Some interesting COVID stats for US, Ukraine and Hong Kong. ![image.png]( Excess mortality this pandemic for the US and Ukraine. You can see Ukraine's devastating Delta wave. Ukraine's plot ends right before their Omicron wave unfortunately, so we can't see how bad the Omicron wave was for excess mortality. Of course also the Russian invasion began as Ukraine was still coming down from the peak of its Omicron wave. The war disrupted coronavirus testing in the country. Hopefully the virus isn't spreading too severely in the country and among the refugee populations. ![image.png]( Amazing people still think we could have let COVID rip this pandemic. A lot of rose-colored hindsight. Hong Kong amidst Omicron is a good test case of that counterfactual. A large susceptible population exposed to Omicron. A third of the US's total deaths on a per capita basis over the past 2 years in a month's time. They had virtually no cases this pandemic, so all the unvaccinated have virtually no immunity and now Omicron is spreading like wild fire as it is so transmissible. And Omicron is somewhere in the range of severity of the Alpha variant and wild type to those that have no immunity. @zafrada