Nice clouds and green views ! @orlandumike


what beautiful images you have here! @silviamaria

Thank you very much for your compliment. @dodovietnam

Those clouds look beautiful, nothing like waking up very early to appreciate the sunrise and how the sun appears or how the sky clears and clears and if it is in direct contact with nature even better. It is priceless! @pcojines

Beautiful photos @chanmaly

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Amazing place indeed.. Touching the clouds is amazing feels like flying in the sky. @intoybugoy

Great series of photos again! It's lovely to see low hanging clouds around mountains and above forests. It has something mysterious! @friendlymoose

Wow I have enjoyed your pictures. I haven't connected with nature like this for a long time and I need it. You managed to capture the beauty of the sky and the mountains in a way that just looking at them makes one relax. Thank you for sharing this. @josecarrerag

that's true... I agree with waking early. that air is undiluted and also it gives you time to plan the day ahead. But whenever I stay up at night, I tend to stay in bed in these very early hours @buttonn