsqueda de los otros insecto, al principio pensè que era una hoja seca por su aspecto y quietud. </div> ![1650139181988.jpg]( ![1650139181998.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( Finally, after a while of watching, a small ladybug landed on the leaf, splendid in its flight and color. With this one I had to be faster because it is very agile in flight and does not last long in one place and even more if it knows that I am following it, hahaha, it made me "sweat" to follow it. In the end I was able to capture it next to the basil plant among the ixoras, here I photographed it from back to front because like the other insects it had its back to me, as if it knew that I wanted to see it well, also in a moment I was able to take the photo from the front. Beautiful insect, its body is striking with its red and black colors that go through it, and its small head with black eyes, and its little legs that can hardly be seen because of the fatness of its body. This insect is a beauty of nature, I love its combined tones, in fact I like to use it in some of my clothes and I have had it in that red and black color. These were just a few pictures because even though I took several of them they were blurry because it moves very, very fast, seriously I had to work on his photo session, hahaha. >> Por último después de estar un rato observando se posó en las hoja una pequeña mariquita espléndida en su vuelo y color. Con esta si me tocó ser más rápida pues es muy ágil en el vuelo y no dura mucho tiempo en un solo sitio y más si sabe que la estoy siguiendo, jajaja, me hizo "sudar" de seguirla. Al final la pude capturar al lado de la planta de albahaca entre las ixoras, aquí la fotografié de atrás hacia adelante pues al igual que los otros insectos me daba la espalda, como si sabía que la quería ver bien, también en un momento pude sacarle la foto de frente. Bello insecto su cuerpo es llamativo con sus colores rojos y negros que la atraviesan, y su pequeña cabeza con ojos negros, y sus patitas que casi ni se le ven por lo gordo de su cuerpo. Este insecto es una belleza de la naturaleza me encantan sus tonos combinados, de hecho me gustan para usarlo en alguna de mis ropas y sí he tenido en ese color rojo con negro. Estás fueron solo algunas fotos pues aunque tome varias salían borrosas porque se mueve muy, muy rápido, en serio me dio trabajo su sesión de fotos, jajaja. </div> ![1650139181941.jpg]( ![1650139181953.jpg]( ![1650139181964.jpg]( ![1650139181975.jpg]( ![1650139181929.jpg]( ![1630420055150.png]( After a while observing and with my sight exhausted I gave up on getting other small insects, but the ones I got I liked because although it was hard to see them and capture their photos it was worth it because they are beauties in miniature. It is curious how in a single plant there can be such a variety of little animals that live near and on it. I have seen some grasshoppers and worms that also appear from time to time, even some very cute little butterflies, I just have not been prepared to photograph them, but doing these things brightens my day, expands my knowledge and makes me thankful for having the sense of sight and a brain that allows me to appreciate these small species. I give thanks to the one who created everything I see because it is the work of his wisdom and power, God, who is given the title of "Creator" and rightly so. >> Luego de un rato observando y con la vista agotada me di por vencida en conseguir otros pequeño insectos, pero los que conseguí me gustaron ya que aunque cuesta verlos y capturar sus fotos valió la pena pues son bellezas en miniatura. Es curioso como en una sola planta puede haber esta variedad de animalitos que hacen vida cerca y sobre ella. He visto algunos saltamontes y gusanos que también aparecen de vez en cuando, incluso unas mariposas pequeñas muy lindas, solo que no he estado preparada para fotografiarlas, pero hacer estas cosas alegran mi día, amplía mis conocimientos y me hacen dar gracias por tener el sentido de la vista y un cerebro que me permite apreciar estás especies tan pequeñas. Doy gracias al que creo todo lo que veo pues es obra de su sabiduría y poder, Dios, a quien se le da el título de "Creador" y con toda razón. </div> ![1630420055146.png]( Insects and their various types are proof of the amazing nature. The more I get to know them, the more they amaze me because now I can see these species more closely and with details that are not possible with the naked eye. The photos are my own. I hope you have a great time this weekend. See you next time. >> Los insectos y sus diversos tipos son prueba de la asombrosa naturaleza. Cuánto más conozco, más me asombran ya que ahora puedo ver estás especies más de cerca y con los detalles que a simple vista no es posible. Las fotos son de mi propiedad. Espero que la pasen bien este fin de semana. Hasta una próxima vez. </div> ![1639780407623.jpg]( Banner made with //Banner realizado con Separator:** [Separadores de texto para Blog]( amazingnature @arialvi75

