A very enjoyable post! And a great lesson to learn in the meantime ^^ I found your post through Dreemport, my first time doing curation 😊 @blackdaisyft


You actually did this well. Welcome aboard @blackdaisyft Trust me, you wil enjoy every bit of your time on dreemport @davidbright

This means a lot to me.. Thanks so much dear... Trust me I'm still working to be better.. I want to be like you cos you are better than me when it comes to writing. @davidbright

I am not all that but thank you, and of course, you can be way better, keep thriving. @khaleesii

Thanks so much.. I appreciate @davidbright

You are welcome. @khaleesii

Bro, you are an amazing writer, keep it up. @khaleesii

Many would chase the squirrel away. Lol.. Thanks to my brother who made me understand the mystery behind what happened. Thanks for your comment @davidbright

That is quite a lesson to earn from. We might just need to look from a different point of view to understand how nature work and implement it into our life. Your brother is a genius to be able to see things like that, while I would not think that way, even more, I would just scare the squirrel away as it is feasting on the ripe jackfruit. lol anyway @dreemport send me here to say hi to you and appreciate your great post. @ekavieka

Thanks to the squirrel for making you write one :) And to your brother too hehe. *Made my way here via #dreemport btw :)* @ifarmgirl