People can hire a PR agency to make them stars. They can buy expensive clothes, instagram likes and more. Whoever has the money has the possibilities, we will not jump over it. @ewacreator

It’s possibly risky spending that much money @oweng

No. It was just a question. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just not sure where I stand and wanted feedback. @krassenstein

I think it's fine. If that is where the creator's priorities lie. It increases the price of bitclout. Investors get a better return. I like it much better than when a reserved coin signs up & has an 80k balance. I understand the logic but it's quite flawed. @momstwin

Mixed feelings. On the one hand that also means you put money at risk and you should be rewarded, but you’re not necessarily adding content. @millionairemind

Yes they can obviously do that. But to sustain it in the long term, they will need to have audience support as well. Otherwise how long can one keep buying their own coins? @notsomeoneyouknow

I think it mirrors the real world we live in where people can buy their way into things that are meant for hard working people, for example into Ivy League schools @ceowilliams

Bitclout is really going to put the bonding curve to the test. @adamceresko

People buy fake followers and engagement on other platforms too. That being said, they will ultimately get exposed (especially on BitClout) @mykeystew

sheeple will be sheeple. money talks for most people, its normal. i prefer to look at content and not coin price. doesnt make a diff for me. @dgsus