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First spring BBQ Hi, Hive! This week began with a wonderful holiday - International Women's Day (and I hasten to congratulate all the girls, women, girls and mothers of this blog-platform), and my friends and I decided to celebrate it in advance, because on March 9 everyone has to work, and the weather, despite the snow was just great. On the 7th, early in the morning I walked to the butcher's shop, which is run by a large Armenian family (and they always have the best quality meat in town) and after waiting a bit for the butcher I got a couple of kilos of excellent pork neck. For charcoal frying it's just a great option and the small amount of fat makes the kebab especially juicy. At home I cut the meat into pieces, salted and peppered it, added some onions, sprinkled some vinegar and added some sweet and fragrant paprika for "smokiness". I stirred it well and left it to marinate for three hours. ![photo_2021-03-08_11-07-22.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/drunksamurai/AJkS8nQ1KjkxZbU6vUEdq9CwMdiNaLRkzhDSXugv1cB6jnwtFHnjjNLv4p1mTnC.jpg) The company was very cheerful, and while everyone was joking and chatting, I was working on the barbecue and coals. A lot depends on good heat, and if it's too strong the meat can "burn" on the outside and stay raw on the inside. As soon as the temperature of coals was at the right level - I sent the meat on the grill and enjoyed the cooking process. ![photo_2021-03-08_11-07-22 (2).jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/drunksamurai/AK2Dh3KEN8pan8g6Kr1KXjDMcbvZKXtNcPBbW59c3cKKRFPmhRrG5jGTVwCUiur.jpg) It's a good thing my friends brought some beer with them, and it served me well. Not only did it quench my thirst, which is normal at a hot brazier, but it also helped me with the cooking. Fat dripping on coals tends to catch fire, and putting out the fire by pouring a little bit of beer over the meat adds spice to it and gives the smoke a "bread" note. ![photo_2021-03-08_11-07-19.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/drunksamurai/AKcf5TAQhwCdtATh5TyTZYLj4DksFQsJfmuva2rpNXDDw7W2o6BZF4sjBourA9i.jpg) The cooking time flew by very quickly and everyone went to the table satisfied with the result. Hot meat, homemade pickles, hot sauces (by the way, in the Red Devil bottle my own tomato and pepper sauce from Chocolate Habanero and Carolina Reaper) - everyone was very happy and especially nice that it was appreciated by the girls, for whom we arranged this first spring BBQ. ![photo_2021-03-08_11-07-20.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/drunksamurai/Eoc8xC4uNFT79bv83iQh3vL9av1wpfxqw8MzVySZLBiRq76wY1h1CsQzcyTLhpne7h6.jpg) That's the way we do things :) @drunksamurai