Would be waiting. Talking about Liktu. Good work, noticed alot of updates on the web. One more thing, The Twitter isn't active as I would have loved. I love twitter promotions but i guess there's alot of things the team is working on. Have a good day! Thanks for sharing your post with us. @samostically


Proof or I don't believe you! @elmerlin

I think you're onto something here.. I honestly think that the mindset from taking something to a high level (in my case piano) is important for instilling the right attitudes to achieve other great things in life. For that, I am extremely grateful for that part of my life and I'm always looking at ways to take those lessons learnt and apply them to whatever I choose to do next in life. (Right now that's liketu) @elmerlin

One thing which will quickly become clear, is that I don't like to hype things. I would rather under-promise and over-deliver. Right now, there are a lot of things I am not yet satisfied about, and many of these are/have addressed in the coming update due this week. We're also working out how we want to go about "breaking out" of the Hive bubble and getting outsiders to join in a significant way. There are many moving pieces to tackle on this front, but rest assured, I am thinking about how to go about it all the time. @elmerlin

Yeah, looking back, I don't have any regrets at all. We are the product of our experiences, and I'm sure that learning piano to a high standard has given me the tenacity and perseverance that I can apply to anything else I choose to do in life. I'm quite glad about that! I think you're right, there's nothing to lose here and everything to gain - a really good saying too! @elmerlin

I learned from reading the book, Grit that most kids who excelled at their extracurriculars become the most passionate and persistent towards their long-term goals which might be completely different from what they did as kids. You may not have pursued a musical career but I'm sure your experience has helped you greatly! And maybe you were really meant to do something else. 😁 @glecerioberto

check TG 😄 @atyh

Well, there's an example of an interesting story already! I respect people who choose to live a simple life. In Chinese we have another saying that is "Happiness consists in contentment" - which I believe cannot be achieved unless we learn to appreciate the simple things in life.. like family. @elmerlin

I really feel it's a pity maybe for the human beings, if you were born in an artist family, things may change. So maybe take it as an early retirement 😅 and doing something different, no one just do one jobs all their life. Anyway, much better than most of people. I read it and think for a while to comments, nothing to lose, everything to gain. @celeste413

hahahah, the friends of my wife are all 靚女 🤩🤩🤩🤩 @atyh