Hello $DeSo World! @hansholfeld

Welcome to the @deso ecosystem! I know navigating the place can be tricky at first, so here’s some help to start: Just add an β€˜@’ symbol to any of the below to find their accounts. πŸ’₯ dApps to Explore πŸ‘‰ OpenProsper – on chain analytics / block explorer πŸ‘‰ DAODAO – on chain fundraising / dao management πŸ‘‰ NFTz zone – social NFT marketplace πŸ‘‰ Altumbase – on chain analytics / block explorer πŸ‘‰ Vibehut – on chain skype meets google hangouts πŸ‘‰ Zirkels – on chain Medium πŸ‘‰ Mousai - on chain Spotify πŸ‘‰ Pearl – on chain Instagram for mobile πŸ‘‰ DeSocialWorld – on chain Twitter with post2earn πŸ‘‰ Diamond – on chain Twitter πŸ‘‰ Desofy – on chain Twitter for mobile πŸ‘‰ Entre – on chain LinkedIn πŸ‘‰ Cordify – Enables Deso transaction in web2 socials like Discord and Twitter πŸ‘‰ OneClout – Cross post your content on deso and web2 socials πŸ’₯ Artists and NFTs to Explore πŸ‘‰ Goldberry – indy folk band πŸ‘‰ Doz - independent music artist πŸ‘‰ Murkury - crypto-native EDM musician πŸ‘‰ CloutPunks – the first NFT project on DESO πŸ‘‰ Unicat – A strong DESO-native PFP artist πŸ‘‰ Spookies – the first mintable, generative NFT project on DESO πŸ‘‰ Fuckedupcats – a strong NFT pfp + game community πŸ‘‰ Metazens – first NFT art collection DAO on DESO πŸ’₯ Individuals to Follow πŸ’Ž DESO Foundation Core Team πŸ‘‰ nader – lead dev / founder πŸ‘‰ mossified – product marketing πŸ‘‰ dylanjaggerlee – product marketing πŸ‘‰ ashdeso – product marketing πŸ‘‰ lazynina – dev πŸ‘‰ petern – dev πŸ‘‰ fastfreddie – product/marketing πŸ‘‰ tyfischer – dev πŸ‘‰ sjg – morderator πŸ’Ž Other Active Community Members πŸ‘‰ Dharmesh – co-founder & CTO of Hubspot πŸ‘‰ Krassenstein – hosts daily $DESO and crypto world news show πŸ‘‰ Darian_Parrish – former entrepreneur and hedge fund trader, now full time in crypto; leads CryptoFi weekly call πŸ‘‰ CassiusCuvee - crypto analyst and influencer πŸ‘‰ RobertGraham – founder of web3 project, afterparty πŸ‘‰ itsAditya – prolific web3 dev. Shitposter πŸ‘‰ doodles - founder of floorNFTs and Duke Fuqua grad πŸ‘‰ Tijn – prolific web3 dev and $DESO’s self proclaimed biggest critic πŸ‘‰ SalilSethi - serial-entrepreneur and dev; founder of OpenProsper πŸ‘‰ 1dolinsky – Toronto native, serial-entrepreneur currently building vibehut πŸ‘‰ asg – growth marketer & regrettably a buffalo bills fan (American football) πŸ‘‰ JodyBossert - self proclaimed (rightfully so) OG DeSo rock star I pulled this together quickly based on those I’ve come to know, and I’m sure I’ve missed many. But there are lots of good humans and interesting projects here to explore. 😊 I’ll continue to update it. Welcome again. @BenErsing @newusertips

Welcome! @benersing

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Welcome Hans! @nftz