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Green Leaf With Spider On It [Eng / Esp] <div class="text-justify"> </div class="text-justify"> How are you friends of amazing nature, of course we will always be healthy because of the green environment that is still on our side, and where we take shelter because of the presence of k the greenery around us will get a lot of oxygen in the morning, now I'm doing some morning exercise while watering some flowers that are currently exposed to the sun which is not like some time ago, where the light is very stinging and hot in the throat? >Que tal amigos de naturaleza increible, por supuesto siempre estaremos sanos por el entorno verde que aun esta de nuestro lado, y donde nos cobijamos por la presencia de k la vegetación que nos rodea recibirá mucho oxígeno por la mañana, ahora estoy haciendo un poco de ejercicio matutino mientras riego algunas flores que actualmente están expuestas al sol, que no es como hace un tiempo, donde la luz es muy punzante y caliente en ¿la garganta? And when I was watering a few sprays of water between the flowers and leaves there, I saw a striped spider that came out and moved as if to indicate no and the money was pouring into the area he was leaving??? And I immediately took my Smartphone and put on a macro lens and immediately tried to take some of my current profits, and I also had to get other objects to share, and because of nature so I thought to be able to share my posts in the #AmazingNature community. After I took some pictures of this spider, I tried to string words together and also searched for names with image tracks in a google image search, and I got the name of this spider which is very much found among the bushes and almost green plants. all over the world these spiders are located and have their own uniqueness and also there are several species that are the same but have differences and that I don't really understand where and because I haven't encountered the same spider and some different characters according to what I read a little instruction. And according to the appearance of this beautiful spider, its scientific name is in English "Telamonia dimidiata". >Y cuando estaba regando unos chorros de agua entre las flores y las hojas allí, vi una araña rayada que salió y se movió como para indicar que no y el dinero se estaba derramando en el área que estaba dejando. E inmediatamente tomé mi teléfono inteligente y me puse una lente macro e inmediatamente traté de tomar algunas de mis ganancias actuales, y también tuve que conseguir otros objetos para compartir, y debido a la naturaleza, pensé en poder compartir mis publicaciones en el Comunidad #AmazingNature. Después de tomar algunas fotos de esta araña, traté de unir palabras y también busqué nombres con huellas de imágenes en una búsqueda de imágenes de Google, y obtuve el nombre de esta araña que se encuentra mucho entre los arbustos y plantas casi verdes. en todo el mundo se encuentran estas arañas y tienen su propia singularidad y también hay varias especies que son iguales pero tienen diferencias y que realmente no entiendo dónde y porque no me he encontrado con la misma araña y algunos personajes diferentes según a lo que leí una pequeña instrucción. Y según el aspecto de esta hermosa araña, su nombre científico es en inglés "Telamonia dimidiata". And here are some of the pictures I show, I hope you like it and are willing to give me a few comments that can build me in doing macro photography as you can see below: >Y aquí están algunas de las fotos que muestro, espero que les gusten y estén dispuestos a darme algunos comentarios que puedan ayudarme a hacer macrofotografía como pueden ver a continuación: ![IMG20220415161336-01-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` My initial shot was seen by the spider which seemed to give me space to be able to take pictures of this striped spider, and I smiled a little and seemed to want to speak the language of spiders but I do not have the language knowledge and the expression on my face is sad. I feel. >Mi toma inicial fue vista por la araña que parecía darme espacio para poder tomar fotos de esta araña rayada, y sonreí un poco y parecía querer hablar el idioma de las arañas pero no tengo el conocimiento del idioma y el La expresión de mi rostro es triste. When I took some pictures my son asked me what am I doing??? I told my 7 year old son, I was taking a picture of a spider with a smartphone, and my son asked again??? My klawu was bitten by a spider, am I going to be like "Spiderman" while holding back my laughter I said it's impossible,,,,because it's in the movies, and my son really likes "Marfell" and the cartoon "Spaiderman", and The result that I got today is listening to my son and I'm getting more and more happy with his question?... >Mientras tomaba unas fotos mi hijo me pregunto que estoy haciendo??? Le dije a mi hijo de 7 años que estaba tomando una foto de una araña con un teléfono inteligente y mi hijo volvió a preguntar. Mi klawu fue mordido por una araña, voy a ser como "Spiderman" mientras contengo mi risa Dije que es imposible porque está en las películas, y a mi hijo le gusta mucho "Marfell" y la caricatura "Spaiderman" , y El resultado que obtuve hoy es escuchar a mi hijo y cada vez me siento más feliz con su pregunta?... ![IMG20220415161215-03.