Monday and cooking large pots of food, gorgeous sunshine enjoyed the garden for short spell, now cloud and drizzle has returned at midday. !BEER !PIZZA !LOLZ @joanstewart


I have had a more or less lazy Monday, took some photos in the morning though, and now I'm back at work 😅 At least you have had a little bit of nice weather in between and I hope it stayed drizzle or stopped completely by now. Wishing you a wonderful week, dear Joan 😊🌞 *** !PIZZA and !BEER served with !LUV - sounds like a nice dinner :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

Not strange, I believe, some people are just like magnets for such things 😉 Happy Easter 😊🐰 *** !PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

Shame sorry about being stuck at home due to the rain, its been a rainy weekend here, hopefully it clears up for sunny days this week. @joetunex

Happy Easter, ran off to visit my sister-in-law who is battling on her own, driveway washed away now unable to go anywhere till repairs are done. !LUV @joanstewart

Perhaps I notice strange being strange myself 🙃good fun nonetheless! Happy Easter! !LOLZ @joanstewart

I think your sons are very right - I am just thinking of your posts and stories 😀 Have a nice afternoon 😊 *** Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER !invest_vote @johannpiber

Appears I attract many unusual things _(so my sons say)_, this was such a pleasure watching. Now off to see if sister-in-law is OK and coping, have a great day with your family. !LUV !PIZZA !BEER @joanstewart

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The Mantis is such a beautiful and cool looking insect. What an amazing experience you have made, Joan 😊 I have seen only one little Mantis in my entire life and she was lovely 🙂 *** !BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :) !invest_vote @johannpiber