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Let's not gas the man up here.. the tags are irrelevant to the photo which suggests the entire point of the post (can't be because of attracting any interest [it's two mediocre photos of a food court]) is to get maximum curation potential. In fact the time it took for me to write my comment probably took more effort than the post itself. Not a good look. Happy for content shared for the purpose of building s genuine audience but how many people are going to follow this on Instagram? Does this post say anything about the account posting it? Yes, that the person can't be bothered to develop a meaningful social presence. And, that they intend to just put out low effort for rewards. Low effort =/= no value btw. Creators may use low effort content if it serves and achieves the greater purpose of satisfying follower curiosity of what the creator is doing. That doesn't seem to be the case here at all. Can't curate posts intended for loose curation. I still have no idea what the person behind the account is about, or a narrative supporting their posts. Just seems to be milking. @elmerlin

the food court looks stunning, what about the foods there? as good as the renovation ? @atyh

Understood pal. Maybe some people just don't know the orientation on here liketu, I see many people simply upload some pictures with very short sentence on their post. I remember you told someone on here liketu that telling story by their pictures, words are subordinary (can't remember what exactly you said, but should be similar to this) Maybe that's why people think they can put less effort to maximize the reward on the posts. You can also see I am not trying to comment on every single post now as more and more people try to post on liketu now, sometimes really have no idea what to say when seeing 2/3 picture on the street with short content on the post. His posts on other communities are not like that, at least they got longer contents in the posts there. Anyway, will pay more attention in the future. @atyh

Beautiful foodcourt at Vivacity megamall, Kuching <liketuimages> ![405opjpkytm5uxd_IMG_20220117_170140.jpg]( ![405opjikytm5vm7_IMG_20220117_170158.jpg]( </liketuimages> This is a picture I took of Vivacity food court in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Round LED lights hang from the ceiling. The world has changed since the invention of the LED lights. ,Usually for bright lights, I reduce the exposure and brightness to reduce noise in the background. --- For the best experience view this post on [Liketu]( @luueetang

Sorry. U are not someone I want votes from. Thanks for the earlier votes. @luueetang

See you later typicalme. I'll be watching you. @elmerlin

So you are accusing me of being typicalme? Do your research man. @luueetang

Hey hey bro.. after I ate le then I went to the food court.. saw the lights was beautiful.. have a great day. 😁 @luueetang

I ate a burger king at the ground floor.. then only realised that there was a food court.. hehe.. yes.. in the future do visit o.. but better use a car.. Sarawak is far in terms of travelling distance from place to another.. @luueetang