What ever you want 😉 @ceka1

I meant future investors. Of course it will be not worth for you to sell straight away because you've bought it wit 25% FR... but someone can buy with 10% FR for high amount and then sell it after few hours when more people will start investing. That's why I asking all of current investors. @djidifoogh

If I decitet to sell than will do litle by litle @ceka1

I Will not rugpull!! @ceka1

Is not about my heart, It's about holders funds. 😊 @djidifoogh

Should I drop FR earlier? I would to avoid buys by rugpullers. What do you think ? @DIGITALFR33DOM @danielwilson @Sandstorm @Petrh @clayoglesby @CroatiaGuide @NFTArtz @djidifoogh

Follow your heart @digitalfr33dom