Gearing up a notch or two into retirement, some nice ideas here I not quite a few already doing similar to add additional income and still maintain contact with the world outside of their own homes. !LUV !LOLZ @joanstewart


@ifarmgirl Thank you so much for appreciating the post and your comment. I know some of us are really doing well in baking yummy things 😀 You are absolutely correct about HIVE blogging. It is already known so did not specifically mention. I will certainly mention in next part of the Earning our daily bread post series (LOL)!! ![singature small avatar.png]( @vm2904

You are welcome, it's a great read :-) And hahaha, was not intending to add it on your list, LOL! @ifarmgirl

These are great ideas and amazing photos too :-) Amongst those mentioned, baking goodies would be applicable where we live :-) And of course, continuing to blog here in the Hive too. @ifarmgirl

@ifarmgirl It was a valid point anyway but I will have to find an image with one of the birds or animals near a HIVE to illustrate it. I am so passionate about my wildlife pics that I get them into everything !!! 😂😂 ![singature small avatar.png]( @vm2904

Earn daily bread after retirement - How? Some creative ways... ##### <center>5% of post rewards set to go to community!</center> </n> </n> <hr> > ***"God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread, but he expects us to do the baking!"*** - Chip Ingram <hr> How many days do we think we can 'enjoy' retirement with NOTHING as our daily agenda? Sitting on our fat A$$es is not exactly what we are expert at. So - we would definitely like to be creatively engaged and, in the process, earn our daily bread too - even after retirement! <center> ![blog title.png]( **Everyone loves cookies - why not bake them?** My own click </center> Seeing this monkey munch on the cookie - an unexpected find in the wilderness and the quote about our daily bread already gives me the first idea - ##### Become the neighborhood BAKE-nanny! Baking has become almost a lost art now in the younger generation. They love pastries and delicious cookies but depend on the commercialized junk for that craving. Give them a taste of your 'Grandma's or Mom's best baked cakes, pies and pastries! They will be hooked and soon you may have your own venture for custom made cakes, pies and what not. A lady, who was unfortunate to lose her husband as they settled down for retirement started this, just to keep her engaged and now she has a roaring business. If you are nervous about the hours and the efforts, think about taking up teaching. Baking as a 'Hobby' can be a popular draw for young working housewives who want to show off their 'skills' to their friends. You can even do this online! What do you think? Want something even simpler - something we have all done in our lives - baby sitting ! </n> </n> <hr> #### Become a specialized baby sitter... <center>![_DSC7065_DxO-SharpenAI-focus FB 2048.jpg]( **Become a baby sitter with a difference!** My own click </center> What if parents could get an experienced baby sitter who can be trusted to handle children well and also impart some knowledge and skills to the kids. Rather than trust teenage kids who baby-sit for earning some spending money and have questionable focus on the baby sitting, parents certainly prefer mature 'grandparents' to take care of the kids. Some of my friends are actively pursuing this. Forget about my little circle, **this is also a popular thing now, online and through apps - check out this website to see [Rent a Grandma](** One more area where no special investment or skillset is required is coming up... </n> </n> <hr> #### How about house sitting ? <center> ![FB-DSC_7439_DxO (FILEminimizer).jpg]( **Become an exotic House sitter par excellence!** My own click </center> Once again, instead of some young teenager, people would always prefer it if responsible mature adults took care of their property while they are away on vacation. **People even do this internationally as a hobby and profession! There is even a book that is available on Amazon [Break Free - Ultimate guide to house sitting]( which talks about getting paid to live free in exotic locations** 😀 For those of us who are still fit and into various fitness routines, here is one option that can help us ride a trend.. </n> </n> <hr> #### Become a Yoga instructor... <center> ![FBL-_DSC4233 FB 2048 (FILEminimizer).jpg]( **Become an awesome yoga instructor!** My own click </center> If you can still balance on one leg like this Harrier, you can easily awe all those young couples around you with the fitness and offer to instruct them in Yoga or whatever fitness routine that you follow. **Yoga is almost a cult trend now and there are a lot of opportunities where you can combine you fitness with instructing others!** </n> </n> <hr> ##### Become a local guide if you enjoy walking <center> ![peregrine-walk.gif]( **Walk and talk - become a waling tour guide** Gif made by me from my own clicks </center> Like this Peregrine falcon that decided to walk instead of flying one day, you can become a walking tour guide for your own city. If you live in a historically important town and happen to be a history buff, then you could cash in on your knowledge and enjoy the interactions you will have with visitors from all parts of the world as a bonus. **This, again, is a very happening trend now. During my recent visit to Europe, I met many retirees who had taken up this as a very pleasant way of earning some extra money. Couple of them shared that they had actually taken an early retirement from their regular jobs because they enjoyed this so much.** Please take a look at some walking tour websites to get an idea about this idea 😀 These are just some of the ways. I bet you can think of many more based on your own interests and hobbies. Some of you may be already practicing some ways I am sure. I would love to hear them. **I, personally, am thinking of doing short photography tours in my region for people who are interested in wildlife photography. It will give me a chance to guide people to get some lovely photographs and also allow me to do my own photography too.** Cheers everyone, Have a great day. Please comment and let me know your own thoughts and suggestions on how we can creatively earn our daily bread even after retirement. <center> ![sig -wild spirit- removebg-preview.png]( </center> ![2bottom header image vm2904 (FILEminimizer).png]( ![the alliance logo.png]( ![SB_logo_hive_333.png]( @vm2904