$500 Worth Of CUB Tokens In The Bag, Eyes On $50 Per Coin Two days ago, the very much anticipated LeoFinance's CUB tokens went live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A few hours after the token sales went live, I picked $200 worth of CUB tokens connecting via my Trust Wallet application. Yesterday, I picked another batch of CUB tokens worth $300 via the same process, that is, connecting https://exchange.cubdefi.com/#/swap via my Trust Wallet application. This effectively brings my investment to $500. I must say that I am really thrilled by the ease with which the swap was done through the aforementioned process. The swap went so smooth that I started wondering what level of coding efforts was committed by the LEO team to achieve such a high level of performance. It was more or less the swap was done on well established platforms such as 1nch, Pancake Swap, Sushiswap, etc. Frankly, I am really excited about having the opportunity to jump on the CUB train before it gathers unstoppable momentum. One of the mistakes I made with LEO was the failure to buy it when it was incredibly cheap. This time around, I am really not taking chances because we might hit $50 per CUB soon. It is still really early at this stage, even as I continue to wonder what the price of CUB will be like once it gets listed on Pancakeswap and other decentralized exchanges. One thing I can say is that the potential is really huge. Also, I have confidence in the @LeoFinance's team given what it has done with the LEO token and the amazing improvements it has brought to the Hive blockchain. With the regular burning of the CUB token and the track record of the team, the question is not whether or not the price will it the roof. The question is, when? Are you ready? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>](https://leofinance.io/@gandhibaba/usd500-worth-of-cub-tokens-in-the-bag-eyes-on-usd50-per-coin) @gandhibaba


For me waiting the airdrop Have Good Luck Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>](https://leofinance.io/@natalia-irish/re-gandhibaba-4mexur) @nataliairish

HIVE!D >Frankly, I am really excited about having the opportunity to jump on the CUB train before it gathers unstoppable momentum well said my bruv ![Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 6.03.44 PM.png](https://images.hive.blog/DQmNbw1jHFZYNPUi1kpUx1WjNsCzvWrN6vDYtnWpghU97Ud/Screenshot%202021-03-09%20at%206.03.44%20PM.png) @frankbacon

Thanks bruv. Cheers! @gandhibaba