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Great stuff man. You just killing it this weekend! Well done 2 days in a row! @mimismartypants

Morning Run - To the woods! I just finished a 12.027km running that lasted about 1hh:10mm:20ss ! <center>![image](https://xhaust.me/media/documents/images/Screenshot_20210912_105326.png)</center> A nice morning for a run today. Sun was shining, but not too hot. For a change I headed north towards Langford. I started off going to the station to go under the main road bridge and up the ramp to cross it. The traffic along there is pretty noisy, but I try to stay away from roads most of the time. That is a benefit of being near countryside with lots of tracks to run along. I was inspired by Emma Raducanu winning the US Open last night. That's a big deal for British tennis even though I am not a dedicated sports fan. It was a good match by both players. I also watched the movie Rush about F1 drivers James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. I remember watching those guys race. Some people risk their lives in sport, but I am just running for fun. I went up past the Champney's health spa and the fishing lakes to Langford. There were a few people out walking there and I saw a group of cyclists. I was going to do the route across the fields I have done several times, but spotted a gate that led me into the Baulk Wood park. I ran around the edge of that which was partly by a stream. A few dog walkers around there, but generally quiet. Then it was along the road for a while before cutting through to the path by the lakes I had taken on the way out. I took the loop around Henlow Bridge fishing lakes where lots of anglers were out. Back at the station I had a little walk to get over the footbridge as I was tiring by then. I have done quite a lot of activity this weekend. I have a gig this afternoon with the band. It was a good run over all with a couple of best times on segments. Run free and stay well. Check out some detailed info at [my EXHAUST page](https://xhaust.me/activities/10397/) Join me in testing out [EXHAUST](https://xhaust.me)! @steevc

Yeah in my fittest I do 3 days and rest! Depending on the though. A longer run like today you definitely need some rest. !PIZZA @mimismartypants

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You are doing well.. This is the dream for me... Consistently being active even as I age. > I have a gig this afternoon with the band. A music band?? @bhoa

Please rest if you have to but keep being active, its really encouraging. Cheers💪 @bhoa

Hmm, I'm not sure I will be able to do that. 50 minutes will be okay for me. Congratulations to Emma Raducanu. @maxwellmarcusart

Seeing your post about your running already inspired me so I also will start the next weekend @mayorkeys

Looks like a good run with a wonderful view you most likely had of that water body I see! Stay active, stay healthy! 👍 @trezzahn