Great areal views, good job ! @orlandumike


That’s my favourite shot top-down view so I can capture all the surroundings πŸ‘Œ @liverpoolfan

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That water looks so clear. Amazing how you can still see the bottom from up there in the Drone view. Glad you joined us and looking forward to more. @ksteem

Up Up AND Away @ Lappa Hi All, I am so excited about this PeakD group, thank you @ksteem for introducing to the group. It's been a long time since I flew my beloved drone as the weather in Sydney, Australia has been terrible for the past month and a half and has been raining non stop for several weeks. Last week the weather cleared up for a a few hours, so I decided to go to Lilli Pilli for sunset photography and I forgot my drone at home πŸ™ As soon as the weather clears up, I am flying my done at the location and share my amazing aerial shots. After several hours of digging I found a folder with RAW drone footage of me at La Perouse. I quickly imported them to Lightroom for edit. Sit back and enjoy La Perouse from the skys. πŸ“ [La Perouse]( ✈️ Dji Mavic Pro πŸ“· Bare Island, clouds and ocean and surroundings πŸ“Έ Adobe Lightroom Classic ![Lappa-29.jpg]( ![Lappa-3.jpg]( ![Lappa-21.jpg]( ![Lappa-5.jpg]( ![Lappa-14.jpg]( ![Lappa-25.jpg]( ![Done 4.jpg]( ![Lappa-37.jpg]( ![Lappa-35.jpg]( ![Done - 7.jpg]( I hope you guys enjoyed my selection. Thanks for stopping by :) #amazingnature # archon #creativecoin #curation #curangel #OCD #GEMS #photography #photos #teamaustralia Social media: [Instagram]( | [Twitter]( | [YouTube]( ![Team Australia.png]( @liverpoolfan