I bet you'll find some companions for that journey if you ask gently. @manniman


That is also a way of organization, just build accounts for different purposes. But it seems to be a real-time eater. @manniman

i wqanna be like adsactly and buy luxury cars with crypto and then bec0me a salt daddy and scam women who think theyre scamming me and do it all under cover irl with secret off cam donation alerts in crypto making me rich ane famous as the first conman magician like david blaine but he robs u and broadcasts it live on youtube and disapears from teh cops who are just excited to get to be part of trhe performance lol @ackza

i dont ever use them, theyre just for various project ideas etc, it was an easy way for me to keep track of an idea @ackza

Yeah, you've been ballZ2theWallZ ackza :P @manniman

I'll forward that to @wolfgangsport @manniman

I have only 1. And I am new to this Blockchain @hashir123

whose car is that? i am gonna buy some sort of vehicle with like 3-5 grand of hive and telos before everything crashesto shit so i can say i bought a car at least with crypto @ackza

before @steeminvite went down i had 2000 INV ready to give peopel accounts wasted hundreds of dollars on that getting @sandiegocoin ready what a terrible idea to ever wanna help steem or hive with free accounts taught me that hive engine is here to scam peoiple and we should make as many tojens as poissible scam as many peopel as we can and use that hivepower to upvote your victims later and make them grateful lol i have like 100 accounts @ackza

@magnacarta is my main account. @magnacarta.buzz is my #dbuzz only account. I have a 3rd (technically, 2nd) account which I was going to use for curation; now it's in storage. If I get a 4th accountm it will be for #Splinterlands !hivebits <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="https://d.buzz" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> @magnacartabuzz