Yes, like I said, my mom and them used to eat them, but many times I winder if they were not locusts like that red big male that I posted 不 I remember so well the sting of insects riding at high speed without a helmet. We all used to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, but sunglasses don't have wiper blades to clean the insect gung off 不 Some guys after a long trip looked like they had measles in the their faces. Little red dots all over in their faces from the insects that struck them on the bikes 不 Well maybe the wasps were too drunk from the !BEER and they stung each other to death 不 Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity


Hahaha, yes, people will torture themselves to look macho Hannes, very stupid methinks! Any insects hit at 180km and higher sting the face into red welts and we used to tie bandana's behind our heads to cover the nose and the mouth. One guy even lost a tooth when he collected a bug at high speed. But we thought that he was lying, as maybe his missus banged him 不 Yes, one can see on the visors after a trip how many bugs are out there Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

Hahaha, in the old days we didn't have to use motorbike helmets and should I say that I had a few unexpected insect meals down my throat Hannes 不 Luckily I never swallowed a bee or a wasp 不不不 Yeah, maybe you can try a cockroach curry 不 Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

Can you believe that I have also not tried to eat them Hannes? But I have had Mopanie worms and they tasted great. Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

Ironically that full face helmet saved my life Hannes. Had I not been wearing it, they told me that I would be dead, as the helmet exploded when it broke the speeding taxi's windscreen on impact. (1980 bike prang) I hated that helmet with a passion as it was a sweaty mess, but the law forced me to wear it and today I am happy that they did. Oh yeah, you never want to collect a Fruit Chafer bug at speed, or something else, as it can create serious damage to one's face. Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

Can you believe that some people here make stews with grasshoppers? My gran also told me that they ate grasshoppers on the farms during the war years. Hope that your day is good Hannes! Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

I spent 3 months in an orthopedic ward at a big hospital and they brought in many accident victims. Don't want to talk too much about what I have seen, but let me just tell you that some of them were horrific. They called it the "Death" ward and it was the closest to real death that I have ever lived. The patients had a running joke by saying, "If I don't wake up in the morning, you can have my bed and my bed pan". Cheers and thanks. @papilloncharity

But then again, there is a good side to it my friend. At those times when death is only a whisper away, true humanity rears its head. We all have a well of kindness within us and at these times the water of our kindness wells are shared. But soon after we are healed, then we cap the kindness well again. You know what I will say here 不 Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity

Thank you and the red colors are natures warning to predators that the host is poisonous. Amazing how mankind has adopted the same red colors for their danger signals. Yellow in nature means that predators should take care, as the insect might be poisonous. That is where we got our traffic light signal colors from @papilloncharity

Thank you Hannes, That little Grasshopper will hopefully grow up to become a nice big green one. The camouflage was designed to warn birds and other predators that they are poisonous. Red and yellow is a no, no for birds. Cheers and thanks! @papilloncharity