Appears I attract many unusual things _(so my sons say)_, this was such a pleasure watching. Now off to see if sister-in-law is OK and coping, have a great day with your family. !LUV !PIZZA !BEER @joanstewart


I think your sons are very right - I am just thinking of your posts and stories 😀 Have a nice afternoon 😊 *** Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER !invest_vote @johannpiber

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The Mantis is such a beautiful and cool looking insect. What an amazing experience you have made, Joan 😊 I have seen only one little Mantis in my entire life and she was lovely 🙂 *** !BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

Mantis are always seen in the garden, I have never witnessed birth of nymphs. Locked up last week during flooding, exception going to assist when needed, or obtaining food, stayed home. When we have internet connection, shared information along within groups set up during our strikes and mayhem last July. Thanks for visiting and reblog shares @jlufer always appreciated. !LUV @joanstewart

> Still only ever known the word to be used in a respectful way to elders. That is very much so! Happy Easter Sunday Joan @joetunex

Perhaps I notice strange being strange myself 🙃good fun nonetheless! Happy Easter! !LOLZ @joanstewart

Mantis was clever using the burglar bars, protected from rain yet a place to source food easily. @joanstewart

Mantis was good company, greeted her every morning and watched progress, had to be careful opening up and closing not to disturb. Ugogo ozala is a paternal grandmother in Zulu with ugog okomana maternal grandmother, Gogo sounding interpretation used within Africa. Slightly different sounding or spelling perhaps originated from Ugogo as an ancestor, Mgogo Tanzania people from Dodoma region, Word ties into ancestor or age also a people, all similar not the same always. Still only ever known the word to be used in a respectful way to elders. @joanstewart

Happy Easter, ran off to visit my sister-in-law who is battling on her own, driveway washed away now unable to go anywhere till repairs are done. !LUV @joanstewart