The Little Squirrel <div class="text-justify"> It was one of those days when you could find me on the balcony sitting cross-legged on a chair, occasionally tapping my head with a pen and, of course, with an empty mind and an empty page. You could see me gazing into the distance, trying to invoke my muse. Staring at the plain sky didn’t help. I looked around; not a soul in sight, not even the fluttering of a butterfly could be heard. I was hopelessly lost, not because I was a novice whose writing skill is still in an embryonic stage but because I was a writer experiencing a writer’s block. It actually seemed like everything in the universe was plotting against me, since I have been waiting forever to see at least one word on that paper. I kept hoping something would come but guess I was hoping in vain. However, something interesting happened just as I was about giving up. ![nature-2573512__480.jpg]( <sub>[source](</sub> Right in front of the balcony was a jack fruit tree. Nature was bountiful enough to weigh it down with ample fruits. I noticed a little squirrel squeaking and scanning the tree before lying upside down, like a gymnast, on a ripened fruit and started feasting on it. The incessant screeching of the crickets could be heard from a distance as if they wouldn’t let the poor little squirrel have a peaceful meal. While my eyes were feasting on the squirrel feasting on the jack fruit, a giant squirrel jumped out of nowhere and scared the little squirrel who was too afraid to start a fight with the bigger squirrel off. ![squirrel-4310069__480.jpg]( <sub>[source](</sub> The little squirrel climbed up, hid behind the leaves and waited for the big one to go back. Unfortunately, he had to wait like forever to climb down and fill his hungry tummy. This made me curious, I really don't know why he had to choose this particular fruit when there were thousands of them around. Why did the big one choose this fruit in particular when there were thousands of them around? I still don't know. ***“You don’t know what?”*** my brother asked, intending to taunt me. That’s when I realized that I was speaking aloud. ***“Still staring at your blank paper?”*** he continued. I held him by the hand and pulled him closer. I recounted the events to him, but he chuckled, knowing that my only concern was about that one jack fruit that both the squirrels feasted upon, and not how I always overlooked his self will and how the poor little one held his hunger till he could get hold of the fruit again. See, everyone is free to choose anything they like, he said. I loved how the little squirrel was resolute in holding on to the one he chose at first, and how he remained calm even in adversities. What matters is that he didn’t give up easily. We should learn from the little squirrel,” my brother explained. Trust me, that was one hell of an explanation and I couldn't agree less with him. Even though that thought didn’t cross my mind, I learnt a great lesson from that tiny creature. Feeling happy, I took my pen to write about the little squirrel. ***Thanks for visiting my blog.***</div> @davidbright


Wow! Your brother is quite a philosopher. Is he hive? Quite some good lessons. @mmykel

Nope, not on hive.. Thanks for your comment @davidbright

You're welcome. @mmykel

That is quite a lesson to earn from. We might just need to look from a different point of view to understand how nature work and implement it into our life. Your brother is a genius to be able to see things like that, while I would not think that way, even more, I would just scare the squirrel away as it is feasting on the ripe jackfruit. lol anyway @dreemport send me here to say hi to you and appreciate your great post. @ekavieka

Many would chase the squirrel away. Lol.. Thanks to my brother who made me understand the mystery behind what happened. Thanks for your comment @davidbright

Bro, you are an amazing writer, keep it up. @khaleesii

A very enjoyable post! And a great lesson to learn in the meantime ^^ I found your post through Dreemport, my first time doing curation 😊 @blackdaisyft

You actually did this well. Welcome aboard @blackdaisyft Trust me, you wil enjoy every bit of your time on dreemport @davidbright

This means a lot to me.. Thanks so much dear... Trust me I'm still working to be better.. I want to be like you cos you are better than me when it comes to writing. @davidbright