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161215-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161240-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161252-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161300-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161431-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` ![IMG20220415161346-01.jpeg](`Telamonia dimidiata` This is the beauty of the wild that I got this morning, and I hope you all like some that I share on my blog. >Esta es la belleza de la naturaleza que obtuve esta mañana, y espero que les gusten algunas de las que comparto en mi blog. Photography | Nature Insect -|-| Objeck | Spider (Telamonia dimidiata) Location | aceh indonesia Camera | Smartphone Oppo A12 Editing | Sneepsed app Photographer | @lingkar-photo ![20220202_120449.gif]( amazingnature @lingkarphoto

A nice day for a Garden Safari! ![garden safari 15th April-21.jpg]( Well, its Easter this weekend, and here in the UK it means a 4 day weekend. It meant there was a great opportunity to catch up on some chores that I've been putting off for ages now. I made a great start to the day, I popped to the shops, I washed the pots, I got a load of washing out on the line. I was doing so well... ![garden safari 15th April-22.jpg]( And then I made the mistake of stopping for lunch. It was such a lovely day out there, that I decided to go and eat out in the garden... while I was munching on a rather boring cheese sandwich, I had a wander around to see if there was anything interesting... ![garden safari 15th April-1.jpg]( Cucumber Green Orb Spider - *Araniella cucurbitina* Lo and behold there was! On one of the Buddleia leaves was a tiny little green spider. I initially though it was *Nigma walckenaeri* but looking at the image now I believe this is one of the Orb Weaver spiders, a lovely little spider (although I don't really like the common name lol) ![garden safari 15th April-2.jpg]( Further down I saw several of these Dock Bugs (*Coreus marginatus*) sat around on the leaves, warming themselves in the sun... ![garden safari 15th April-3.jpg]( ...and then I spotted this Mining Bee (*Andrena* species) on a plant close by. You know what?...Screw it! I'd had a productive morning, and it was a gorgeous day out here. I decided to go grab some extension tubes and a better lens for my camera, and I was going to go on an impromptu Garden Safari. ![garden safari 15th April-4.jpg]( Perennial Wallflower 'Bowles Mauve' - *Erysimum* I have mentioned several times about going on a Safari in your Garden. So many people assume that to see exciting wildlife they need to visit a Nature Reserve or even a foreign country...and yet there is much life to see our own backyards, quite literally beneath our feet To prove that point here is a selection of invertebrates seen in the space of 2 hours: (*remember, this is just a rather small and ordinary suburban garden*) ![garden safari 15th April-5.jpg]( Hairy-footed Flower Bee - *Anthophora plumipes* (male) These distinctive bees are often the first species of bee I see each year, the male is orange/yellow and the female is almost completely black. ![garden safari 15th April-6.jpg]( Ruby Tiger Moth caterpillar - *Phragmatobia fuliginosa* I have seen a couple of caterpillars so far this year, this one belongs to the [Ruby Tiger moth]( which is fairly common, and I will start see the adults in the Moth Trap in 4-6 weeks. ![garden safari 15th April-7.jpg]( Green Shieldbug - *Palomena prasina* The first one of these that I have seen this year, always nice to come across. The Hairy Shieldbug is much more common in my garden but I've not seen that yet... ![garden safari 15th April-8.jpg]( Nursery Web Spider *Pisaura mirabilis* Another Spider! I saw 5 of these today, all sat low down in vegetation. While I respect all wildlife, I will admit that I struggle to like spiders, especially the big hairy ones. Nursery Web Spiders are pretty cool though. The name comes from the fact that when the female lays her eggs, she bundles up in a ball of protective webbing, and literally sits on top of them, protecting that bundle. If you don't believe me then check out the [SOURCE]( ![garden safari 15th April-11.jpg]( Forget-me-nots A lovely splash of blue, we planted 1 small plant in the corner of the garden 4 years ago, and it self-seeds so prolifically that the whole flower bed turns blue for a bout 4 weeks... ![garden safari 15th April-9.jpg]( Hairy Shieldbug - *Dolycoris baccarum* Ah, there we go. Here is a Hairy Shieldbug (I was beginning to get worried!) ![garden safari 15th April-10.jpg]( Hairy Shieldbug - *Dolycoris baccarum* ...And I picked him (or her?) up for a closer look ![garden safari 15th April-13.jpg]( Scarlet Lily Beetle - *Lilioceris lilii* Oh dear... its gonna start getting complicated now. I'm not a gardener, my partner is. And while I'm quite happy looking at the cool stuff around us, she has a different view on some of these. This little Beetle is the top of her Most-Hated list. It decimates Lilies, so efficiently, that they doesn't even mange to flower. It is a pest of cultivated Lilies right across the country. Shame really, cos that Scarlet Red colour is simply gorgeous! ![garden safari 15th April-15.jpg]( Red Mason Bee - *Osmia bicornis* This time of year is when the solitary bee's start to emerge. We have already mentioned a Mining Bee (*Andrena* sp) and a Flower Bee (*Anthophora plumipes*), now its time for a Mason Bee. They get their name from the way they 'build' nest chambers in tubes out of wet mud. Leaf cutter Bees do the same, except they use sections of leaf to build the nest chambers The image above shows a male who has recently emerged from one of the tubes in the 'Bee Hotel'. He is waiting for a female to emerge so he can mate with her. ![garden safari 15th April-16.jpg]( Crab Spider - *Xysticus* species ![garden safari 15th April-17.jpg]( Green Lacewing - *Chrysoperla carnea* ![garden safari 15th April-18.jpg]( Red Mason Bee - *Osmia bicornis* Here is a better picture of one of the Red Mason Bees, can you see some white hairs on the front of it's head (like a moustache?) this identifies it as a male. That's probably a piece of information you will never ever need to use. You're welcome 😂 ![garden safari 15th April-19.jpg]( Grass Mirid Bug - *Stenodema* species? Here is another bug, lots of these look quite similar, so the ID on this one is only a guess And a garden safari in Spring wouldn't be complete without a Wasp Queen. ![garden safari 15th April-20.jpg]( This is one of the social wasps, almost certain *Vespula vulgaris* but there are a couple of similar looking species. She is in the process of stripping some of the wood off this fence panel, she will chew it up and take it away and use it to build her nest So there you have it, 13 different species photographed, and that didn't include a Peacock butterfly, a Red-tailled Bumble Bee and a species of Ground Beetle that I also saw. When I say there is a World of Wonder beneath our feet, do you believe me now? [er and yes, I'll carry on with my list of jobs tomorrow... unless I get distracted again!] <center>![Hiveblog divider.png](</center> <center>Thank you for reading, I hope you found it interesting. <br>If you have any thoughts or opinions on this article then I'd love to see your comments. And if you really like the content then maybe you would like to upvote or re-hive it. <br> Websites used in naming various species</center> <center>![logofooter.JPG](</center> <center>All Photos taken by @dannewton unless otherwise stated. Check out my [website]( for more of my work. [500px]( - [Redbubble]( <center>![Hiveblog divider.png](</center> amazingnature @dannewton

Turtles and Rabbit cubs <div class="text-justify"> # Hello All Animal Lovers And My Hivean Friends! **Turtles and rabbits are two very strange and beautiful animals. Especially two very well known animals in Bangladesh. One of the reasons is that there is a passage in the English textbook to encourage and motivate children with these two. The title of the passage was Slow and Steady Wins the Race. There a tortoise and a rabbit compete in the race. The rabbit is slow but he continues to walk slowly. But the rabbit jumps a few feet closer to the very end and falls asleep and becomes lazy. As a result, it lost the competition.** ![20220415_222540.jpg]( ![20220415_222447.jpg]( However, these two animals are also very well known. To my knowledge, turtles live a long time. Moreover, there are many big turtles in many parts of Bangladesh which are many days old. Which people watch with great enthusiasm. Rabbit on the other hand is a very favorite animal. Which many people keep as a hobby. It's so cute to look at. So we all like it a lot when we see it. ![20220415_222435.jpg]( ![20220415_222505.jpg]( Anyway the last few days I went on an educational tour. From our organization we visited Bangabandhu Safari Park Cox's Bazar. There were many animals and there was a natural environment. I saw these animals as soon as I entered there. The tortoise and the rabbit were kept together. A few turtles were floating in the water and one turtle was on top. The head is very long and the body is very stiff. One of them was sitting on top. Maybe it's laying eggs or laying eggs. On the other hand I saw a few rabbits. Among them are white and black. However, being in a cage and being some distance away, I had some doubts whether the black rabbits were. Because even though I see white rabbits. I have never seen a black rabbit. I loved seeing them, so I did some photography at the time. And I have shared those photographs with you through this community and through this post of mine. I hope you like my photography. </div> amazingnature @kawsar8035

