Friday Freeroll 3PM UTC November 6, 2020 REGISTRATION First Friday of the month! @nuggets


That's a long username sir Uther @nuggets

Only Nuggets can use multiple accounts. That is how the scam works. @uther

It's a big fat scam. Don't play poker online. @uther

| can reply with the password. One registration per member. Only registered players are eligible to win the prizes. @nuggets

1st prize - $20 2nd prize - $10 3rd prize - $5 To register reply to this post with your username and MESSAGE ME for the password. Make sure you set your handle so I @nuggets

@unusuallyuther @usuallyuther @utherpendragon @nuggets

TABLE LINK: @nuggets

If you like poker so damn much why don't you play it in person at the casino? Or would it be too hard for you too cheat there? @uther

Reaccusing060 count me in @hafeni212