Snook'em 100 HIVE NLH FREEROLL - Sat 3/26 - 2 PM EST! <img src=""></img> # Snook'em 100 HIVE NLH FREEROLL! ##### Where : []( ##### When : Saturday, March 26th @ 2PM EST Join us this weekend at []( for the Snook'em 100 Hive NLH Tournament! @snook is the sponsor for this awesome tournament, and she is welcoming all donks to come and try to take her down! 😆 There is 100 Hive up for grabs, so don't miss your chance to win some Hive, and have some NLH Poker Fun! Registration is open now and the tournament is live at 2PM EST Saturday. There is a 15 minute late registration period which deducts 100 chips per minute late, so be ready to play at 2PM EST sharp! # How To Register New to []( Simply [register to create your account]( and be sure enter your correct Hive username. Then head over to the [login page]( Once you are logged in click on the **Tournaments** tab and select the 100 HIVE tournament then click the **REGISTER** button at the bottom. Now you're ready to play! # Tournament Details <img src=""></img> <br> You think you got the poker chops to be the last one standing, and claim the win? If so.. #### We Will See You At The Tables This Saturday! ### []( <hr> Original Image Link: <a href="">Pexels</a> @lucksackscom


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wow! Fantastic, I'm already signed up. Let's see if many more people are encouraged. There are tournaments every day. @yeckingo1

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I registered! Let's see if something happens 🤣 @

when I saw these pictures I think in a classic films with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. @eagle73