As far as I know, it's a solo show of @therealwolf @manniman


I did not know that. Hope @therealwolf has bigger vision on where to go and how to move forward. I see potential on web3 and NFT. Look what Debank is doing. Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( @rmsadkri

No idea. I am just saying :) Hope they are ambitious enough to do that Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( @rmsadkri

Ohh, there will be an Inji Token? I didn... know.. so far?! @manniman

I am happy that I helped the team by subscribing their product. Hope they will airdrop their token to early subscribers :P @rmsadkri

Great idea @hashir123

Great to see different visions on how to enjoy Hive blockchain and established communities from here. Diversity in opinions and ways of doing things is the path to innovation and growth. @behiverbee

Keeping it more 'humane' is the key. If I really focus on earning tokens, I will lose the fun side of social engagement. I need to up my game with Inji. I paid for subscription and did not use the front end at all :P @rmsadkri

I'm thinking about Entertainment for sure, in the End everything is death or entertainment @manniman

Feel free to grab attention from newbees that arrive at the Pub and might have an interest. I will do the same once I see it/them. <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @forkyishere