HBD:A Stablecoin Advise To Keep You Afloat I think stablecoins are one of the best things that ever got created on the blockchain with its ability to be unaffected by volatility or rather, slightly affected to the slightest minimal by volatility. This way you can confidently run to it as a safe haven when the market is running wild. Market running wild in my opinion is when it’s dipping, but the market can run wild in the bullish side, but no one complains when market runs bullishly. Stablecoin is that asset you always have to have aside for the dip. Like I used to say, always have the buy the dip money. ![4EBE8D40-CACE-4326-AD83-A3A171914EB3.png](https://images.hive.blog/DQmSCpGMCfNHNNqXzHGq8SNDmSYtkTkU2UfiAsbkjLSKbhM/4EBE8D40-CACE-4326-AD83-A3A171914EB3.png) <center>[Image](https://ecency.com/hivemarketing/@doze/hbd-graphics) Source</center> In my early days of trading crypto, I felt leaving my assets in Stablecoin was a waste of time because, it doesn’t get affected by volatility, so I always found a reason to put it into use by buying a coin or something. Market will always rise and fall, it is its nature, as long as people keep investing hugely in the crypto market, volatility is bound to happen. There are sinking times when, no matter the utility or use case of the coin you are buying, it’s just going to sink because, the big boys(whales) are playing really rough in the market. The biggest ship in the market is the Bitcoin, when it decides to sink heavenly, it’s almost impossible for the whole crypto market not to sink along with it. This can be really devastating because I sometimes wonder, why would other coins sink with it, if I wanted my coin to sink I would have bought bitcoin. But we know this is possible because of the dominance bitcoin has over other coins(altcoins). The way I view StableCoins changed ever since I knew the HBD(Hive Backed Dollar). The Hive Backed Dollar unlike other basic stable coins like the Tether(USDT), USDC or BUSD backed by the native United State Dollar is backed by Hive. Which means that the Hive coins backs the value of the HBD. ![C27F8A05-F941-43B2-A7D0-2C47540FCF1A.jpeg](https://images.hive.blog/DQmfZJuxWNokv57CFCuwWveBny5HVmKeyfxsGf56XDmwPcy/C27F8A05-F941-43B2-A7D0-2C47540FCF1A.jpeg) Everyone is excited about the HBD savings because the APR is up, imagine having 20% APR for staying safe, this is the best opportunity. Let’s look at this scenario, the market is about to tank, you convert your money to HBD and put it in the HBD savings section. While waiting for the market to show some sign of stability and looking for a sign through technical analysis, your money is generating income at 20% APR. In as much as I prefer fundamental analysis to technical analysis, during times of dips I use technical analysis to know when the market is about to bounce back from a support. While analyzing the market with technical analysis and waiting for an entry, you can leave your asset in HBD Stablecoin and stake it. This way you earn income while waiting during the dip. This is the best Stablecoin advise I can give to myself. Thanks to the Leofinance team, we now have options, if you don’t want to buy HBD and leave in the HBD savings vault, you can provide liquidity in the pHBD-USDC liquidity pair, this feature is not out yet but we are expecting it soon. This way you put your Stablecoin to use while you wait for the dip’s storm to be over. Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>](https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@readthisplease/hbd-a-stablecoin-advise-to-keep-you-afloat) @readthisplease


Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and remote neural monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not. Many of the platforms for hive and steem are trying to silence me so they can do this to YOU. The community isnt safe HERE if you cant click on this link. https://peakd.com/gangstalking/@acousticpulses/electronic-terrorism-and-gaslighting--if-you-downvote-this-post-you-are-part-of-the-problem ...OR THIS LINK... https://ecency.com/gangstalking/@acousticpulses/electronic-terrorism-and-gaslighting--if-you-downvote-this-post-you-are-part-of-the-problem @gangstalking

To me, sounds like a marketing gimmick that could blow up, I put my thoughts [here](/hive-167922/@chekohler/a-critical-review-of-20-apr-on-stable-coins) since you're for the increase, would like to see how you tackle my arguments about it @chekohler

Now I am beginning to understand some of these coins in Hive. I see there is a good side to converting some coins to HBD (stable coin). Talking about HBD savings, the 20%APR is it a daily interest or yearly interest? Don't know the full meaning of APR as used in the hive. @nkemakonam89

APR Means Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the total rate you make a year. But you get paid daily and claim after a month. But if you combine all your daily and monthly interest yield it will result to 20% of your invested HBD. @readthisplease