Daily Screenshots [Digimon Hacker's Memory]: A Door in Nakano There's a special kind of suspense that you can only do in a side story. A seemingly insignificant door just becomes #interesting because the players know it led to their home in the main story. https://imgur.com/zmCyb8S.png I haven't been here in ages too, Daisuke! https://imgur.com/iERBB4q.png #dailyscreenshots @ahmadmangazap


I love your gaming related post 😆🎮 Do you play any #blockchaingame? You maybe interested in having out in #1UP community. They are many cool contents about gaming 🎮🎮🎮 #oneup 🥦 !PGM 🥦 <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @mizuosemla

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Is #1UP / #oneup community a Hive tribe with its own interface? Does it interest only in blockchain games? <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @ahmadmangazap

My interest in blockchain games isn't strong, since the gameplay usually becomes stale after a while (Splinterlands also suffers from this,) and there's no story & characters I'm emotionally attached to like RPGs. I'm not big into online games as I often play single-player. !LUV <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @ahmadmangazap

@ahmadmangazap<sub>(1/5)</sub> gave you LUV. <a href="https://peakd.com/@luvshares/about" style="text-decoration:none"><img src="https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/crrdlx/AKU7oyCXxGwYyudB42kJ7JtoZ63bdeHvm4icoT9xdGNxA4i4BwudGyPvTQrEwPd.gif"></a> <a href="https://crrdlx.websavvy.work/" style="text-decoration:none">H-E tools</a> | <a href="https://discord.gg/K5GvNhcPqR" style="text-decoration:none">connect</a> | <a href="https://ichthys.netlify.app" style="text-decoration:none"><><</a> @luvshares

1UP is a community on HIVE which has its own interface and own token. They mainly talk about #NFT #Blockchaingame and games on HIVE. I guess you will like it 😉 https://www.1up.zone/ @mizuosemla

Will check it out... <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @ahmadmangazap

That's true! You have the point! They have to work on good storytelling in #Splinterlands so that players feel more attached to cards. At this point, League of Legends is doing pretty well! They have even released a movie on Netflix! 😉👏 I hope that Splinterlands will work on this point someday! 😉 @mizuosemla

I never played *League of Legends,* so it's a direction that hasn't crossed my mind, but I heard a bit about people being attached to its characters. A comic by the #Splinterlands team will be a good start, but it has to have an ongoing and unpredictable story... !PIZZA <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @ahmadmangazap