The Lace Bug's wings are fascinating to look at, it's like a butterfly with a strange wing looks, right? The Plume moths look like average insects by comparison. Since you're a photographer, you might enjoy the #dbuzzphotochallenge ...? It's a weekly contest by the [D.Buzz Hive Interface]( about taking photos, each week themed after an alphabet letter. If you're interested, here are [the Rules.]( ---- !PIZZA !LUV !LOLZ @ahmadmanga


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Lace Bug And Plume Moth - Macro Photography Here I'd like to share some macro photos with the #FascinatingInsects community. These images were captured at various locations in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia. ![IMG_20220106_152207.jpg]( ![IMG_20220106_152006.jpg]( ![IMG_20220106_152029.jpg]( ![IMG_20220106_152113.jpg]( The first four photos show the lace bug (Ammianus sp.) belonging to the family *[Tingidae](*. The lace bug's wings have patterns similar to those of Javanese batik. At first glance, it seems more like a moth than a bug. However, the shape of its head and legs will indicate that it is a bug. --- Meanwhile, two plume moths are brown and white in the photos below. The Plume moth (*[Pterophoridae](* sp.) is a small and slender kind of moth. It has broad wings with noticeable wing bones. Its legs are slender and spiny as well. Plume moths are frequently seen on low-growing bushes. I'm not sure if they're nocturnal like most other moths. ![IMG_20211130_174318_1.jpg]( ![IMG_20211130_174345.jpg]( ![IMG_20220330_171835.jpg]( ![IMG_20220330_171856_1.jpg]( ![IMG_20220330_172214_1.jpg]( ![IMG_20220330_172151.jpg]( ![IMG_20220330_172244_1.jpg]( --- ##### <center>Thank you for stopping by 🙂 </center> ##### --- Camera | Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone -|-| Lens | External macro lens Category | Animal Photography Processed | Mobile Lightroom Location | Lhokseumawe, Sumatra, Indonesia -|-| @akukamaruzzaman