<p>¡Solo hoy podrás disfrutar de los formatos <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%233D">#3D</a> y <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23DolbyAtmos">#DolbyAtmos</a> a precio tradicional! Y acompaña tu peli con el combo especial de hoy a $70. 🤩 ¡Nos vemos al rato!</p> <img src="https://nitter.kavin.rocks/pic/media%2FFd1BJ_LagAEwhGE.jpg" style="max-width:250px;" /> <img src="https://nitter.kavin.rocks/pic/media%2FFd1BJ_IakAIxWWp.jpg" style="max-width:250px;" /> 3d @cinemex

<p>鳴くんおめでとう〜㊗️<br> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23成瀬鳴3D">#成瀬鳴3D</a></p> <p><a href="https://twitter.com/narusenaru_2434/status/1572940054833479680#m">nitter.hu/narusenaru_2434/status/1572940054833479680#m</a></p> 3d @uedakana

<p>The component parts of Doff’s compositions are often held in place with of steel wires recuperated from burnt down tires.<br> <br> Used bullet shells from battlefields are featured in his <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%233D">#3D</a> sculptural murals as soldered together outlines of human figures.<br> <br> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WeAreAfrikArt">#WeAreAfrikArt</a></p> <img src="https://nitter.kavin.rocks/pic/media%2FFcipCdjX0AMk9L_.jpg" style="max-width:250px;" /> 3d @worldbankafrica

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<p>2022년 3D 프린터 기술은 여기까지 왔습니다 / 오목교 전자상가 Ep 104 <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%233D프린터">#3D프린터</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23프로토텍">#프로토텍</a> <a href="https://invidious.fdn.fr/oRI7Nwjb4Uo">invidious.fdn.fr/oRI7Nwjb4Uo</a> - <a href="https://twitter.com/YouTube" title="YouTube">@YouTube</a><br> <br> ㄷㄷ</p> <img src="http://nitter.42l.fr/pic/card_img%2F1564935320176451584%2FMJso6xyV%3Fformat%3Djpg%26name%3D800x320_1" style="max-width:250px;" /> 3d @tkfjsrks

🖼 🖼 🖼 🖼 🖼 🖼 The “new” NFTs are looking good in the #3D #virtualgallery (coming soon) Thank you @GDS for the curator coaching today and thanks @ZORAN for your assistance with design 🔥🔥🔥 https://images.deso.org/1cbb684931caa23c4bd9b7683b969e47085c531a760030c79bbca0e5456fd24b.webp 3d @mechelllord

<p>Catch the festival at the following locations: <br> <br> Nexus Shantiniketan Bengaluru, Nexus Westend Pune, DLF Avenue Saket Delhi, Central Guwahati, Nexus Seawoods Mumbai, World Trade Park Jaipur, Nexus Ahmedabad One Ahmedabad, and Nexus Esplanade Bhubaneswar<br> <br> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%233d">#3d</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23filmfestival">#filmfestival</a></p> 3d @indiacinepolis

Zuck saw our avatars & quickly updated their #3d #avatar graphics to reflect ours. https://kotaku.com/meta-mark-zuckerberg-facebook-horizon-worlds-graphics-1849435467?scrolla=5eb6d68b7fedc32c19ef33b4 Posted via @desofy https://images.deso.org/2ce2d4838469e2d0049100003a6637fc30649ed0c744a284738abc68dffde660.webp 3d @alfa_omega_grafx

Can you guess which @Krassenstein I am? Still experimenting with hyper-stylized #3d #vrm #NFT #avatars. 3d @alfa_omega_grafx

Been experimenting with hyper-stylized #3d #vrm #NFT #avatars. More to come 🔜. 3d @alfa_omega_grafx

3D #3d #turiaart3d #turiaart 3d @turiaart

GM DeSo community! Back in the home office today. We had a few days out recently while Mo was on holiday from work. It's still beach weather here, even hotter now and a bit too warm for Astrid 🐕🐾 I'm happy to be back in the cool today though. Prepping some really fun new #3D and #VR features for integration with @NFTz https://images.deso.org/cb403e40a3b46810539a5b787bdc54bd7643ec8f22731911f5eeb05009132b30.webp 3d @andrewvanduivenbode

