Super Interesting... On Wednesday, August 15 (1866), an inquest was held at the Wakefield head station, on the body of Mr. Edmund Bowman, stockholder, of that district, who came to his death by falling into the River Wakefield. A respectable jury were empanelled, and Mr. Turner, J.P., officiated as Coroner. The jury having viewed the body, various witnesses were examined with regard to the melancholy occurrence. Mrs. Howett stated that she saw Mr. Bowman going towards the unfinished pine bridge which crosses the river at that part. She saw him walking on one of the pines, and observed him fall into the river as she thought on his feet. She ran down to the bridge, and saw part of the body come in sight. It floated a little way down to the opposite bank, and there remained for some ten minutes, during which time Mr. Bowman never attempted to raise his head, nor was there any struggle. She was afraid to cross the pine logs herself, but called out loudly for assistance. Unfortunately, the men were not very close at hand, and as the wind blew in a contrary direction, they did not hear her. At last assistance came, but the body was then out of sight. After considerable searching about, one of the party caught sight of deceased's coat, and the body was then immediately brought to shore. Further evidence was given by George Howitt, Clifford Sage, John Colton, and Thomas Bowman, detailing the means used to restore animation, and at the conclusion of the evidence, a verdict of " Death by drowning" was retu @jagged


My Big Dog and I enjoy this sort of thing on a Sunday as well. Neither of our Big Dogs can talk, which is kind of interesting. Mine is better though, because it is cuddly :) B&Bs in old fancy houses like these are my absolute favorite. No five star hotel is comparable. You should stay in the hotel end of it sometime, and report on the ghosts ;) @ginnyannette

Amazing story. I love the history behind the estate. It´s fascinating to see how and why it changed hands and how people build a live so far from civilization in Australia even back when a distance like 150km could take you a couple of days by horse. @timoremoti

Yeah, yours is cuddly and I'd say you make us of that Ginny...And if you think I haven't cuddled mine *you're bonkers.* Lol. > You should stay in the hotel end of it sometime, and report on the ghosts There is plans in the works for just this kind of nutbaggery. If I get possessed, I'm blaming you.<div class="pull-right"><a href="/@hive.engage">![](</a></div> @galenkp

There's a lot of sad stories around Martindale Hall including the early demise of children. it's a good spot to visit and well worth the effort to drive north from Adelaide to do so.<div class="pull-right"><a href="/@hive.engage">![](</a></div> @galenkp

Indeed, those that moved about did so at a very slow pace back in those days, and life was hard, even for the privileged and wealthy. I wish I had a time machine though, I'd like to see it as it was...along with a lot of other places. I'd probably never come back to the present, if I'm honest.<div class="pull-right"><a href="/@hive.engage">![](</a></div> @galenkp

I'm sure you had a great trip with your Big Dog on Sunday in that beautiful countryside area. It's always interesting to explore the farmer's market. I'm curious about the guy who looked like he had animals nesting in his hair. It's great if you had taken a photo of him. And the castle is beautiful, people did a great job to maintain it. @dodovietnam

How beautiful your photographs look, I hope you had a very nice time, very good place! @nicolasbernada

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It's alright, we wouldn't cross and miss (not crash either) we would be heading to the same tropical island for the big meetup!! :0) @meesterboom