Photographs of the beautiful mountainous area. ---- ---- ![27DBD6FB-D1E8-4364-B574-3FABDC10C61AL0001 11 copy.jpg]( ---- --- Hello. How are you all my dear friends? I hope you are all well. In today's post I have shared with you Photographs of the beautiful mountainous area. These photographs are captured on camera during a visit to Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha is an amazing trek. In which you have to walk up to an estimated height of 12500 feet and reach the top of the mountain. ---- ---- ![721AEA15-ADA9-4E06-800C-BAA6C5CBC0BFL0001 22.jpg]( ---- ---- ![730C6510-687D-4F4E-BFE4-70A11BFD149BL0001 33.jpg]( ---- ---- It is a wonderful experience to climb at an altitude of 12500 feet with your essentials. But in today's post, I did not share the photos I took from the top of the mountain. Today's photographs have shared with you the beautiful mountain scenery along the way while traveling in a vehicle during the time to reach the base camp at the beginning of this trek. ----- ---- ![7ED4C93F-4CD6-403D-A42D-DB00901C8B44L0001 44.jpg]( ----- ---- ![0FF86B66-7D47-47ED-BA9E-F36C9A96BEB7L0001 55.jpg]( ---- ---- This trek starts from Sakari village. From where the mountain climbing begins. The photographs shared in this post are of the beautiful mountains on the way to Sakari village. ----- ----- ![9DD93059-6B4E-47E5-8AA2-0104145D7836L0001 66.jpg]( ---- ----- ![4AD1D7B0-E070-48C8-9395-F31D62FEF8E2L0001 77.jpg]( ---- ----- The nearest railway station from Sakari village is located in Dehradun City. The distance from Dehradun to Sakari village is approximately 195 kilometers. It takes about 12 hours to cover this distance. 12 hours is too much time to cover 195 kilometers. ---- ---- ![8E66BD82-BB86-4C2D-9CB8-D68C3D9830E9L0001 88.jpg]( ----- ----- ![6E35F100-B842-47BA-B262-6F8AC2BEE11DL0001 99.jpg]( ----- ---- The road from Dehradun to Sakari village passes through a mountainous area. Due to which the road is winding all the way and passes between valleys and mountains. Beautiful mountain views can be seen all along the way. ---- ---- ![1D395901-9CE5-42E7-8205-BCAC2160F7FEL0001 1010 copy.jpg]( ---- ---- ![17B83D43-EDE3-4AF7-A162-B5A60EFC1F83L0001 11a11a.jpg]( ---- ---- I hope you enjoyed these photographs and my post. These photographs are taken from Apple iPhone 7 F/1.8 Focal length 4mm. If you like this photograph then pleases upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs. Thanks for visit @tussar11

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Nice woods! looks like the perfect land scape for a Slasher movie jajaa @daviddicotomia

Again, nice mountains & views, thanks for sharing ! @orlandumike

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