Lednicko-Valtický areál <center> <strong><h6>V předchozím článku jsem Vám ukázala kousek z oblasti CHKO Moravského krasu. Vidět jste mohli například punkevní jeskyně a propast Macochu.</h6></strong> Dnes zůstaneme stála na Moravě, a to v okrese Břeclav, kde se nachází Lednicko-Valtický areál. Spolu se podíváme do Lednice, kde navštívíme záme, akvadukty, park s možností si ho projet na loďce, minaret a nakonec i hrad. Do tohoto areálu ale patří mnoha zajímavých míst. Podívat se můžete zde: <a href="">Lednicko-Valtický areál</a> <center> <em>* Zámek Lednice *</em> </center> ![IMG_0483.JPG]( Zámek má mnoho co nabídnout. Hned při příchodu si můžete projít francouzskou zahradu, kde najdete pořádnou sbírku tulipánů, mnoha zajímavých stromů, nádherně upravené a mnoha soch i kamenných laviček pro odpočinek. Dále doporučuji navštívit zámecký skleník, který se nachází hned vedle zámku. Jsou v něm umístěny tropické rostliny různého druhu. Po prohlídkách pokračujte do zámeckého parku. Popravdě pokud chcete vidět park celý a na nic nezapomenout, je dobré si prohlídku zámku a parku rozdělit na dva dny. Je v něm spousty zajímavého od památek až po rostliny a stromy. <center> <em>* Zámecká jízdárna a sbírka tulipánů *</em> </center> ![IMG_0523.JPG]( <center> <em>* Orel bělohlavý *</em> </center> ![IMG_2174.JPG]( <center> <em>* Akvadukt u umělé jeskyně Peklo *</em> </center> ![IMG_0446.JPG]( ![IMG_2135.JPG]( <center> <em>* Minaret *</em> </center> ![IMG_0472.JPG]( ![IMG_0457.JPG]( Minaret je rozhledna, kterou najdete v zámeckém parku v zadní části. S její výškou 60 m se údajně řadí mezi nejvyšší v Evropě. Má 302 točitých schodů, takže po výšlapu nahoru docela rozdejcháváte, ale ten pohled potom stojí za to. <center> <em>* Výhled z rozhledny *</em> </center> ![IMG_2137.JPG]( <center> <em>* Lodička a staré koryto Dyje *</em> </center> ![IMG_2181.JPG]( <center> <em>* Pohled na Janův hrad z lodičky *</em> (Fotka do soutěže #aroundtheworld) </center> ![IMG_2146.JPG]( Od Minaretu doporučuji se svést lodičkou na Janův hrad. Plavba je po starém korytu řeky Dyje, které bylo původní. Voda je úplně klidná a o to také je plavba delší a vy se můžete kochat nedotčené přírody okolo. Pokud budete mít štěstí, můžete spatřit i bobry. Ti jsou, ale velmi plaší. Janův hrad, jinak také zvaný Janohrad, je zřícenina ležící na pobřeží Dyje v zámeckém parku. Byl postaven pro lovecké účely. Aby jste se o něm dozvěděli více, určitě doporučuji prohlídku. Zpět se dostanete buď pěšky (kole) až do městečka Lednice nebo opět lodičkou zpět k zámku. <center> <em>* Janův hrad *</em> </center> ![IMG_2148.JPG]( <center> Snad Vás má malá prohlídka zaujala a popřemýšlíte nad výletem. Určitě v Lednicko-Valtickém areálu doporučuji strávit minimálně víkend a také se tu nejlépe budete pohybovat na kole. :) </center> amazingnature @gamichelle

An ant battling with a grain of rice in macro video (EN/ES) <center> [![](]( ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak]( </center> --- # <div class = "text-justify"> Hello friends nature lovers, attending to the [Amzing Nature Contest : Free Topic]( today I want to share with you a short video I made of an ant commonly known in my country as Tantaralla, the world of insects is fantastic, this miniature world with a great diversity of species in a few square meters is incredible. > Hola amigos amantes de la naturaleza, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes un breve video que hecho de una hormiga que conocemos comúnmente en mi país como Tantaralla, el mundo de los insectos es fantástico, ese mundo miniatura con una gran diversidad de especies en unos pocos metros cuadrados es increíble. </div> <hr> # <div class = "text-justify"> In my garden there is a lot of life, every morning birds and insects arrive to feed, I have had the opportunity to record several of these animals to share with you. Early in the morning we put some rice for the birds, food that began to attract some insects, including this ant, which is characterized by living in humid areas, where there is moisture surely there are of these ants, which by the way its bite is very painful because it has a large and strong batons. > En mi jardinera hay mucha vida, cada mañana llegan aves e insectos a alimentarse, he tenido la oportunidad de grabar varios de estos animales para compartir con ustedes. Temprano en la mañana colocamos algo de arroz para las aves, alimento que empezó a atraer algunos insectos, entre ellos esta hormiga, que se caracteriza por habitar en zonas húmedas, donde hay humedad con seguridad hay de estas hormigas, que por cierto su picadura es muy dolorosa pues posee unas grandes y fuertes macanas. </div> <hr> ![IMG_20220408_171039_1.jpg]( # <div class = "text-justify"> This ant struggled with a grain of rice, it is incredible the strength that these insects have, being able to carry things bigger and heavier than them. Unfortunately for this ant, the grain of rice was stuck to the surface at one end, and it was impossible for her to take it off, after trying several times, she seemed to give up, but came back for