@fifikobayashi @isabellaa

As the price of bitclout goes up so as your own coin right? @rich8alvarez

My mom said im beautiful boy. I should definitely invest in myself! @baronbrazz

ahah i'm my bitch if i buy myself @jacopo

Gotta double click on #3 Bet on yourself!! (Shoutout FVV, iykyk) @arora

* Reasons to buy your own coin 1. Reduce the impact for your investors on selling volatility. 2. If you're here.. monetize from your participation, bc you will sleep never again. 3. Go long on yourself. This is the future. @brendantadler

Great advice here. I share your mindset. @harpoon

Your 100% true here @antonioromero

#2 - totally agree! @egon

I love what your doing fam 💜 let's invest in each other even if it's just a doallar @kenyaamir