Farmstead at the end of the road looks so inviting to call home, mountains look gorgeous draped in it's cloth. No moon to see here still light rain from yesterday afternoon, hope the families that lost homes in the fire on Capeflats are assisted, never ending the way people are packed in like sardines to live of late, no city planning... No comment! KZN still a mess, some without water and electricity, promise of loadshedding starting tomorrow once again, what a mess! !LUV !BEER !WINEX @joanstewart


I love showing off the sky in nature photography. Lean images. When we go to the heart of nature, peace and stress separate us. @

What? 10-20 minutes of posting? Who does that? 2-3 hours of post preparation always reaps benefits. @papilloncharity

The landscape looks so inviting. I finally got a stroller for the baby and we've been taking walks again. Opposite seasons though. Fortunately, spring is my second favorite. @abitcoinskeptic

We didn't see any clouds today, so I love these beautiful images even more - amazing photos of a beautiful landscape as always, Zac 😊 *** !PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

Please how do you make such amount within 10-20 minutes of posting @emmanuel360

African nature at its best. Some beautiful views for you in here today. ![157.jpg]( I will show you a range of clouds resting on the mountains and some other sights to bring you a peaceful Sunday. We can just not have enough of nature and its wonders, as it is never ending in abundance over here. Daily changes in the scenes also makes it more alluring to watch. Heaven's art untouched by human hands that creates fabulous painting in the landscapes every day. Come and look. I call this the road to beauty. ![159.JPG]( ![124.JPG]( ![131.JPG]( As I have said, the sights change daily and there is always some unexpected beauty to see. One can only wonder what awaits whenever we go out there into nature. Always full of hope and expectancy, and hardly ever that we cannot see any interesting new sight. ![133.JPG]( ![148.JPG]( ![154.JPG]( ![167.JPG]( Finally, I end this post with a fabulous moon in the clouds. ![092.JPG]( Right, so hope that you have also found the sights interesting. This is why we love to get out and to spend our short stints in nature every day. It is relaxing and peaceful and nothing of our troubled world exists in there. We tend to focus solely on nature emptying our minds of any worries or anxieties about our normal lives and we allow nature's beauty to rest in our souls. A wonderful way to spend an hour of peace on a Sunday. And That's All Friends. Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved. Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera. Thank you kindly for supporting a post on behalf of @papilloncharity @papilloncharity

Those are stunning photos of the clouds climbing down the mountain! and to capture that bird in flight perfectly situated between the mountains - lovely! that truly is a wonderful spot for taking photos and to get out and enjoy nature - thanks for sharing! @porters

Oh yes, a dream to have a cottage there, but too expensive. Just glad that there are no more flooding for now Lady Joan. Yes, the Langa situation is very bad. There is no land available and the shacks are packed in with no spaces around them. So if one shack catches fire it means that a thousand shacks burn down. And yet the people continue to flock into the province. Instead of the government and business developing their own provinces so that they can make a living. Loadshedding caught us flat footed at 12 this afternoon as I finished a post and was busy with the tags when all of a sudden the power was gone. Nothing saved !LOLZ !LUV !PIZZA !WINEX @papilloncharity

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