it, however, at a certain point she realized that she would not be able to take the grain of rice and decided to go for another smaller grain, which she was able to move although with some difficulty. > Esta hormiga batalló con un grano de arroz, es increíble la fuerza que tienen estos insectos, pudiendo cargar cosas más grandes y pesadas que ellas. Lamentablemente para estar hormiga el grano de arroz estaba adherido a la superficie en un extremo, y resultó imposible para ella despegarlo, después de intentarlo varias veces, pareció desistir, pero volvió para ello, sin embargo, en cierto punto se dio cuenta de que no lograría llevarse el grano de arroz y decidió ir por otro grano más pequeño, el cual si pudo trasladar aunque con algo de dificultad. </div> <hr> # <div class = "text-justify"> I had never been able to record these ants in this way because I did not have the device to do it, besides these ants are never still, they are always moving and do not stop for long, fortunately this rice made them stop for a while, and I took the opportunity to make this magnificent video. > Nunca había podido grabar a estas hormigas de esta manera pues no tenía el dispositivo para hacerlo, además estas hormigas jamás están quietas siempre están en movimiento y no se detienen por mucho tiempo, afortunadamente este arroz la hizo detenerse por un rato, y aproveché la oportunidad para hacer este magnífico video. </div> <hr> # <div class = "text-justify"> The tantaralla is an ant that I fear, if a sting of a sweet ant is already uncomfortable, I do not want to imagine how painful is the sting of one of these, I think that in my childhood I have already felt the pain of its sting and although I no longer remember it, I make sure to keep a certain distance and respect their space. > La tantaralla es una hormiga a la cual temo, si una picadura de una hormiga dulcera ya es incomoda, no quiero imaginar lo doloroso que es la picadura de una de estas, creo que en mi infancia ya he sentido el dolor de su picadura y aunque ya no lo recuerdo, me aseguro de mantenerme a cierta distancia y respetar su espacio. </div> <hr> <sub> Recorded with a Smartphone Redmi 9A </sub> # Thank you very much for your attention i invite you to participate in this Amazing Nature Contest. > # Gracias por su atención , los invito a participar en este concurso de Amazing Nature --- ▶️ [3Speak]( amazingnature @ismaelgranados

Beautiful Nature of Uyo ### Hello members of the Prestigious Nature Community. If you follow my blog and post critically, you will know that I so much love nature and I wish to share with you some of my amazing photo shots from Uyo, my town residence. This is my first entry to the Amazing Nature Contest: Free topic - #1/4/22. --- I drove my inspiration from the post of @jelenaa which I read earlier on and admire the shots I saw, thanks for the driving force. --- ![PSX_20220414_202822.jpg]( You know in life, sometimes it is best we sit and ponder the beauty of nature in our vicinity. >More often than not, I always try my best to take necessary shots of nature in every place I see myself. Why? It is because of the beauty that emanates from its view. A little town, Uyo is actually the capital city of my state in Nigeria. The town is so bless with beautiful natural environment that makes it look like heaven on earth. ![IMG_20211113_092056_800.jpg]( --- During the day, I went on a little photowalk round some unique places that have awesome views. To my surprise, I saw the beauty of my town and gave thanks to nature. ![IMG_20220412_125246.jpg]( --- My town is so large, so I decided to go to landed areas and riverine areas to take a good photo shot of it. I am glad to tell you that all the shots taken were done by my mobile phone, Infinix hot10T. Please feel free to rate every shot you see. ![PSX_20220414_105744.jpg]( --- It is often said, "the earth has its own music for those who listen." Yes! That music is nature, that nature brings beauty, life and healing to the environment. ![PSX_20220414_173557.jpg]( --- So, aside from the nature I do take its shot, I took a shot of a church whose surrounding was all about nature. ![IMG_20220330_104431_616.jpg]( In the riverine area I went to, I was opportune to see different professions one could engage in the riverine area aside from the general fishing I knew. ![PSX_20220414_202936.jpg]( --- To be honest, it is always amazing to take a little break and take some shots round your locality. ![PSX_20220410_182236.jpg]( You will appreciate the handwork of nature. You will realize that nature makes you feel relaxed, relieved, happy and revives your strength. ![PSX_20220409_110945.jpg]( --- Thank you very much friends for carefully reading my post. ![PSX_20220411_162347.jpg]( The images and writing are originally crafted by me. >I am John Uko Edet, I am a mobile photographer. I love nature. Who are you? ![IMG_20220412_111255.jpg]( Have a beautiful day! Love you all. amazingnature @johnuko

