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Loem Kupi - Aceh's Typical Coffee Concoction Process <p><div class="text-justify"> Starting in the morning, before leaving for work, I stopped at a cafe shop located in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh - Indonesia. this is my favorite coffee, ulee kareng coffee, previously I showed it in my last post about ulee kareng coffee which I posted a few days ago in a different place, you can see in my last post here: </div></p> [My morning coffee at "Rumoh Kupie"]( ___ ___ ![img_0.7151049989980486.jpg]( ___ Hi coffee lovers,!! <p><div class="text-justify"> Did you know that aceh is a big coffee lover, after calculating that aceh has 1001 coffee shops scattered everywhere, i mentioned that only in one province, not to mention in areas scattered throughout Indonesia. on this occasion I only have access to an internet cafe located in my city, namely in the city of Lhokseumawe Aceh. </div></p> <p><div class="text-justify"> After being researched by several students and lecturers from various universities, aceh is one of the best coffee-producing provinces in Indonesia, no doubt we have a large coffee field in the city of Takegon, Takegon is one of the cities in the province of Aceh. </div></p> <p><div class="text-justify"> below is a barista who is processing ulee kareng coffee in a coffee shop called LOEM KUPI. </div></p> ![img_0.9906679753981763.jpg]( ##### <center>Some of the ingredients for the coffee compounding process </p></center> <p><div class="text-justify"> The most important ingredients of ulee kareng coffee compounding are real coffee grounds, milk and a coffee filter which must be pulled slowly to a certain height so that the coffee can foam. </div></p> ![img_0.21962712524778985.jpg]( <p><div class="text-justify"> Some of the tools in this coffee shop are available with many plates and glasses, the glass used is a transparent glass, with a mini coffee size we call it mini coffee. </div></p> ![img_0.5976969123894157.jpg]( ![img_0.2396243330589038.jpg]( ![img_0.6282337951299996.jpg]( ![img_0.5974886017499242.jpg]( <p><div class="text-justify"> Then a barista is seen processing the coffee with his expertise with a super flavor blend, coffee that is stirred and pulled high to make the coffee foamy. This is what coffee looks like mixed with milk and then looks foamy, we call it Sanger. </div></p> ![img_0.9319036665080673.jpg]( ![img_0.9197433114803226.jpg]( ![img_0.4836946885751899.jpg]( ___ ___ ##### <center> Food Menu </p></center> <p><div class="text-justify"> There is also some food provided here, every cake sold here is only available in the morning. Cakes are very delicious when eaten and combined with a glass of sanger coffee. Here is the display of the cake that I photographed. Not only cakes, here also provide such as egg martabak, egg martabak is a typical Indonesian food at breakfast, martabak is made with bread covered with eggs then fried using butter and given a little pickle or onions that have been fermented. </div></p> ![img_0.6731018204114024.jpg]( ![img_0.7633716892266813.jpg]( ![img_0.4116025360012479.jpg]( <p><div class="text-justify"> Today I just ordered a cup of frothy sanger coffee and a piece of my favorite Donut. Seen in the image below that I took a portrait of my order. I usually eat 2 donuts a day when I sit and relax in a coffee shop. </div></p> ![img_0.2553382711892329.jpg]( <p><div class="text-justify"> This is the view from the outside of the LOM KUPi coffee shop, so many visitors filled this place, as I have explained, that coffee is the favorite of the Acehnese people, I don't know how it feels when I don't drink coffee in a day, maybe I can be stressed. </div></p> ![img_0.8881726219516051.jpg]( ___ ___ ##### <center> © All Photo by @dayatsiaulia </p></center> ##### <center> Thank you for reading and stopping by my post, REGARD @dayatsiaulia </p></center> <center> | Photographer | Camera | Editing | Location | | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | ------------ | | @dayatsiaulia | Smartphone RMX 5 Pro | Snapseed App | Lhokseumawe | </p></center> <center>![64ouyivgrt.jpg](</p></center> ___ @dayatsiaulia