What Is The Best Place To Buy HBD? This post is two months old but still gives a nice perspective. https://leofinance.io/@dalz/what-is-the-best-place-to-buy-hbd-or-data-on-hbd-liquidity-and-trading-volume TLDR: > If you are Korean, then that will be Upbit. If you are not Korean that will be the internal Hive DEX, and then Hive Engine. Just a note on the internal DEX, to be careful with large buys, because the slippage can be big, since it depends on the order book. In some cases, it is better to buy on the Hive Engine pools. Buying 10k HBD in one transactions can cause big slippage on the DEX and Hive Engine. For amounts like this it will be better to do it in multiple transactions per day on the internal DEX. >Finally, to add HIVE to HBD conversions on the list. For large HBD buys, say 100k or a 1M HBD the most practical way would be to buy HIVE first and then convert it to HBD using the on chain conversion. Note that the blockchain has a price of $1.05 when making this conversions or a 5% fee. Still for large buys this will most likely be the best way in a short period of time. The other way for a non Korean user will be multiple buys over a long period of time on the internal Hive DEX. ![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/dalz.shorts/23tkfuQPvXNRkdxxmpKgbEm8SeQZzzRGJW4XP3VZmjTikjdUzhzeb8RAyJMLJWbaQDvv1.png) @dalzshorts


I buy HBD on Leo Dex. The internal DEX I'm not too sure. Or I use tribaldex to buy some HBD. You can also put a limit order, if you want to save up to 5%. That's if you don't mind waiting a bit longer. Otherwise just buy it straight away ! @olympicdragon

Internal exchange actually has more liquidity than what it looks like, I was able to buy 100k HBD in a few hours with only around 1% slippage. @fbslo