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In terms of a Abrahamic deity, I am agnostic as well. Or agnostic atheist, to use the parlance of the New Atheists (Dawkins and his gang). But in other terms, I've seen and experienced too much to believe we are just byproducts of a complex mind that will disappear upon death. But who knows. We shall all find out someday, eh? Hmm... ikigai. That's not really within the realms of Zen Buddhism, so it's a little outside my wheelhouse, but I am familiar with it. Let me think on it and see if I have anything to say. !PIZZA @dbooster

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haha I know what you mean. Increasingly, me too. Thanks for reading! !PIZZA @dbooster

Thank you! !BEER @dbooster

Thank you for the good word, @wesphilbin, and the compliments. I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed this post and I'm glad you think the post fits in with your community. I will try to think up more thoughtful things to post. And thanks for the follow. I am following back! !PIZZA @dbooster

@dbooster Hello, my friend! Hope you are preparing for some kind of **awesome** weekend ahead. There's only been a few times, that I've just upvoted with my Curation Account, without my TAG being used. Let me explain, so I don't sound like a solicitor lol... I'm Wes... the #thoughtfuldailypost creator. As soon as I saw your main graphic... mainly the *cairns*, I was immediately drawn to read on. Your post is quite in tune with a synonymous mindset that exists in the guidelines of my Community. And I'm honestly (ok maybe a little) not here to just say... **"Hey man! Feel free to post this kind of content in my Community!"** ... but I might be! No matter what the religious preference, or what we choose to "call" the source... it's this kind of information, that I thought needed to be shared, and spread... in our own lives, as well as the Blockchain. Conversely, helping me forget about being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, way back in 2016. So... wonderful post, dear friend. I gave you a follow... you can see my community link on my profile image. Keep spreading this positive, and inspiring content with us! !LUV WINE @tipu curate ![k75bsZMwYNu2L3iBMXq5y7xeiy1isFJsZxnMZSXuXEsxe4ee1cUkGyPyfEF6xffwkdtNDL1ETjujF9B1sDnYsu8s6KduFqoBrAShnoEyrgmL6TXU8yEuajDJa7axTpZonEaGdTm7n96gDa3JWa56r29Nxa5GRGRdg.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/wesphilbin/AK9PpxUMutiv3JNJo4aL8gjbVtnytCafJh16rKVjLkyEbYGWvi4wKhuo5AsUwNL.png) @wesphilbin

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