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That's very true. We have to make it easier for newbies to stick aground and grow with Hive. Hopefully this will help in some way. @newbiesguide

Hello from Newbies Guide - Hive's central depository of useful posts Hey Newbies, welcome to Hive! And hello to Oldies if you've been around for a while. One of the things we've all experienced when joining Hive, is trying to work out what Hive is all about. *All the keys, all the terminology. What/how/when/where to post? How to get support, how to grow my account. Who's who on Hive? How does the wallet work? Why do some post get over $100 payout and I only get $1? Why do people downvote me? Is there anything I should or shouldn't do on Hive?* **And many many more questions.** --- ### Where can I find all the information about Hive? **Everywhere. That's the problem.** Information is scattered all over the Hive blockchain. There is the [Hive FAQ](, but most of the information is buried in people's blog, amongst all the other hundreds or even thousand of posts they've written. You've got to find these people first, before you can even start to look for the useful posts. ### Is there an easy way to find information about Hive? **No, is the simple answer**. Unless you know where to look and what you're looking for. And if you're a newbie, then you probably don't know. That's why we've created @newbies-guide to help you out. ![Add a heading(1).png]( <center><img src=""></center> ### Who is @newbies-guide? @newbies-guide is a central depository of useful posts about Hive. We find useful posts and group them together in a Collecton to make it easier for you to find information. That way, you won't have to search aimlessly on the blockchain for it. Each of these Collections will cover one or more topics and there will be about 15 of them. We plan to keep them to a manageable number so the @newbies-guide account feed won't be clustered with too many posts. This will make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for. The collections are broadly grouped as follows: - General overview - First few things to do when joining Hive - Do's and Don't - Engagement and building your network - Upvote and Downvote - Economics and wallets - Security and Keys - Who's who in the Communities and different frontends - How Curation Guild works - Abuse and Plagarism - Useful Tools and Sites - Writing good posts - Using images - Supporting minnow projects - other languages In short, @newbies-guide is your go to account when you want to find information about different aspects of Hive. <center><img src=""></center> ### What will @newbies-guide do and not do? First and foremost, we're not a curation account, **we will not curate any posts**. If we feel a post is useful, we will include it in the Collection and set the post author as a beneficiary to reward them. We don't aim to add all relevant posts, sometimes less is more **We will not create any new content**, there are many other people doing this already. We want to keep things simple and just focus on one purpose - **manage a depository for Hive information** **We are not a mentoring team**, there are projects on Hive who provide excellent support and guidance to newbies We will **update the Collections on a regular basis** with new useful posts. When we do that, we will make an update post and any post rewards will be paid to those posts authors @newbies-guide and the team members will do this on a voluntary basis, **the team will not receive any rewards from this project**. If there are no beneficiary recipients, we will liquidise rewards and use it in future to tip post authors for exceptional content **@newbies-guide is independent**. We are not affiliated with any account, frontend, community, project or group. We are here for the Hive ecosystem <center><img src=""></center> ### What's next? If you are new to Hive or are looking for Hive information from a single depository, please follow us. We will be releasing the Collections gradually in the next few weeks. If you come across any useful post about any of the Collections above, you are welcome to suggest them on our Discord channel They can either be written by yourself or somebody else. You won't get any rewards for your suggestion but the post author will get rewards if we include them in the Collections. Plus you will be helping out newbies on Hive, and that's what matters!!! <center><img src=" /HiveDivider.png"></center> <sub>@newbies-guide is started by @livinguktaiwan, and the team consist of @crosheille, @thekittygirl, @wesphilbin, @victoriabsb @ilazramusic, @eddiespino and @qwerrie</sub> @newbiesguide