This brought me back to my childhood, my relatives had (some extra) wet Clay when we visited them, and I spent a lot of time trying to make something with it before it dries out. *Ah~ memories~* > *"This is how my model turned out to be. I wasn't satisfied at all with my work. But I had to accept that it was bad , and just try getting better at this."* Don't worry, that's part of the process!~ !PIZZA !LOLZ @ahmadmanga


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interesting topic 馃槂 reminds me of doing clay pottery but creating architecture with clay itself sounds a lot more challenging as it has to pass for public safety, thank you for sharing about this fascinating subject! 馃槉 ![126142317_733047824288474_7710528549971745009_n.jpg]( !ALIVE @ilovewintergem

Clay modelling - my first time working with this material. **Disclaimer**: I'm a beginner at clay modelling and carving so forgive me if say anything wrong and please correct me. Ok thank-you. When it came to my notice that for my second semester in architecture school we would have to work with clay I was super pumped. I was beyond excited to get started with clay work. Ever since I was little I have always been fond of clay and it's binding properties , especially earthen clay. I remember when I was about nine or ten years old , I played in the wet clay feild for the first time. My family and I went on a one day trip to Village which was about an hour away from my city. We had to go trekking and play in the waterfalls , after which we would walk back down from the hills and then play in the clay fields. This was the part I was the most excited for. I finally get to play in the clay fields! I played for hours along and then finally in the end I was disheartened that we had to leave the place. I would have chosen to live that kind of life over this stressful city life anyday at this point in my life. Talking about how clay has always fascinated and how I would have to work with it for my second semester in college was an excitement that lasted only till about I actually started carving the clay block. ![PXL_20220303_105208896.PORTRAIT.jpg]( <center><h1>**How we started off**</h1> </center> ![PXL_20220228_042835889.PORTRAIT~2.jpg]( We started off by collecting clay from a pit where the clay was stored in the workshop ( place where we do our studio works.). After collecting the clay we soaked it poured water on it and let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes and then we started stamping the clay as you can see in the photograph above. I was so excited to do this , even though it was a tedious process since the clay was dry. So what essentially happens is the clay softens due to the heat of the body. And after about half an hour of stamping we then started casting into blocks , which we would utilise carve later. Pardon me , because I didn't document the process of making of these clay blocks. As someone who's new to this material , in terms of understanding it's properties it was bit of a struggle in the beginning. After casting the block we were asked to keep the block for about 24 hours and then slice it. ![PXL_20220304_040732267.PORTRAIT.jpg]( <center><h1>**The brief given to us by our professor:** </h1> </center> There's point **A** and there's point **B**. A person has to traverse from point **A** to point **B**. Play with levels and understand the kinestethics. ![PXL_20220302_070437742.jpg]( I got to be honest with all of you , I literally had no idea as to what I could maybe do for this model. I always have concepts , but I struggle when it comes to design. But yes I overcame this and challenged myself , you will see that in my coming posts. In terms of neatness I wasn't able to achieve it. It's all about practice with clay. The more you work with it the better understanding you have of it , that goes for any sort of a material. ![PXL_20220302_070435030.jpg]( <center><h1>**Final model:** </h1> </center> ![PXL_20220304_040818069.PORTRAIT.jpg]( This is how my model turned out to be. I wasn't satisfied at all with my work. But I had to accept that it was bad , and just try getting better at this. Which obviously took me quite a few weeks to get myself to work on making better models. Kinda ashamed of my first one , but kinda happy that it led me to thinking more. Ofcourse it took me a few tries but better late than never. **Below are some photos I took during the process:** ![PXL_20220304_040815163.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220304_040744820.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220302_052036264.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220304_040808639.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220304_040747504.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220304_040757490.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220302_052026013.PORTRAIT.jpg]( ![PXL_20220304_040720893.PORTRAIT.jpg]( Thank you so much if you have read this far. It means a lot to me. Please stay tuned for the future posts. I'm going to try to be more consistent and active in this community 馃挅. @andestethic

I liked your publication I always wanted to study architecture, but due to life circumstances I ended up in administration, but I also like it hahaha how interesting that they work with clay in one of your subjects. Me gust贸 tu publicaci贸n siempre quise estudiar arquitectura, por circunstancias de la vida termine en administraci贸n, pero tambien me gusta jajaja que interesante que trabajen con la arcilla en una de tus materias @yosoyada

Realmente me gust贸 tu modelo en el sentido que pienso que perfectamente puede ser un paisaje de un lugar antiguo o de un nuevo planeta. Y me trajo varios recuerdos el ver c贸mo se trabajo con la arcilla. I really liked your model in the sense that I think it could very well be a landscape of an old place or a new planet. And it brought me several memories to see how they work with clay. @ginethchira2301

That's so cool @andestethic It's fun to work with clay. Keep enjoying here on hive, Cheers! @sahibarana

You know this saying: 'Practice makes the master'. Personally, I have always admired people who create something with their hands. Doing this is a kind of magic. And it's not easy at all, of course. It is extremely difficult and it does not work perfectly the first time. Like any craft, working with clay requires time, effort and a lot of practice. And you're doing well from the first try. Admiration and keep doing it! @soulsdetour