Watch your mouth! I hope you have unlimited pennies! Gonna need them! @spunkart

100000000000% LOSER @spunkart

That’s why you bid on my NFT and then cancelled it right? Lol. It’s cool, I would have never accepted it anyway 😂😂 @thepennytrader

Okay this one made me laugh 😂😂 @thepennytrader

You are 💯💩💯 I am relentless so bring it short stuff! Let the games begin! @spunkart

Have fun. You won’t win 🤷🏻‍♂️ Can’t lose a game I don’t play. Money ain’t everything. You’re broke where it matters most. @thepennytrader

Why would you want a project that goes against the Creed of Crypto? Crypto project should be Decentralized and Censorless, this project isn’t. @thepennytrader

FUCK YOU STFU! LEAVE ME ALONE! Grow a few inches in height/weight and some balls before you run your mouth BITCH! @spunkart

Sorry that you can’t handle the truth 🤷🏻‍♂️ @thepennytrader

This is what you support when you support Clout Cocks @thepennytrader