We only see the tip of the iceberg alas, people in power don't want advice from public, will not listen! Cheap housing, bad town planning, drains backed up with filth! No comment, still raining down here now, at least the sun peeped out for a short while. !LUV @joanstewart


And I also agree with you Lady @lizelle, it is not going to end. I am struggling a bit, but such is life my friend and I am used to it. !LUV @papilloncharity

I echo every word you say @papilloncharity, but greed will not stop the destruction of forests, and those gases being pumped into the air also! >This is only beginning. Sadly this is so true! I hope you're better now my friend? @lizelle

What can I say my friend, it's been one of a hell of a week, we still don't have water...we've been becoming very innovate when it comes to the ablutions...can write a comedy Lol. I'm just grateful we all made it through. Take care @lizelle see you soon. @artywink

I have been going on about the destruction of nature for ages, but it's like talking to a brick wall. People don't realize the folly of their ways, as if you clear one forest for development it will affect other areas. Every wetland that is destroyed will cost us and the noxious gasses that we happily pump into the air will come back to haunt us. Not even to talk about the pollution of the rivers and the ocean. This is only beginning. @papilloncharity

Consciousness of the Earth degradation should be awaking again. Our activities has been the main cause of this and if we keep on destroying our habitat it's will be difficult for the next generation to survive here on earth. My counsel is that let everyone takes care of their part on earth preservation through going green as much as you can @sisapower

Hi Eli, Thank you so much for your concern, and for doing such a sterling job with Silver Bloggers as I simply have not had the time to look at the writings of all our members! Will we ever learn and more importantly, will the people in charge of infrastructure also start doing the right thing! It's been heartwarming seeing how our community have banded together and helped those who've been affected by opening up school and community halls to feed and house the people. A beeeg hug back to you as well, special lady, hope you're having a good Easter 🥰 @lizelle

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Hi Lizzie! Good to hear that the cyclone has moved away. Let's hope authorities and citizens heed these calls of nature. Here 20 years ago, there was a tragedy caused by some mudslides with a lot of material and human losses. Unfortunately, little was learned from that terrible episode, and we can only pray that something like this does not happen again. I hope that in your case the lesson will be learned. I'm glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And I hope that in the next few days your neighbors and all those who were affected by the tragedy can begin to recover. Big hugs, Happy Easter.🤗😊 @coquicoin

We on this earth are in a mess, and I don’t know the answer. I try my best to respect nature and do what I can to help, but it surely is an uphill battle. I pray for your strength to endure these hardships. Be well , stay safe and keep fighting, my prayers are with you 🙏 @farmmom