Beautiful photographs my friend.. it looks amazing with black and white mode. @tussar11


This location looks even more peaceful with the color removed. These are so wonderful photos as usual. @daltono

Boat photography in my gallery - #monomad Morning is the perfect time to photograph the boats of these fishermen. Morning is the time for these fishermen to work when the sun begins to rise. and morning is my time to work and capture moments like this. I will briefly discuss and share this black and white photography with all HIVE friends. To clarify this post, I submitted this post to the #monomad challenge organized by @monocromes ___ ![img_0.3302525429011778.jpg]( ___ <center>Every morning the fishermen are busy with their activities, why should it be morning? I will explain :</p></center> ![img_0.41480407576773387.jpg]( ![img_0.6593086343846152.jpg]( At night they leave for the high seas from 18.00 (western Indonesian time) to return in the morning when the sun begins to rise. Their night activity is catching fish in the wide ocean. Night is the right time for them to catch fish, because at night the fish are looking for food. We think that the night is a dark time, yes it is. Therefore, in the middle of the vast ocean fish have a different vision. I can not explain in detail about the fish eye . But this time I will explain how the fish are active at night when looking for food. Therefore, the fish's vision is looking for something bright at night. That's when the fishermen illuminate the bright spotlights. When the lights were turned on, the fish began to arrive and approach the light on the boat. That's when the fishermen catch fish using PUKAT. PUKAT Is a net made by fishermen specifically to catch fish. Maybe this is the traditional way they do it. and some of them also use a fishing hook or fishing line. ![img_0.08239705208654109.jpg]( ![img_0.12659228157312036.jpg]( ![img_0.1321978503840186.jpg]( ![img_0.44567142483488736.jpg]( Nah !!! After feeling enough and finished catching fish, they immediately returned to the seabed, namely to the fish auction place. Before leaving, they had to consider how they could get to the fish auction before the sun began to shine and rise. Because the auction place was getting crowded with fish buyers as customers, in other words the fish traders in every village would gather here for the fish they bought and traded. this is the place where people gather every morning, the name is also a traditional market. ![img_0.7011858107938755.jpg]( ![img_0.7055391801294623.jpg]( ###### <center> ©All Photo by @dayatsiaulia </p></center> ___ That's all I can share in this black and white photography post today. Regard & thanks for visit my hive blog @dayatsiaulia ___ ![img_0.13073488108032347.jpg]( | Photographer | @dayatsiaulia | | ------------ | ------------ | | Camera | Smartphone RMX 5 Pro | | Location | Lhokseumawe, Aceh - Indonesia | ![64ouyivgrt.jpg]( @dayatsiaulia

Hello, friend @dayatsiaulia Excellent group of black and white photographs. The sea, the fishing boats, the fishermen, the rising sun, the clouds, the stones, everything, everything, everything, everything, makes up a scenography of great appeal to our senses. Very beautiful publication. A big hug @librepensadora