Another wonderful day Today we arrived at the vilage place we own. In few more months, we are going to have 3 small houses here as a holiday resort. Everytime we come here, the first thing for me is to go down to the river to refill my batteries. If I could, I would share with you that peace, smell of fresh air, wild flowers and pine trees that surround the place. ![20220414_145720.jpg]( ![20220414_145637.jpg]( ![20220414_145833.jpg]( amazingnature @sandmaya

Beautiful waterfall on the Devil's River <center></center> <br/>Near the Yasna Polyana dam is this beautiful natural formation located on the Dyavolska river. <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232297" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232295" /></center><br/> [//]:# (!pinmapple 42.233205 lat 27.556830 long d3scr) We visited it in early April when nature was waking up. Primroses and many other beautiful spring flowers were in bloom all around. <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232303" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232319" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232317" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232315" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232313" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232311" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232309" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232307" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232305" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232287" /></center><br/> The Devil's River, 37 km long, is located in southeastern Bulgaria and flows into the Devil's Bay on the Black Sea. <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232301" /></center><br/> <center><img src="" alt="" width="1200" height="900" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-232285" /></center><br/> The river originates from a spring-fountain at 440 m above sea level. under the name Dudenska river in the ridge of Bosnia. <br /><center><hr/><em>Posted from my blog with <a href=''>Exxp</a> : </em><hr/></center> amazingnature @myfreshes

Amazing nature of Lake Ohrid Hello everyone and hello to the members of the Amazing nature community for the first time. 🙂 This is my entry to the Amazing Nature Contest: Free topic - #1/4/22. I am a nature lover and I am happy to share with you some amazing photos and impressions from Lake Ohrid. ![IMG-20220303-WA0006.jpg]( Sometimes in life, we ​​need to stop once in a while or at least slow down. I would never have discovered the beauty of Lake Ohrid if I had not had to take a break on the way to the Greek coast. But it turned out to be a good idea that I decided to take a break in the rush to Greece because if I hadn't stopped, I would never have experienced the slow-motion as in the movie, the unique silence, and the unforgettable touch of nature. ![IMG-20220303-WA0011.jpg]( After this accidental visit to the lake, I came back again. Lake Ohrid is one of the largest and deepest lakes in Europe. It's very old. It is partly located in the southwest of Northern Macedonia, and partly in the east of Albania. ![IMG-5d8d05d47ab817144e8ffa895aef78ae-V.jpg]( ![IMG-c5833d1f68e5077cca59334bdf2c07de-V.jpg]( When we arrived, the first thing we did was take a deep breath. A few hours spent there lasted like a few days. Everything slowed down. I felt like I was in slow motion. And indeed, the locals have told us that there is no other lifestyle here than the relaxed one, without thinking about what time it is. ![IMG-ae87c3590061d1453767ff0876f88980-V.jpg]( ![IMG_20220414_102433.jpg]( ![IMG_20220414_114416.jpg]( "You have enough time. Let the time work for you, and relax." Said one local. Looking at that amazing water could bring nothing but a unique feeling of peace and relaxation. ![IMG_20220414_113604.jpg]( ![IMG-4f687be9dea8f511d95678aaf34ab4d3-V.jpg]( ![IMG_20220414_102606.jpg]( ![IMG-5bdfd66a5acb12bc5840830b29add0f1-V.jpg]( Water is specific here. I was impressed by the fact that it changes color many times during the day depending on the sun's rays that illuminate it. That is why I decided to share these photos in this community because nature here is truly amazing. Water is very clear and clean, but also quite cold, which is not bad on hot summer days. It is so clean that algae can be seen below the surface of the water, which has many benefits. They are great for skincare among other things. ![IMG-6cca19ab23f571e870aab4a1142a573e-V.jpg]( ![IMG-6b8a308048fa0091ea23e6e72c700c6b-V.jpg]( ![IMG-6a7ddd207f38596f0dd93ddaf0257762-V.jpg]( ![IMG-2f312978cc1084f1591ddbd43faef0ed-V.jpg]( ![IMG-70bf23c2bffc4dc4d5def6489806f328-V.jpg]( ![IMG-480b0e932702fbbbbb129e8bef3703c3-V.jpg]( ![IMG-840f1023bec565b1a2e417ba1146acd8-V.jpg]( There are many churches and monasteries on Lake Ohrid, and one of them is the monastery of St. Naum. Due to its attractive location, this monastery has been turned into a tourist museum building. ![IMG-0e40a4292261be0467134d9ef53bd4e2-V.jpg]( ![IMG-ffc65de5b9a5264a9479674e5852c6ec-V.jpg]( Nearby are the springs of the river Black Drim, which flows into