Product presentation in the Metaverse - or let’s say Virtual Reality- is going to be so much fun. Imagine a beautiful room with a cool product. Spin it around or try it on with your avatar. #3d #metaverse #vr #product #presentation #design #blender3d #blender Posted via @desofy https://images.deso.org/90b30d6a0f4b5e5a17d2296444b25a16c0ea6645215b498ffae3aa342aa96e26.webp 3d @ohlala

#3D #3DSKULPTING @supernovas @disney @beatsbynav @arrington @nf https://images.deso.org/242990506fa05cdc286baab6a33c71732ec258b9877166035d10bbf8ddb5bdba.webp 3d @turiaart

✅folks, the 2💎to 4💎gets paid for an "ANSWER" 🚫*NOT* for doing 1. 2. & 3! 🔥🔥 Lena, I'm adding $Thousands to your #3D #VR #Metaverse Fun Post giveaway here🔥🔥 From 👉 https://bitclout.com/posts/07752950b0c05b83d6fc0050ba20a873c00e2f9763cd2fd2704025b0404db044 Since we already have built the #desoverse & have had it ready to go for the last 7 months, your Weekend Fun Post subject & theme here this time of course holds an extra layer of interest to me... 👉"What business would you launch in metaverse?" 👍You're offered... ✅ 2💎 for each *answer* 👉 4💎 for most interesting w/description ... with the added actions of, 1. Tag two friends, 2. Repost, & 3. Follow you @mashelenn... Well... I'm going to supliment your Weekend Fun Post here with giving away some FREE VR 3D Universe Real Estate, plus some Shop & Kiosk leases, & even a full, standalone Store lease located just outside the Gate into the Universe... Collectively, this giveaway is worth THOUSANDS of DOLLARS! 👉 & has the potential to give a very healthy monthly residual income to those I'm about to gift it all too. ❓As straightforward as I see your Fun Post to be, I'm at awe with less than half of the responses you've received actually answering the question❓ You mostly got the "3 actions" with NO Answers... - The whole basis of your post is: ✅"What business would you launch in metaverse"❓ Nevertheless, I've read through them all, including the quote-re-posts, in which I found the most interesting to be the response from our brilliant programmer friend, the creator of the suite of @whatsmy tools, @przemyslawdygdon who answered with... 👉To be a "Chocolatier" WHO'D HAVE EVER GUESS THAT! 💕It just so happens my whole life have said to myself "I'd love to do that too!" - I absolutely love chocolates... and oh the pride and joy that goes into making them is incredible... 💎What a wonderful occupation making joy, pleasure and treats a part of people's lives... oh those orange and strawberry creams... Just to die for! As a matter of fact, when I read that I actually was inspired to go out... I just got back home here with a box of Russel Stover chocolates, all creams... I ate the orange creams in the line to checkout... LOL... the strawberry creams vanished on the way home... and I enjoyed it so much I am awarding you, Przemyslaw (I think I have your name correct now... pronounced "Shé-miz-lãw" as close as I can rewrite), with a glound-floor, center-court, corner 3D Shop in the DeSo 3D Mall to open the "Przemyslaw Chocolate Factory"... - I'll personally assist in the construction so we can get you into business FAST as I want to be your fist customer!! = Better than a DAO...  👍You have it funded for a full half-year & a free 3D Architect😎 (I'll also teach you years worth of building in 3D in just a couple of part-days too) Okay... - Shorter write-up for the rest... For all the rest I'm going to post directly to your posts what you've won... - Those of you are: @Pixelangelo's post... https://bitclout.com/posts/7108a708c2722527cf67d78d2c754f67e6fe18a308ebdf4c5b637b440dfc71b4 @przemyslawdygdon's post: Answered above. @MayumiJapan's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/0e779244bc480e2726f441ea127a004fd6759a48dce74e8d3bdbca065deceed3 @ftanix's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/b00acdddf199f053520f67ca24f4de825263d913bfdd065b915be3384a65cad8 @Panini's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/daded4d7aac081b16aefbdd416688d3a601bd61c43d83d07729f0d497018b9d9 @BitActive's post: 👉 Tagged friends = No answer posted @natalia_bel post: 👉 Tagged friends = No answer posted @marheleosal's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/8e0e61f59d3cc9415e43c5a71605775b9c97ad8e362d34e6520f76411f772801 @ethanstreet's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/c9024431a092afbc1386237e409ba7a30120e9321098b3dd3d5c0fa0319ccee8 @bugsfree's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/1210cbf08e747aa0797650920d475cec1ef80ee68b08df61cd97cf2be865cf67 @Mano127's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/c270d67826b2f770363a7070d12e2f2ff14b0b0f78777d493029b00fb1ae7f02 @RedAndrew's post: 👉 Tagged friends = No answer posted @YehYehYeh's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/53e21b05c88ce2754aad552ee965bafc420f8e393d9d3334d5f04bfce4639c75 @LORDABEL's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/0f9085dfdc6f48365fb0c283ac6e1716941b3d1299c18d0c3b2933cc46fc3e0f @Neet's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/2b6d4a0dcfbb6f3ecba1386dd1bfdcb96f799161f568078590b66de32142a2be @Sargent post: https://bitclout.com/posts/218c5853c3dcfbc2038866f5380be5056fe1dea0173e4e20eed63ca41b2aad81 @BlazingSword's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/89232c24c93c604613854cd29a8f81d1b7750d323a8f2cd48255e103297f7ef2 @kristianfx's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/97834fe3ca39f17dcd1fcc340c6e245336a108988cab5b5b3b452ff351662883 @Gaike's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/3aa84289ba91af87ee3a850b9bce1cc64c20546e232891bfdb41267e0cb8b5b7   @WRiga's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/35e74e562d6f385e1ae3c788e736cc394cfbe1bb232437c1cb4c62488db53b87 @MayanR's post: https://bitclout.com/posts/6a85ecb80ee83b805d17e47359ee1aede79b37f4db67cc2cde36870863a67bc0 See all winning posted to each post... - I'll tag you when each post is made. DeSo Long🖖And Prosper 😎 #vr #3d @ECOE #ecoe3d 3d @ecoe

