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Hive Book Club Highlight #88 <center> ![image.png]( </center> <center><h1>Welcome to Hive Book Club Highlight #88</h1></center> <center> ![image.png](</center> ## ANNOUNCEMENT We are currently hosting a contest. Don't hesitate to join our community contest #4 [Community Contest #4 : If you could rewrite the ending of a book you like, how would it be?]( ### How Do We Choose The Highlighted Posts? All of you must be wondering how we picked the authors who get into the highlight. As some of the good curation projects out there, our highlighted authors are also handpicked to ensure that we diversify the content and the recommendations in the highlight. We want this highlight to be a place where people get inspiration, a place to learn something new, and even finding a recommendation. Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually hand pick the posts. Some factors includes : the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort. <center>![image.png](</center> Author : @pieternijmeijer Title : [Delving further into the story of Hans van Rensburg]( <div class="pull-right"> </div> <blockquote> Good day Hivers and Book Clubbers, Welcome to part two of my review of the book 'Afrikaner Sondebok?' by Albert Blake. In the first part, I looked back at the first sixteen years of Van Rensburg's life, and talked about events in South-Africa that corresponded to that period. The last article ended at the start of World War 1, and the corresponding failed 1914-rebellion in the ex Boer republics. Let's continue with the story proper. Conversion to nationalism Van Rensburg's experiences of going on commando in the 1914-rebellion were a watershed moment in his life. He vowed to himself to never let anything of the sort -that is Afrikaner fighting Afrikaner for someone else's gain- happen to this people again. For that, the main obstacle became clear; the British Empire of which the Union of South-Africa was part. His student years at Stellenbosch, a town which was very Afrikaner and nationalist-oriented, only cemented this, along with harboring Van Rensburg's republican feelings. He went on to study Letters at Stellenbosch, specifically German language and literature. This orientation towards things German would be a significant thread throughout his life. His reading of German authors like Nietzsche and Spengler would also filter into his politics. Another thing that became obvious to him was the necessity of advocating for Afrikaans as a full language. The status of Afrikaans at the time (1910s and early 1920s) was vague; it was spoken by the Afrikaners, which were a majority of the white population, yet it was not an official language of South Africa. South Africa had two official languages at its founding in 1910: English and, remarkably, Dutch. Afrikaans was by some considered to be nothing more than a dialect of Dutch, which retained its written form in the administration. There had been a movement for the advocacy of Afrikaans as a full, written language for decades. </blockquote> <center> ![image.png](</center> Author : @elizabeths14 Title : [Por favor, ¡Sea Feliz! | Relato - Reseña]( <div class="pull-right"> </div> <blockquote> My mum has always collected books, especially personal motivation books, which I hated, but I read excerpts from many of them and among those first books I read thanks to her is this one: Please Be Happy. I read it many times, it had as a kind of guide, things that now as an adult I understand more and also within it there were phrases, those that made us see the meaning of life and true happiness. But before I go on talking about this wonderful short book, I want to tell you about it: </blockquote> <center>![image.png](</center> Author : @taliakerch Title : [FAMILY IS THE BEST LIFE TEACHER FOR KIDS ]( <div class="pull-right"> </div> <blockquote> But one book was missed somehow. I remember it well but it didn't rise my interest maybe because it was not very thick and not very brights, without pictures and with a strange title "So different kids". I've found it recently somwehere deep on the shelf, and now when I am very interested in kids psychology and upbringing, I was very interested at once. So time of this book has come for me;) The author - Tatyana Titarenko is a psychologist, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, author of about 400 scientific papers and 12 books. </blockquote> <center>![image.png](</center> <center> If You Want To Join Our Server, here's the door to it [Hive Book Club Server](</center> <b>Hive Book Club is supported in the OCD Community Incubation Program.If you like what they do for the community,OCD Has a Hive Witness ... @OCD-Witness! You can vote for @ocd-witness, with [HiveSigner]( or on [Hive Witnesses]( @hive180164