Dipshit Democracy; dog uses giant ant hill for a pillow HA HA. ![Pluto.jpg](https://images.hive.blog/DQmRDBfrYHE1FfJ3PeSna7cqLMJ6AW8MCV8B4rrFKGr1HxA/Pluto.jpg) This is Pluto, one of the two pitbulls that lives here with me in Tennessee. A few weeks ago this ant hill popped up just outside of the front door. During the day the dogs will lay around by the front door. Well, this giant ant hill still didn't stop Pluto from using it for a pillow HA HA. If he only knew that within seconds his head could be swarmed with ants HA HA. The other dog, Bella, is smart enough to stay a few feet away from the ant hill. Stay Un-Tune-Ed... @hippiewithagun