Lake Ohrid. The water here is so clean that locals say it can be drunk directly from the lake. ![IMG-337b8604cac80ef18be106b650a2ac1b-V.jpg]( ![IMG-0973479043d23ff32c076fa24b9bebd3-V.jpg]( ![IMG-a3564992521caf1061780276b91447b9-V.jpg]( ![IMG-f415eb52f5fde03377a563cd40c03faa-V.jpg]( In any restaurant, you can eat fresh trout, it is the most common ordered meal. ![IMG-20220303-WA0005.jpg]( ![IMG-fbee3d753709a3875c99b83209c5f306-V.jpg]( The winds give a special feeling here. The wind that blows in the morning differs from the one that blows in the evening. You need warmer clothes in the evening, even on summer days. Nature makes you always feel full of strength, rested, and happy. Do not miss such opportunities, take frequent breaks. Thank you very much for reading. The images and writing are original and mine. Greetings! Jelena [//]:# (!pinmapple 40.914865 lat 20.740729 long Ohrid d3scr) amazingnature @jelenaa

My Entry for Amazing Nature Contest Free Topic Know more about the [amazing nature contest here]( From the sky above to the ground below, nature is amazing. I like watching the sky because of the different cloud formations that one can see. Different hues can also be witnessed and observed. One of the reasons why I like the rain is that it brings out colors in the sky that you don't see on a good day. ![302762_10151215389792850_1537955703_n.jpg]( One afternoon, we went out for a walk at the communal forest. There used to be an area there that is not populated by trees and one can have a great view of the a sunset. We watched as the clouds rolled in blocking the view. We were disappointed at first but we waited and soon the fog cleared, the clouds dispersed giving us this kind of view. ![620616_10151905604792850_942002231_o.jpg]( Another time when we were on our way home coming from the communal forest still, the afternoon fog filled the air so thick we couldn't see a thing. Another disappointment for we didn't see the sunset. Then as we were went round a bend, everything cleared and for a few minutes and gave us this view. What I like living here in the mountains is that we can have the best of both worlds from morning to night, from sunrise to sunset. One can choose which mountain to climb to have the best vantage point to greet the sun or bid goodbye to it. Mt. Yangbew is the closest to our home and it's about a 45-minute to an hour hike maybe more or less depending on your pace. We decided to go there one early morning. It was the right decision for the sky was showing off with different cloud formations. ![75014_10151302041822850_264924960_n.jpg]( Here's another photo I took on a different day. We hiked there to witness the sunrise and this was when the sun was rising up fast. ![image.png]( Another early morning walk gave me this view but this was taken at a different part of the city. I like how the rays of the sun break through the mist and fog. ![398135_10151346874122850_940666813_n.jpg]( Morning walks are my favorites for I like to see how the world comes to life. It is still cool and not that hot so it's perfect time for a walk not unless the weather is bad. ![274877604_10159516720212850_3908910635909017951_n.jpg]( This photo was taken on another day, another walk. I was on my way home that time. I like taking photos like this. There's something about backlighting that I love. ![582003_10150737438317850_370597553_n.jpg]( Talking about backlighting. This is a night-blooming cereus, one of my favorite flowers. This used to grow in our yard until it perished in the fire. This only blooms at night. I love the scent of this. There was a slight drizzle back then when I decided to take a photo of one of the flowers. I set a flash behind it that is brighter than the one that I used in front. ![533674_10151495300347850_1119559255_n.jpg]( Aside from beauty, nature also nourishes us with fruits and vegetables. These mulberries grows in our yard. I remember climbing our mulberry tree back when I was younger and eat these fruits straight from the tree. ![1040484_10152097322452850_306205182_o.jpg]( Waterfalls are one of my favorite bodies of water. I am fascinated by the force it creates as it falls down to the pool below. I just like hearing the thunderous roar it creates. There used to be two huge boulders where this photo was taken. However, this river changes the landscape every time especially if there is a storm. On our way to the waterfalls, I was surprised that there were no boulders there at all. Nature is both amazing and something to be feared. It shows us amazing beauty in color, pattern, texture. No sunset or sunrise is the same. There is always something that awaits us. Nature has always something to give. Nature always teaches me patience and great timing. One should be at the right moment. I wouldn't have captured the sunsets or the blooming of the nigh cereus if I was not patient enough. Nature teaches us that everything has its own time. This is my entry for this contest @bucipuci. It's a bit of everything lol! #amazingnature #ocdb amazingnature @leeart