Work in progress ♥🍀🌱🦋 @NaturaOnirica is being a lovely journey. So glad to have my life, health and time to enjoy it🙏. Working & putting my heart on it with the hope it could be useful one day 🦋🌺♥🍀🌱 @_art @_nature @deso @3DeSocial @DeSocialWorld #3d #virtualreality https://images.deso.org/8fc1ae37de658174f6465c009916d42b8ae375c95f4aaac504b43bbc9f461147.webp 3d @maracarmona

Harley is gettin' ready for the mint tomorrow 🥳️ The NFT will include 2 versions. The one below as well as an animated one, in which she flip kicks. It's a great time for a bargain on high-quality #3d art for your #vr #virtualgallery or the #metaverse https://images.deso.org/3512b47402aefe1e49edf1585a0108b3d2a4f886a5761cafb1285d392d7288fd.gif 3d @ohlala

Have a great saturday @deso fam!! Work in progress #3D #nature #art @NaturaOnirica @3DeSocial @ECOE ^^ Have a nice day! ☘️🌿🍀🌈💚❤️🌹 https://images.deso.org/58e371203d01e813d764047a8d411a75ee82e1296c5e746961d10019be37d1e3.webp 3d @maracarmona

I have to say that blender and me met a month ago and it's still a hard relationship but I love it... step by step... it's great to see your imaginary in 3D🌱❣... but there's still a lot to learn (omg😱) This is my first decent render 🤦🏻‍♀️ and wow I admire everyone who is dedicated to this. Yeah, I admire you. #3D #nature #imaginary @JavierAguareles @Artanix_Legend @NATALIART @_art @_nature @ohlala @NATALIART @ModsClub @3DeSocial https://images.deso.org/bdea60f08e9087e4e8d8ff4bf99f00dabd00c04522a67f2f2394ceef13e80bc7.webp 3d @maracarmona

#3d @NEWART https://images.deso.org/bdef1d49199bd0779be77ec79d898162656d020f0aea434c20fe95ff9315722c.webp 3d @newart