Thanks a lot. Yes if you can watch it I know you will enjoy it! It was very inspiring. @riverflows


Now that is some precautions! @jacobpeacock

Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! I think we're all learning from each other! @riverflows

hummm very interesting I think I will watch Fantastic Fungi as soon as possible. thanks for the tip!!! and I will continue following your content thank you very much!! @boeltermc

Oh I thought of you living in a truck. I think if you had an esky, you could boil the water and put it in there rather than the element, in a big stock pot or something. That might work. I think there's also a fermentation method, I'll look into it for you! @riverflows

Yes, the kits are great. But they are 35 bucks each - the spawn (inocoluated grain) is 40 bucks a bag which will do probably 40 buckets at least, which means about 40 times more mushroooms! And I can re-use the buckets - less plastic waste from the bags as well. It's a complicated process but I'm hoping I can get a handle on it and do it every year! @riverflows

It's micropore tape. It was sealed beforehand, my hands were sterilised, as were my gloves and the bucket around the holes, and then the whole thing was wiped again with sterilisation fluid (80 percent ethanol) so if mould gets in I'll be upset! @riverflows

Yes the process is hard! The course was great as it gave me a solid foundation of what mycellium is and so on. Have you seen Fantastic Fungi on Netflix? It's really cool and helps you understand so much!!! Then it makes sense when you get around to growing them. @riverflows

It IS all a process that's for sure - I nearly gave up! But now I have all the things in the one place in a tub ready to go for next time and once I've done it once, I can be more organised next time!!!! Oh yes, I get it in my mulch too! Sometimes it looks like vomit! @riverflows

Wow, I am loving that you are sharing this, there is a lot to think about. Living in a vehicle does not make it easy when you need to keep temp constant, (as you know)but I am really thinking a lot about that and the different solutions. But I love that you are growing them in buckets. Looking for ward to the next update. I'm so jealous right now xxxxxx @trucklifefamily