⭐️ Risingstar Progress & Instruments Giveaway#6! ⭐️ - Until 04.03 Sunday ⭐️ <h3> Hello again Broskis and Bronetteskis! 👋 </h3> Welcome, welcome again! There were not a lot of things happening with my account last week. Not like with @risingstargame. There is a Rising Star world in MINECRAFT if you are into that. You can get more details at the Discord channel. I missed @atomcollector's stream, building up the world around. You can check that out at his twitch as well. New cards were also released a week early. I gotta get my hands on them soon. 😉 So back to my progress. Yesterday I hit a pretty nice milestone! ![2000.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/szmobacsi/23tRrMUmBvr6otVz6iq44u6rh9v7yKUR26Wo5SypyFJrFx5KFvMAjdYMMd6UajTUk6baP.jpg) Other than this I'm still grinding em' STARBITS. Hopefully until the Easter event is launched I will gather enough bits to buy another big pack with 12 packs in it. My stats right now: ![stats.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/szmobacsi/23tSQ17Rr1GC5Dv82mZ6w5hxc8aYauXnjYcTs8vM91atwfJYH3zEDkkgyshLByxyaL8Bq.jpg) ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/829112115822198805/931496192054026250/divisores-17.png) <center><h2>Let's see Last Giveaway Winners! 🏆</h2>**We hit 21 CONTESTANTS this time! So there are TWO winners 💪**</center>![winners.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/szmobacsi/23zmBcmCYYUgzGSxS7dqkbzDV5gXWRnDaavQEkSMgARcfh8mjXcULJy2Tiq5hFA8ZmDqb.jpg) <center>Congrats @supriya.gupta on the 🎹**i64 Accordion**🎹, and @soyunasantacruz on the 🎸**i61 Sunset V Guitar**🎸. Your rewards have been sent! 😊</center> Sorry for the other participants, but don't forget you have an another chance next time: @gwajnberg, @captainquack22, @rentaw03, @luizeba, @tengolotodo, @dyson-the-booper, @eddqq, @dubble, @garzug, @instamental, @ravenmus1c, @eddwood, @amaillo, @myeong, @blitzzzz, @camillecrls629, @pochocletx, @shikiphantom, @phaeton Thank you as always for @sentipl for the random comment picker! 🙏 ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/829112115822198805/931496192054026250/divisores-17.png) <center> <h3>Lets move on to GIVEAWAY#7!</h3> </center> ![giveaway7.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/szmobacsi/2423wY3mVN2cQKBHyPUmVJXZCEBzr9RN9x356hphKbtLRL4gsayeyJe8CwngXRXr5rXEu.png) This time it is some cool instruments again to help you out with music lessons. The first one is an 🎤**i63 Cheap Wireless Mic**🎤, and the 🎻**i39 Cheap Electric Violin**🎻 We keep the limit at 25. If we successfully hit more than 25 contestants, I will add the third ⭐️ **1000 STARBITS** ⭐️ prize! 🏆 There can be **THREE** winners again! 💪 You guys have time until **Sunday(04/03)** to join in! 🤓 I will post the results on the next day, Monday. Good luck everyone! You can **join by commenting** anything this time! 💪 🍕 **Every !PIZZA** slice **gets** a slice **BACK**. 🍕 Other reward tokens are also welcome! 😊 **Upvotes** are highly appreciated, because I still do not have a huge amount of HP. 😕 ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/829112115822198805/931496192054026250/divisores-17.png) Huge thanks to the [official PIZZA DISCORD ](https://discord.gg/wRC5tGBWzd)(https://discord.gg/wRC5tGBWzd) ❤️🍕 If you haven't joined yet you are missing out. Awesome people with awesome topics, either if it is about fun or anything serious. Loads of info provided by a really helpful crowd. The Pizza crew recently introduced the Scholarship program. 🎓 We are already at the second wave. I was picked as a scholar in this wave. Last week we planted, and today we HARVEST! I will also post a report about that, so if you are interested just check it out in my blogs. There are also lot's of events going on every week hosted by @huzzah, @dibblers.dabs, @cryptoniusrex, and @drabs587. ❔ Trivia Night 📊 / 👑 Chess Tournament 🎲 / 🎬 Movie Night 🎬 / ✏️ Art and Write Streams 📐 / 🎮 Game Nights 🎮 including Deceit, an action-filled, multiplayer first-person shooter where you can test your instincts at trust and deception. 💰 **Insane Giveaways** 💰 Like DiscordNitro! Pizza Tokens! Steam Game Keys! Free Hive Account! PIZZA! Starbits! DEC! ONEUP! BEATCZ! NFTs for Exode or Hashkings! WOW! Just loads and loads of amazing stuff! 💪** You can check out the whole project over at https://hive.pizza/ or at @hive.pizza 🍕 ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/829112115822198805/931496192054026250/divisores-17.png) Thank you Guys for the support and for reading my posts! 💪🙏 Always keep up your ears and smiles! 🐇 {\ _/} ( • . •) / > ♥️ @


Congrats to the winners! Count me in again. !PIZZA @ravenmus1c

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Thanks for card count me in @supriya.gupta @supriyagupta

Thanks for the chance @instamental !gif BEER party @instamental

Congratulations to the two winners and thank you for your giveaway. Have a great new week and count me in again please :) @tengolotodo @tengolotodo

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Count me in again !PIZZA @gwajnberg

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