Nah. I gave up on that already. You could try withdrawing XRP as fees are smaller on that @shazzy

There's no option to change the network 😔 Have you had any luck? @derishaviar

I guess that could be my last option, it's just complicated because I'll need to trade it again so more trading fees 🤣🤣🤣 Times are tough, I'm sorry to hear that you gave up 💖🙏 @derishaviar

coinbase only allows transfers in the token own network. not like binance or others. @dgsus

Check under the USDT withdrawal address to see if TRC20 is available. @shazzy

Coinbase pro charges 3.1 USDT to withdraw USDT (ERC20) to another wallet? Is this correct and why tf is it so expensive? Is there any way to change this to TRC20 so it's only 1 USDT fee? Sorry, first time using Coinbase pro. Posted via @cloutfeed @derishaviar

Trading fees aren't that high except its different on Coinbase Pro. Thank you @DerishaViar 🤗 @shazzy

How is it different? @derishaviar

You mentioned "more fees" so I'm trying to say trading fees shouldn't be up to 1cent except it's "different" on Coinbase. I trade mainly on Binance and the trading fees are very fair. @shazzy

I mostly use Binance too, it's the best 🙌 @derishaviar