Photos of my journey at the Indigenous Horse Racing festival event in the Gayo Highlands ![IMG_8318.JPG]( <div class="text-justify"> Hi Hiver, In this post, I want to share the story of my journey with my friends @azwar.ipank and @fachrulreza at the traditional horse racing festival in the Gayo highlands area, Bener Meriah, Aceh, Indonesia. Two days ago, I again traveled to an area commonly known as the cold city or Bener Meriah Regency. The city is located in the Gayo highlands area. In addition, this area is also the best coffee-producing area in Indonesia. Well, besides that, this area also has unique customs and culture compared to other districts in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. One of them is the traditional horse racing festival. This festival is usually held 3 times a year. However, in the last two years this traditional horse racing festival has been canceled due to the Caovid-19 pandemic that has hit almost all corners of the world. Well, on that day, this festival was held again. Tens of thousands of residents who come from various areas in Gayo and outside other districts come to witness this traditional horse racing festival. According to the stories of the people there that I met, this horse racing festival was held not only for competitions. However, this event is also used by the people there as a gathering place between residents. ![IMG_8320.JPG]( ![IMG_8332.JPG]( ![IMG_8202.JPG]( ![IMG_8184.JPG]( ![IMG_8189.JPG]( ![IMG_8205.JPG]( ![IMG_8345.JPG]( ![IMG_8410.JPG]( ![IMG_8422.JPG]( ![IMG_8446.JPG]( ![IMG_8249.JPG]( ![IMG_8266.JPG]( ![IMG_8276.JPG]( ![IMG_8296.JPG]( It's my first time going to this festival. I went with @azwar.ipank and @fachrulreza who are also journalists and hiver. Here are some photos that I will share with all of you. Hope you guys like it. ![IMG_8378.JPG]( </div> ***** ---- ![logo hive loen.png]( ##### <center>All photos taken with Sony A7 Mark ii cameras </center> ##### <center>Best Regards,</center> ##### <center>THANKS FOR VISIT MY BLOG</center> ##### <center>[Instagram](,[Facebook](, [Gurushot](, [Twitter](, [my channel youtube](</center> ##### <center>BEST REGARDS</center> ##### <center>@my451r</center> ![image.png]( @my451r


Very nice post. Your trip was certainly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. !LUV !invest_vote @vanje